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I was about 9 when I started masturbating seriously, and from the very beginning always fantisized about seeing other guys do it and touching their cocks. At that time I had a best friend who was one grade ahead of me. We used to talk about sex all the time. We were in his room one day when he asked me if I would like to see his hard-on. Needless to say, I had an instant erection as he unzipped his fly and took out his pre-pubescent penis. Before he had the opportunity to ask to see mine, I took out my erection and we started comparing our dicks. Soon we were playing with them and rubbing our cocks together. We never orgasmed, but boy, it was a turn on!
Over the next couple of years we did this often when we were alone together and had many dry orgasms together. However, I began to develop very early and by the time I was 11 and a half I had noticible pubic hair, and my penis had begun to grow. He had yet to enter puberty. He was curious about my development, but I could tell he was beginning to become embarrassed by his small, yet-to-develop penis. One day, while we were rubbing our penises together I accidently ejaculated on him. This grossed him out so much that we never fooled around again, and soon our friendship cooled. I was desparate for a friend to masturbate with, but not for long...
As it happened, my slightly younger brother soon began to mature. Since we shared a room, it wasn't long before he and I were masturbating together and having 'shooting' contests. He was 12 and I was 14 by this time. One night, I awoke to find him sucking away at my cock while he jacked himself off. It was my first blow job from anyone, and boy was I surprised. Needless to say, it didn't take long before I shot my wad as he drank down every drop. I asked him if he would like me to suck his dick, and he said 'OK'. We switched positions, and I took his cock--an exact but slightly smaller copy of my own--into my mouth. He came in about 30 seconds, but I enjoyed swallowing his young spooge and making him squirm. He and I continued to fool around for several years, and even experemented with anal sex, rimming and 69 oral sex. It was then that I knew for sure that I was gay. The best experience with my brother was yet to come, however...
One summer when I was about 16 I walked in on my brother and his best friend masturbating on my parents' bed. His friend used to masturbate with us when we were younger and I always thought he has hot! Anyway, I asked them if they would mind if I joined them. Without hesitation, they moved over to make room for me and said, 'OK, get naked!'. His friend had a beautiful penis, short and thick (though not fully developed) nested in his whispy tufts of fine, blonde pubic hair and smallish balls which hung very low. I really wanted to suck it, but my brother and I kept that activity to ourselves and I knew it was off-limits with his friend. After a while, my brother's friend said 'let me show you guys how I do it at home, you should try this' and he picked up a folded blanked and put it over his cock and began to rub against it. Meanwhile, my brother and I were jacking eachother off and watching his friend. All of a sudden, his friend ejaculated into the blanket and kind of panicked because he was afraid it would leave a stain. I said 'I'll take care of it' and took the blanket into the bathroom to wash off the come. I was surprised at how much he had ejaculated, and instead of washing it off, I licked it off! To this day, that was the sweetest come I have ever tasted. I put the blanket in the wash and returned to the room. My brother's friend said, 'Now let's see you guys get off!'. I was so hot that I had to really hold back until I could see my brother was going to come and he and I ejaculated at the same time about 2 minutes later. The three of us masturbated together many other times that summer, and his friend often ejaculated into that blanket. Each time he did, I could look forward to licking up that hot, sweet spooge! That was, still today, the hottest summer of masturbation in my life, and I fantisize about it often while I stroke myself to an explosive orgasm!



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