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Brotherly Love

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Brotherly Love
This happened to me when I was about 16 (I'm 20 now) and finding this site, I had to share it....
I was left under the care of my big brother, Mark (18 at the time) and we were watching one of his adult japanamation movies. At that age, anything makes ya horny and seeing these animated characters fucking and more was very arousing. Arousing enough that it didn't go unnoticed by Mark, even though I was trying to hide it.
"Looks like you got a problem to take care of," he said. I told him to shut up and kept watching the movie, my cock throbbing in my pants.
"You can go ahead, I won't mind"
"Go ahead and what?" I asked.
"You do beat the meat don't cha?"
By then I was getting defensive. "DO you?"
He nodded and started to undo his jeans, taking out a good sized cock. My mouth dropped that he would just take it out like that, I was even more shocked when he started stroking it. My cock was really throbbing in my jeans by then, watching my brother masturbate was turning me on more than the movie. I soon had my cock out and soon followed suit. We were watching each other stroke off until he came on the couch by me.
:Can I touch it?" he asked. I nodded hesitantly, but removed my hand. Someone else stoking me off somehow felt better than when I was doing it. My hips began pumping into his fist, fucking it like a pussy. The heat between us was rising as we stared each other down and he leaned forward and kissed me. I had many thoughts going on in my head...this is wrong...this is your brother!!! But the feel of his hand was too good and the taste of his tounge on mine was too delicious for me to care. I reached over and began to stroke his dick still hard and wet with pre-cum. He moaned into my mouth and we stayed that way for some time, stroking each other off and kissing like we were boy and girl.
Soon, Mark bent down and put my cock in his mouth. I nearly came in his mouth, but held on to it, I wanted to see this to the end, whatever it might be. I didn't want it to end. I fucked his mouth as I felt his tounge play with the tip of my cock as he slid those full lips up and down my shaft. My next thought was to actually fuck him, to have my dick up his ass. And I told him that's what I wanted. He seemed hesistant about the idea but finally agreed. I ran and got some oil from the kitchen and lubed my dick up good. He went to the floor with his legs spread. I was shaking as I kneeled down behind, in disbelief that I was actually going to do this. It was a tight squeeze at first, I remember, but it was the most wonderus moment. I pumped into him slowly, and as his ass opened up and the pleasure just started taking over. I was thrusting into him hard and fast, moaning loudly. I told him I was going to cum, but he said in his mouth. I really wanted to cum up his ass, but I withdrew and let him blow me the rest of the way. The feeling was just as intense and better than any j/o session i ever had.
He had had me suck his dick til he came--on the other occasions when our parents weren't home, and there were..even if we had to play hooky, Mark always loved to have his dick sucked--He came in my mouth and I understood why he like it so much.
After that we turned the tape off, washed up and went to bed without saying another word. There were many times after that my brother and I fucked, and he even brought a friend over, but that's another story...until then..



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