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Brother & Me

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Brother & Me
My first experience at masturbating began when I was 10 years old. I had heard guys talk about jacking off and one day I got the courage to ask what they meant by that. When they started to explain to me I immediately started to get hard. I couldnā??t wait to get home after school. Both my parents worked so I was alone when I got home. My brothers and sister didnā??t get home as early as i did so I had the house to my self. I got undressed and I started to rub my self . In no time I was hard . My penis was about 5". I was told it was good size for my age. I jacked off for about a good hour.It was like nothing I had ever experienced. I was ready to cum for the first time. Could not hold it any longer and let it go. I was lying down and shot my load all over my chest and face. I couldnā??t wait to do it all over again. This was the beginning of my masturbating experiences.
Brother and Me.

We had a very small house and with two brothers and a sister it was tight quarters. My brothers and I slept together and sister had her room.
Well one night my youngest brother was staying over his friends house for the weekend. My other brother who was 2yrs. older than me was happy as we had more room in our bed for the weekend.Little did I know what kind of weekend this would turn out to be. I had suspected he had been playing with himself for quite some time. That Friday evening I confronted him about him playing with himself and he said he had for the past year or so. He asked me if I did and told him yes, since I was 10. He asked me if I thought mom or dad knew we were playing with ourselves. I told him I didnā??t think so. Anyhow we got to talking and he asked if I had ever masturbated with another guy. I said no and asked him if he had and he said yes , with a good friend of his who I knew very well. They jerked off all the time and played with each other in many interesting ways and asked if I wanted to see and try the things tonight in bed with him but we would have to be real quiet, I said yes. We slept in our briefs all the time so we were almost naked. He pulled my briefs down asked me to do the same to him which I did.
He then grab my cock and started to jerk me off, needless to say we were both hard all the time we talked. We laid down and I grab his cock and started playing with it. We then got into the 69 position he had explained to me . I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him off and he was doing the same to me . Oh did I luv this. He said donā??t cum yet , hold it were just starting. I couldnā??t believe my older brother was so experienced at this . I learned a lot that night.I asked him where he learned all this and said from porn movies his friends mom & dad had. His friend and him would watch them after school. He told me to roll over on my stomach and he went to his drawer and got some lube which he proceeded to apply to my anus. Then he took his finger and gently worked it in my hole and gave me a most rewarding experience and feeling. Minutes later he took his hard cock, all 6 " of it and put it in my hole. Was I ever turned on.He moved it in and out so gently I didnā??t want it to end.Then he told me he was gonna cum in me and that I would experience something I would never forget.To this day I havenā??t. When he ever shot his load ,that hot wet feeling made me almost pass out.To this day I still love Anal play, always will.To continue, he asked me to do the same to him and i did making him my first fuck. That evening is one i will never forget. To this day we still talk about it , this went on for about 3 mos. Then I got brave with my friends and I continued after i introduced them to these pleasures.
More about me at age 60 . Watch for it.
ANON. 11/24/00



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