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Just curious. Just fun. Maybe we will again.


Five of us were at a sleep over. Boys in our class were all we talked about for half the night. But then we talked about boys in general. I learned about jerking off a boy that night.

I wanted to do that to a boy.

I thought about it often for several weeks. At night in bed, I fanatized about it. I thought about how it could happen. We would start with a kiss. Then he would feel my little tit buds. I would lick my lips and play with my nipples to see what it would feel like. I would pretend he placed my hand on his dick. I started to put my hand into my panties. The excitement would cause my stomach to turn. It felt wrong and I would stop. Then I did not stop one night. Wow! I like it so much, I repeated it most nights.

But I still wondered if I could make a boy shoot. I had no real boy in mind. My still very small tits were not attracting any. My brother and I were alone for several hours after school. Normally I would change from my uniform as soon as I got home. But now stayed in my skirt and blouse. I began to be careless about how I was sitting. My brother noticed right away. At first, I only gave him only quick peeks. But I left them get longer over a few days. Finally, I caught him. I asked him what he was looking at? After all it was only my panties, cloth, that he could see. He was embarrassed. I told him to let me see his underpants to make us even. He did, taking off his pants completely. I could see that his dick was hard. The tell tale lump, I had learned about was there tenting his jockeys.

He said, it was unfair to him now because my skirt was still on. I was willing to take my skirt off. But I had other goals in mind. I figured we would end up nude but I wanted touching too. I did not see how we were going to get there. So I went for it. I started to kid around with him by rubbing and feeling his bare thighs. I kept my hand away from his crotch. I told him he was so sexy. I kept the whole thing very light like it was only a big joke. He responded by raising my skirt and feeling my thighs.

We were both on the floor laying next to each other. I waited for him to touch something vital.

But he kept at the safe areas of my thighs. It seemed the next move had to be mine. I started to take little feels of his ass. He then took long feels of mine. It wasn't deliberate but my legs were open. I knew it but left them that way. He became the first person to touch my cunt besides myself. It was over the panties but he started to pull them down. I stopped him. I knew now what I wanted. I told him to take his off first.

He did. His hairless boner was about 4'. I knew it was still small but it was the biggest one I never saw. He tried to get my panties off but I was afraid we would end up doing it. I told him to teach me how to kiss and I would take them off.

He fell down next to me and put his tongue into my mouth. He needed no help with that. We were both going at it heavy, the first kiss with anyone. He had the back on my panties lowered below my butt and started on the front. I was not shy. I grabbed his boner and started the jerking off motion. After a couple of pulls, he rolled on his back and asked me what I was doing. I told him to be quiet and bared my tits. I started to kiss him again and pull on his dick. I thought for sure he would start playing with my titt buds but he just lay there. I stopped and stripped him.

When I began again to jerk him off, he said it felt weird and maybe we should stop. I asked him how weird and he said in his stomach. I knew he was close and moved my hand as fast as I could. His whole body jerked and three small splashes of a clear sticky fluid came out of his dick.

I had done it. I made a boy come. Even thought he was one year older than me, I had to explain to him what happened. Over the next several years, we did everything, many times. The firsts were always done when and how I wanted.



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