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Breeds More Fire

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I wrote last month about Susan and how we masturbated in each others presence. In the weeks and months to follow we became possessed by eroticism. We masturbated frequently in front of each other from then on. Our self-pleasuring had taken center stage at that point. From that Spring leading into the early Summer, Susan and I became ravenous about our masturbating activity. Susan and I did it so many times during that spring and early summer-and often I would, while she watched me stroking my clitoris between my wet and matted vaginal lips, I would tell her to 'Do it to me. Please, Susan-do it.' And she would shove her index finger up my anus.

Those were magical days/weeks/months. We were in heat it seemed-totally enraptured with our carnal activity.

Well, it was during this time of exploration and awakening with Susan that I experienced the most erotic moment of my life so far.

I as of yet had never been with a boy, sexually. The only contact I had sexually with another person at that point had been Susan alone. She watched me and would occasionally stimulate me by placing her finger in my anal opening.

By mid-summer of that year however we were becoming bold. It was early that summer-in my room or hers-in the early afternoons in those safe times between lunch and supper-that we started masturbating each other to climax. Oh! Those afternoons! Being slid upon, stroked, touched, shook. Being masturbated by someone of the same sex is so pure and weird at the same time. Years later I would be masturbated by a boy and it was wonderful, but so drastically different psychologically. With a boy there were so many things under the current-primal attraction but also the card games that go along with relationships. I love being masturbated and making love to a man I love, but it has never felt as natural as it did with Susan. I imagine this is true with men as well. That men would enjoy being stroked by other males especially if they are hetero sexual because of the utter focus on orgasm. Masturbation with Susan was so focused-totally on stimulation and release with no other distractions-we knew exactly how our plumbing worked and we never felt too selfish. It was all about making ourselves crave and then satisfying our lust for ourselves.

And so-Susan and I became enraged with lust for each other and ourselves. We became obsessed with getting off-with giving and receiving pleasure with one another. It felt better to have another girl's finger in our pussies, it felt awesome to have another girl's finger in our anus, it felt good to have another girl suck on our nipples-so we did it.

Magical days... We were getting all the exploration of our sexuality we wanted without any ill consequences. It was so liberating!

I felt we were in uncharted territory, along some far distant shore that had been previously unavailable to me-the 'Forbidden Cliffs,' or the 'Carnal Isles.' Mmmm. I still moan when I think about it. I am wet as I write, knowing what I will soon be sharing with you. I tell you all of this so you will understand my mindset then. So you will understand why or how this all happened and why-and why it was so erotic for me.

Passion, once fired-breeds more fire.

As I said, Susan and I were meeting practically everyday-or every other-to masturbate together. School was out, soccer was over, and neither of us had jobs, so it was easy for us to visit each others houses and sneak up to our rooms and to have our way with each other for an hour or so.

And so, one particular afternoon I was on Susan's bed-nude from the waist down. I had already jilled Susan to orgasm and now she was playing thoroughly with my clitoris. Susan had put her clothes back on because it was getting close to dinner time and her whole family was home walking around the house (see how bold we were getting!) and Susan wanted to be ready to jump up to answer her mother if she had to. Anyway, Susan had progressed to putting two fingers into me and began an intense rhythm in my pussy. I was writhing, loving watching her play with me and seeing me in ecstasy. Susan loved seeing my facial expressions as I was in the grip of the pleasure-struggle. She always had a semi-malicious grin as she watched and masturbated me.

But on this particular time Susan's younger sister, Sam, knocked at the door. We both froze; Susan's fingers stuck within me. We had locked the door, as was our custom during our sessions, but Sam's knock still sent a petrified shudder through my half-naked body. We both quickly jumped up and I pulled my underware and shorts on. Sam knocked again, 'Hey, Open up,' she yelled.

'Coming you little brat,' Susan answered as she sprayed a little air freshener (this way also our custom to of course deaden the smell of our moist cunts in the air).

When Susan saw I had all my clothing back on she opened the door but stood in a way that Sam would realize she wouldn't be allowed entry into the room. You could tell by Sam's face she was suspicious. I'm sure I looked awkward just standing in the middle of the room with a flushed face. Sam asked to borrow a shirt and after Susan threw it to her Sam asked, 'What are you two doing in here anyway?'

'None of your business-talking,' Susan answered hastily.

'Yeah, whatever,' Sam rolled her eyes.

'Bye, Sam,' I said almost in a bitchy tone, but not quite and then Susan slammed the door in her sister's face.

Susan asked if I wanted to get undressed again and I said no that was all right. Susan moaned in protest, 'But I didn't get to finish you off...'

