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Brian and Me

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This story takes place last summer. I have known my friend Brian for a couple of years. We went to school together, however he was in a grade above me. Despite the one year age difference we're still friends. Brian is a bigger kid. Actually he is a pretty big kid. He weighs about 250-300 pounds and is generally a big person. He has short brown hair and blue eyes. Usually within a few days he can grow a solid beard. As for myself, I'm a lot like Brian, minus 100 pounds. I'm not a skinny person, I'm just not huge.

Anyway, the story starts last summer when Brian called me to come over to his house. I eat breakfast and rode my bike over. I walked in to find that Brian's mom was at work and that he was home by himself. Usually when teenagers are home by themselves they do one thing: Look at porn on the Internet and jerk off. This is exactly what Brian was doing. I walked into his room and I saw him facing his computer with his pants around his ankles and his hand on his crotch.

He was startled by my entrance and tried to quickly cover himself up. I told him it was ok and I do it too. He just blushed and said that I didn't come over right away so he got bored. I told him it would be cool if he wanted to finish-off the session that I wouldn't mind waiting. I could see Brian thinking about it but he is a very shy person. I told him that I wouldn't mind shooting a load off myself.

That did it for Brian. He said sure he would finish up if I would join him. So I pulled up a chair and he turned the computer monitor back on. He was looking at a site that had girls with huge tits. Brian said it was his favorite site. I could see why. Now, with both of us having raging hardons, we had to expose ourselves to each other. I pulled down my shorts first to reveal my 5.75 inch cut cock. Brian looked down at me and said 'Nice'. He then pulled his shorts down and pulled a 7 inch uncut cock out of his underwear. I was surprised to see how thick and long it was. I didn't expect Brian to have a bigger cock than me. I guess big things come in big packages.

We both started to fondle ourselves, cocks in hand, but it was obvious that we both weren't looking at the computer. Brian was staring right at my cock and I was right back at his. He said, 'can I touch it' and I said, 'go ahead'. He started feeling my shaft. Then he went up and felt the tip and gently massaged the head. Then he moved back down the shaft to play with my balls. I said, 'Damn, that feels good!' and he said he wouldn't mind if I touched him. I reached for his big cock and saw that precum was already dripping out. I grabbed his shaft and pulled on it going up and down. Brian stopped for a second and looked at me and I could see him quivering with pleasure. He said, ' We should move this somewhere else.' I agreed and we moved onto his bed. On our way there he took off his shirt and shead his shorts and tighty-whiteys that he was wearing. I did the same. This was the first time I had seen Brian's full body and it was big. His gut rolled over his waist and almost covered his huge cock. His boobs hung low and moved around alittle when he walked. He had rolls on his side and his massive love-handles.

He and I both jumped on the bed looking at each other. I then grabbed his dick and started jerking away. He said,'Jerk it harder, faster.' I moved my hand faster and I saw Brian lay back in bliss. All of his fat was jiggling when I jerked him. I reached up and grabbed one of his man boobs and it felt so real. Then I grabbed the lotion off of his bed side table and squirted it on his chest. Brian imeaditly new what I was going to do. I mounted his chest and grabbed his jiggling boobs. I pushed them together and slid my dick in. It was like heaven glidinig in and out of his chest. Feeling his warm chest on my dick. Then he took some extra lotion from his chest and grabbed my dick. He took it and jerked it like a mad man going back and forth. The friction and heat from his hand and my cock drove me wild. I bucked my hips in time with his jerking and released my load all over him. Using my jizz as lube, I immediately went to work on his cock, working it up and down. Within seconds, I could see it on his face and squirted his hot load all over me. Covered in spunk, we lay there together grinding on each other until our boners went down. We then walked over to the shower together, bare-assed with our limp dicks flopping against our legs to take a shower together. Brian looked up at me and said, 'That was great, you want to try it in the shower' I said, 'sure!' But that's for another time.



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