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Brother and I

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I know this is sort of gross and weird. But it was fun at the time.


Okay, So here is my story. When I was in grade six we started learning about sex and the human body. The classes were interesting and taught me quite a bit. I had never masturbated before these classes were taught. One day the person who came to speak to us taught us about masturbation. I was sort of embarassed listening. I felt it was wrong to do. That night I got home and couldn't sleep. I started talking to my brother who used to share a room with me when we were younger. I heard him drift off to sleep so I left him alone. I listened to some music and still couldn't sleep. I think lack of sleep was caused by a cup of coffee I shared with a friend that day. I heard some giggling. I knew my parents were still up. The giggling died down for a few minutes. I heard a thumping sound every five seconds. It got annoying. I was getting tired. The thumping went from 5 seconds to every two. I heard squeaking and moaning. I didn't know what was going on. I had no idea. The sounds kept going. Finally it clicked. My parents were having sex. I began to feel funny down there. I laid with my tummy down and placed my favorite doll in between my legs. I started humping the dolls head and felt a heavy sensation in my area. I felt like I had to go pee. For 15 minutes I continued humping the doll. The thrust of my parents bed quickened. I kicked off my covers and made sure my brother was asleep. I put my hand into my sleepers and began to play with my clit gently. I felt myself 'pee' a bit, so I thought. I kept doing it, this felt so good. The sounds slowed down every once in a while but continued. I then began to hear a sound of friction. Something was rubbing against fabric. I saw my brother moving. He was humping a teddy bear he used to sleep with. It was like a puppet. He thrusted against it moaning...For names sake I said 'Luis...keep it down...' 'Sister come lay here I need help.' I went over to see what was wrong. His erection was huge. He told me to touch it. I did. He taught me how to stroke it and I did. He begn to rub my clit. We both started to moan and buck our hips masturbating one another. My brother then said 'I do this every night hearing mom and dad. It sounds so good and feels so good.' I agreed and jumped back into my bed. I kept touching my clit the sounds lasted for about another 40 minutes. I came aout 3 times and my brother did too! We now do not share a room. Mine is closer to my parents so I hear them often. The sounds are nice to get off to on but I feel gross after I do it knowing they still do this. My brother and I often talk about it. When we do it together we make sure we're home alone. It's nice to know I have someone to masturbate with.



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