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Broken Arm Surprise

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One summer I arrived at our summer house on a lake in Maine only to find that my friend and fishing buddy wasn't going to be doing casting or much else this summer. He had taken a header on his bicycle a couple of weeks earlier and broken both arms. His mother had been tending to his needs since then. He wanted very much to get away from her for a few hours. I offered to take him fishing. She asked what about if he needs the toilet and Mark told her 'Mom, we'll work it out'.

We walked out to my boat and I asked Mark 'Where too?'. FISHING was the response. We headed out and anchored in a cove about a mile away from the house and out of sight. I fished and we talked for a couple of hours. He was getting mighty sick of his mom. After a while he said that he needed to head for the house for a break, mine, not his.

We got to the house and he said that he needed to take a piss, which we didn't do in the lake. His mother had held a urinal up to his penis after dropping his pants for access. I took off his pants and we walked into the bathroom. By the time we were got in there he was erect. Being erect he was unable to pee. He was blushing and all bothered that I was seeing him with a large erection. I was erect by this point too. He said take off your pants, I want to see your boner too. I said ok and took off my pants and shirt. Pretty soon Mark was complaining that he had to pee so bad it hurt and couldn't. And his erection showed no sign of decreasing; if anything it was harder yet.

Finally he said 'I can't stand it. I need you to jack me, pleasssse! I found a cold creme jar and used a gob. I had never touched another boy's penis, hard or soft, before. I started stroking and playing a bit with his penis. At each touch it strained and throbbed. After only a minute or two his penis started throbbing and pumping and spurting as he grunted a few times. It was amazing to feel that throbbing in my hands.

I cleaned him up by which time he was limp enough to pee, which he did. Then he said 'Your turn to jack.' I protested but he persisted that it was only fair, since he wasn't able to return the favor himself. I started in on myself which was easy as I was very aroused from doing Mark. I only stroked a couple of minutes and I suddenly started spurting. My knees buckled under me and I dropped onto a chair but kept going. Mark started cheering. Suddenly who should walk in clapping but Mark's sister, Mary. She said. 'Great show Doug. So that's why you guys were so eager to get away from mom. She was worried about you Mark and sent me up by car to check on you.'

It's another story from here on.



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