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Brother-in-Law Surprise

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Brother-in-law surprise
 I had always known my brother-in-law, Mike, was a nudist. I visited him and my sister about once a year or so. Mike often walked naked around the house. But this past summer brought new insights!
I arrived late and just had time to say hello to both before just heading off to bed. Mike and my sister were watching TV when I arrived. Mike was, as usual, nude. The next morning, when I woke up, my sister had already gone off to work. Mike's office is in the house. From bed, I walked into his office to say good morning. He was naked at his desk reading a magazine. (I was wearing boxers)When I came in I startled him and he clumsily/quickly hid the magazine under some papers and got up to greet me. We went into the kitchen where he got me started with breakfast. He excused himself to go to the bathroom, and while he was down the hall I took the opportunity to check out the magazine. I was surprised to find that it was a gay porno rag. I put it back and went back to the kitchen. Mike walked back in, slapped me on the shoulder and said he was going back to the office. When I finished I went to his office and told him I was going to go take a shower. He said o.k. A few minutes later he was at my room door, while I was fumbling around in my suitcase, asking me if I had a towel. I said I was sure there was one in the bathroom. He went down the hall to his room. As I crossed the hall I noticed his door almost closed. I went in the bathroom and put the one towel in there into the dirty clothes bin. I then went to his room, knocked on the door as I opened it, saying there was no towel. I had walked in on him on the bed, naked, masturbating!!! He acted shocked and embarrassed. I told him not to worry about it. He got up and went with me to get a towel out of the closet. I went back to my room instead of the bathroom. I took off my boxers and stood with my back to the open bed room door and began massaging my own cock. I heard Mike coming down the hall and walk into my room. He made a comment about seeing that he had gotten me all hot. He came
But it was the second day that was real wild! We were both naked out at the pool. Mike was sitting in a chair, and I was kneeling between his spread legs sucking him. I heard the sound of a vehicle in the driveway, but Mike held my head in place on him. I heard the gate door open, and Mike continued to hold me sucking him. I heard another guy's voice call out hello to Mike and walk over to us. It was the UPS man! He told Mike he had a COD for him (this turned out to be a common occurrence with Mike's work). Mike released my head and introduced me to Steve. I was so humiliated feeling. Mike and I both stood up, and Mike told me that Steve was one of his "good" buddies. As he left to go to the house to get his check book he called back to me to "give Steve a good one." I wasn't exactly sure of what he meant, until I turned toward Steve and saw him unzipping his pants. So I knelt in front of Steve and sucked him hard. Mike returned with the check and took my place on Steve. Steve shot his load in Mike's mouth and then they kissed to share the load.
What a visit this turned out to be - and it gives a whole to meaning to Virginia is for lovers! I plan on a renewed visit soon!



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