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Brief Passion With My Ex

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Just the other day, I decided to hang out with my ex-girlfriend. We hadn't seen each other in almost a year. We broke up in February, then had a one-night stand with each other at the beginning of May. We hung out once or twice after that, and then we only had a couple of phone conversations. Our relationship, although always amicable, wasn't always stable, and the details really aren't necessary for this story.

Suffice to say, we decided to hang out again. Despite not being a couple anymore, we were still friends. We hung out at her place for a couple of hours, playing with her kids. Then, after dropping them off at a babysitter's, we went out for dinner, and then went back to her place. We put in a movie that I'd not seen before, and we sat on the couch.

At some point, she wound up leaning on me, and throughout the movie, we'd shift positions to make ourselves more comfortable. Having previously been lovers, this was rather easy to do. I eventually had my arm around her, resting on her stomach. That movie ended, and we put in a another one. Once again, we were cuddled up. She was tired, but she was certainly awake. To help her, I'd do things like run my hand along her arm, or up her side.

Before long, though, I grew bolder. Despite no longer dating this woman, who I loved dearly and had a great time with, I was still very physically attracted to her.

It started simple enough. I'd nuzzle her ear, and then lightly tongue it. Then I'd kiss the top of her head. Then I kissed her forehead. Then, I looked into her eyes, and asked if I could kiss her. She chuckled. 'You already did...' I didn't chuckle. 'I meant on the lips.' After a moment, we kissed. It wasn't anything special no fireworks or anything, but it was nice. I hadn't kissed a woman since the last time I'd been with her, so it had been quite a while for me.

Before long, my hands found her breasts. She'd always liked that. I massaged them with varying speeds and pressures, and for my efforts, I was rewarded with her body moving with the pleasure and the faint moans escaping her lips. I lost track of time. All I know is that as I worked her breasts, I gradually removed her clothes. Her bra was first, since it was the greatest impediment to my work. Then I'd massage her legs, and then remove her sweater. Then I'd massage her vagina through her jeans, and relish her squirms as I did so.

With great work, I managed to unbutton her shirt from behind, leaving me free to work her breasts. As I did so, I also unbuttoned her jeans, giving me easier access to her vagina. With one hand I'd massage a breast, and with the other I could finger her clitoris, or even slip a finger inside her, and all the while, I knew she was enjoying herself.

Eventually, I got off the couch and knelt on the floor, positioning myself between her legs. The first thing I did was pull her jeans off, as well as her open shirt. Now, she was wearing nothing but her socks and panties. I kissed her again, and we embraced for a time. Then I trailed my kisses to her cheek, then down her neck, to one breast, then the other, and then down her stomach. I stopped and focused on her hip joint, as that's one of her more sensitive areas, she always enjoyed my kisses there.

After a time, though, I came up and kissed her, and we held each other for a long while, saying and doing nothing.

But eventually, she lightly pushed me away, telling me that we should be doing this. She was right, of course, so I didn't press the issue: I agreed with her.

We shouldn't have been doing anything. She apologized for stopping me, but I could only apologize for starting. We discussed it for a bit, awkwardly I might add, and I left soon after.

Perhaps she and I will sort things out eventually, and decide whether or not we 'should' do anything.



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