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Brother, Sister and Me

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A new family moved in next door when I was 12. My sister was already gone to college and there were only a couple of kids my age in the neighborhood, so I was pretty psyched that there were two kids who would live next door. John was a year younger than me and Melanie was a year older, but the three of us started hanging out all summer long, mostly playing video games in my room or walking our families' dogs together.

I had a couple things in common with each of them. Melanie and I were both in junior high school (although she enjoyed having the year ahead of me so she could lord it over me) and John and I were both soccer players. The two-year difference between them, though, was pretty enormous. Melanie was already developing into a woman-budding breasts, shapely hips and skinny little waist. John, by contrast, was still a little boy-voice not yet changed, hairless skin. I was in the throes of puberty, and I was starting to feel horny all the time, especially around Melanie, who wore very short shorts that were cut so high I could see the curve of ass.

I would sleep over at their house a lot and I always spent the night in John's room, sleeping on the floor. But most of the time before bedtime, I spent time in Melanie's room, cuddling close against her as we worked crossword puzzles (she loved them), smelling her hair as she leaned across me to show me her photo album-typical teenage flirty stuff. As soon as she even touched me, my cock would instantly swell out to its full 5' and start throbbing visibly through my shorts (this was in the day of guys wearing pretty short soccer shorts, too).

I know Melanie noticed-she asked me lots of questions about boners in a flirty way whenever we were alone-but she and I wouldn't do anything but hug one another. I would hold her sometimes minutes at a time with my back arched so she wouldn't feel my cock against her and, most of the time, as soon as I broke her embrace, I would rush back next door and run to the basement bathroom to release load after load of come all over myself. I didn't even need to stroke much-one or two strokes and I was done.

I ran into trouble at the end of summer. Melanie got me hard-I know now she meant to do it, because we've talked about it-but it seemed like she was touching me nonstop and she kept brushing against my boner as she walked around her room. It was time for bed, and I didn't have a chance to go home to come and I suddenly had this pain in my balls that was overwhelming. Melanie and I did our hugging thing before I went to John's room and I couldn't help grinding my cock against her pussy, separated by just thin fabric (and so much social anxiety). She let out a low 'mmmmm!' in my ear and kissed me on the lips goodnight.

John was already under the covers when I climbed into my sleeping bag. My heart was racing and my cock was about to burst. Inside the sleeping bag, I fumbled with the drawstring of my soccer shorts and quickly yanked down my tighty whities. Just feeling my cockhead brush against the satiny liner of my sleeping bag brought me close to the edge. I sat there throbbing only a few feet away from John-what was I going to do?

I waited until John stopped moving around and shifting position and his breathing started to become more regular before cautiously wriggling out of the sleeping bag so my cock was out in the open-I didn't want the sound of my stroking to wake John. Of course, I wasn't counting on how wet I was with precome, and my stroking definitely made an unmistakable slurping noise. I was so tense-needed to come, but terrified about being caught-so I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

'You can just go ahead,' John said out of nowhere.

I looked up suddenly and rushed to cover myself with the sleeping bag and there was John, lying in the bed above me watching me by the dim glow of the hall light under his bedroom door.

'Sorry, dude,' I said. 'I didn't mean to...'

'I do it too,' John volunteered. 'And I see your boner all the time when you're with my sister.'

Now I was dumbstruck. Had I not been 12 at the time, I would have lost my wood immediately, but of course teenage hormones don't always cooperate. I would end up glad they didn't. My cock was still fully swollen and begging for me to finish...

'You do?' I asked.

'I get them whenever you do,' he said. John pulled down the covers and revealed himself-naked and hairless, with his four-inch cock standing STRAIGHT up-I mean vertical.

'Dude...' was all I could muster. I needed to come so badly it didn't even freak me out that my next door neighbor was coming on to me. I stood up-I was about nine inches taller than John back then-and he did too, barely coming up to my shoulder. His cock was like an arrow-straight out with no curve-and mine was arched upward like a bow and dripping precome everywhere.

We didn't really say anything, I don't think, before we started groping and grinding. As soon as I felt his hard cock against mine, I started to throb even harder at the warmth and the softness of his skin. He reached down and started stroking himself as he stood next to me, his fist hitting my thigh with each stroke. I don't know why this little boy wacking was such a turn on, but I started spewing long, hot, heavy ropes of jizz all over his stomach and chest-not even touching myself.

John grunted and started wriggling against me as my cum rolled down his body towards his dick and balls, sliding between us, and then his straight cock shot so hard it felt like he was pissing on me-one steady stream of spunk.

My head was humming and I was shaking with nerves. What had we just done? I tried my best to say something positive but un-gay: 'I guess we both needed that,' I said.

The next two sleepovers got a lot crazier...



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