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Broken Arm

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My sister was the cause of my broken arm


One day, horsing around with my sister on a bicycle ride, Jan bumped me and I fell off braking my arm. I did not blame her since we were the best of friends anyway..

Bathing became difficult with my broken right arm and my sister offered to help me wash my hair and back. No big deal we were brother and sister and often had seen each other naked at one time. Mom said for me to cover up with a towel.

Well when I was ready I called her in and she did her duty on my back and then my hair. As she was washing my hair I raised my hand with the towel to remove the shampoo off my eyes and oops she saw my hardon.

I quickly realized and covered up, "oh please" she said "it's not like I haven't seen you before".

Very true, often while out playing in our farm we would go in the open. I really did not see much since she squatted and I was always soft.

A week later I forgot to cover up and did not really care any way after all she was my sister.

So now I am out here and the questions start, are you always like that ? Does it hurt ? Well no it kind of has a mind of its own and sometimes it does kind of hurt.

And so on so I said here look and got on my knee so she could see .

"Oh you have hair" she said "yes but I don't like it, it gets stuck on my member and itches I want to cut it." "Me too" she said it itches . "You have too"? I say, "Yes, lot's of it".

Well since she was looking at me she just reached out and decided to touch me, we were always comfortable with one another.

As she is examining me I am about to tell her careful, when she grabs my cockhead and "ooooooohhh careful" I say as she lets go causing me a dry cum.

"Are you ok", as I calmed down, "Yes I am very sensitive when I am like this".

"Oh sorry" Jan says.

It was very nice to have her touch me and then Jan says "want to see me?"

Ok I say and she pulls up her night shirt, the first thing I see is how her tight underwear hugged her mound and how she had a v shape going up her tummy.

Jan dropped her underwear so I could see her very hairy private area, very nice. I could see the outline of her lips and the slit in the middle.

This was my first time I had seen her bare in a long time.

All of sudden mom called her and she left.

We continued on during my baths, I was now able to touch her nice budding breasts and feel her hairy peach as I called her since she looked like a blonde peach.

One day she sat down and opened her legs so I could see all of her and showed me where she liked to be touched. All this time she would also wash my Peter, giving me dry cums.

For about a year we would dry hump and cop cheap feels when we could.

Now our parents left us alone for a couple of hours and we started messing around. I had shorts on and she had a nice summer dress on as it was hot, and as she pinned me down, she straddled me and she just took off her dress and we were sweating all over.

She took off her bra and boy she seemed to fill out over night. The next thing I knew she got up, dropped her wet soiled underwear and quickly took my soaked shots off and oh my what a feeling, I felt like I had to pee. I had this weird feeling as she was grinding on me. I tried to hold it in enjoying the game. All of a sudden I could not hold it in it was now sort of painful and before I said stop, I had my first real life orgasm, I was in pain, shock, breathing hard, grunting and scared as I saw my Peter start to shoot all this white stuff as it pumped, I had no control, I was actually scared at first.

Jan jumped off me in amazement watching all the action, I lost track of how many times my cum shot out and even kept pumping when I was empty. As tears rolled out of my eyes, oh my god it was so strong and very difficult to put in words, and I remember my legs being so sore, like I had run a marathon.

Jan was in awe and said wow that was so cool, she wanted to play more but I was so sore I could not.

Jan was hooked and so was I not too long after that Jan had her real orgasm during our humping session. We kept playing and learning from each other. I was able to finger her often and do other things.

We often pleased each other and even when she could not due to her time of the month she still played with me.

Jan loved how I would hump her from behind as she did herself and with time I became more flexible, able to rub from behind as she did us both.

We were very naughty and really she did not date until she was 18. We had ourselves with no pressure. We always got our fill.



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