'I know, but I'm sure you'll make me cum buckets tomorrow,' I said smiling. 'Hey that was pretty intense when Sam knocked, huh?'

'Yeah-did that add to your excitement?'

'Yeah, I could feel a rush of fluid down there,' I admitted.

Susan, as if to prove or disprove my claim of rushing fluid brought the hand she was playing with me with up to her nose and whiffed.

'Hey, do you think Sam masturbates?' I asked.

Susan shrugged, 'I guess so, she's fourteen. I started at twelve. Do you want me to ask her?'

'I don't know-sure,' I answered. 'What if she does, should we ask her to join us?'

Susan paused and seemed momentarily lost in thought. 'That would certainly be weird. I mean I've seen her boobs filling up and I've seen her tiny blonde bush like when we're changing and when she's come right out of the shower-but seeing her do this would be way different. I don't know, she's my sister.'

I back-peddled, 'Oh look, I was just wondering, we don't have to ask her or anything-it's totally up to you.'

Susan smiled, 'Look, I know you're not like totally demanding she join us or anything. Let me think about it a little more. I just haven't thought about it. I kind of think it would be cool, but Sam might get pretty freaked if I went in her room asking if I could play with her pussy.'

We both laughed at that. And then as an after-thought Susan added, 'It would be pretty hot though, huh?'

The next evening I got a call from Susan. She was excited and said she had had a private talk with Sam-then she was interrupted by her mother and came back on the phone, 'Aimee, I can't talk right now, right here, but can you meet me in an hour at the local diner?'

'Hell Yeah, I can meet you!' I answered.

And with that I ran out into the midsummer's night to go meet Susan at the diner.

I met Susan in a booth. To my surprise Sam was with her. Susan explained that they only had until 10:30 before they had to be back home. And then she started-Sam's face was giddy-totally alive, flush and aware. Susan explained that she and Sam had talked about masturbation. Susan said she had got Sam to admit to pleasuring herself and how and when she did it. Then Susan said she filled her sister in on what her and I had been doing together.

'I just about died when she told me that!' Sam interjected.

'So anyway,' Susan continued, 'I asked Sam if she wants to join us tomorrow and she said yes. I mean if you're okay with it too.'

I looked at Sam excitedly and affirming, 'Of course I'm okay with it!'

'Okay then,' Susan continued. 'We need to have some ground rules then before we do this. First of all, none of us can say anything about what we do to anyone, unless we all say it's okay.'

Sam and I both shook our heads in agreement. (BTW, I have violated this in a way, I guess by writing of it here-but we did not anticipate the creation of this site-and I think Susan and Sam-as I call them-wouldn't object to this posting,)

'Next-Aimee, Sam and I already talked this over in the car-but we'll tell you and see what you think of it. But Sam and I have decided that we won't touch each other with our mouths down there.'

Sam and I both laughed nervously. 'You mean you guys don't want to eat each other out?' I stated bluntly for comedic effect.

We all laughed giddily again and then looked around the restaurant to see if anyone noticed this conversation between these giddy, horny, giggling teenage girls. Everyone seemed oblivious.

'It's okay if you want me to go down on you, but I'm just not going to do that to my sister,' Susan continued.

'No. I think I'll stay away from the oral stuff too,' I agreed. (Of course in the years since I've been eaten out-licked clean in fact-but never by a woman. That kind of thing did then and does now-seems in different class of stimulation then what we were doing. What we were proposing to do to one another was erotic enough without the benefit of oral stimulus.)

'Sam,' Susan continued, 'Aimee likes to have a finger up her butt while she comes and so do I sometimes. Is that okay with you?'

Sam's eyes got even wider.

'I know it sounds super-gross, but it really does feel awesome,' I added, trying to put her at ease.

'Yeah, that's okay-I want to do what you guys do,' Sam added.

We continued to map out our masturbation rules-what we would do, wouldn't do-what we wanted, etc. Over bad coffee and French silk pie we barely touched we talked calm and calculated of our pussies, our nipples, and how we were going to make each other cum, cum, cum.

It was the most erotic conversation of my life. I was soaking in my booth seat. It felt like I was slowly peeing myself!

We ended the conversation agreeing that I'd meet them in the late morning at their house when their parents would be at work.

In the parking lot we skipped to our cars under the full mischievous moon. I drove home horny to the extreme. Oh how I wanted to burst as I rode home that night thinking of what the sisters and I were going to do to each other-what they'd do to me, what I'd do to them-what they'd do to each other as I watched! mmmmm! I almost came thinking in the car. My vagina pulsing as I drove-thinking of what would happen the next morning.

To be continued...



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