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Breeding Fire 5

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Final story from that summer


This is the last story I have from that fateful summer. A summer that saw my sexual awakening. A summer when my friend Susan and I began masturbating together. We eventually included Susan's younger sister, Sam, into our play-and later in that summer, I first masturbated with my sister, Kate.

This last tale is erotic to be sure, but also it's cautionary. I hope all who read it, understand that you need to be conscious and aware while exploring the deep waters of sexual desire.

Anyway, after Sam and Susan and I had our watershed afternoon, we were all bound and determined to do something even more erotic.

In the meantime, I had masturbated with my younger sister Kate. (She and I have continued our masturbatory relationship through the years) but for some reason I wanted to keep her away from Susan and Sam and what we were all doing together. I can't really explain it, but I think somewhere subconsciously I wanted to keep Kate all to myself. (weird, I know. Freud could probably have a field day.)

So anyway; Susan was definately the leader of our games. It had been nearly a week since our afternoon in Susan's and Sam's living room. I had masturbated alone many times since then, and once with Kate, but you need to understand at that point in my life I was horny, HORNY; HORNY TO THE EXTREME! All the time it seemed. I wanted to touch myself and to touch other women constantly. I had even fantisized about suckling on my mother's breast and getting turned on about what my own mother's pussy must look like when it's turned on and gushing !

It was horrible and it was awesome at the same time that I was that turned on.

So, needless to say, I was thrilled and got wet like a sexual Pavlovian dog when Susan called and said she was comming over to tell me the new 'plan.'

Susan came over and we immediately went to my room. I asked, 'Do you want to get off first before you tell me what we're doing next?'

Susan just pulled me close after I closed and locked my room door and hissed, 'Get naked now, slut...'

I practically tore all my clothes off. Naked in a lightning strike. I remember being so horny in that moment, I would have let Susan do anything to me. As a rule, we never had any oral activity. No vaginal sucking, no kissing. But that afternoon in my bedroom I would have let Susan do anything to me I was so horny. I would've let her suck my pussy, stick anything anywhere for as long as she liked. I would have let her torture me I think if that had been her wish; I was that charged for sexual action.

Susan didn't do any of those things that afternoon to me, but she definately did masturbate me.

I remember getting on my bed, spread wide on all fours, and totally sticking my ass and pussy in the air. I remember saying to Susan, 'Please, please, touch me. Make me cum, put your finger in me, please...'

And she did. She rubbed my vaginal mouth through my pubic hair in firm circles. After I began to moan, she then inserted her index finger into my anus. (I have always marveled at how Susan never waivered in doing this to me. She never was queezy, or said that it was gross, even though there were times when I knew her finger got quite dirty in doing this to me. I think I will always love her for it.)

Susan remained fully clothed in her T-shirt and shorts and sandals as she stood at the side of my bed and masturbated my nude and quivering body. I remember having a loud climax.

After I came, Susan got naked. She wanted me to put something in her, so while I rubbed her clitoris slowly, I also inserted a magic marker into her wet, and dark vagina. She grabbed on to my wrist as she came. It was intense and beautiful.

'Tonight,' Susan began as we got dressed, 'You, Sam and I are gonna go driving around and take turns getting totally naked in the back seat and rub off till we come.'

'What?! What if someone sees us?' I blurted.

'I know, Aimee. Won't it be awesome?' was Susan's response.

It sounded crazy, unwise, and it made me comepletely horny to think about it, and I couldn't wait to do it. We arranged for them to pick me up at about eight that evening.

I didn't tell Kate anything until after and she gave me a very, very wry look when I told our mother that I was going out with Susan and Sam later that night.

I ran out to their car in our driveway. Sam was in the front seat. Susan was driving.

'Hey, Aimers...' Sam said with her eyes wide. I could tell that she was surpressing her excitment, but not well. She had the look of the cat that had just eaten the cannary. I felt a rush of wetness just looking at her.

I got into the back seat and closed the door. We took off, driving down my street, the haze of sunset mellowing across the lawns everywhere, the scent of freshly cut grass and sun-warmed pavement rising to our open windows. There was the feeling that we were about to get into something here...

'We need gas,' Susan announced.

'We'll start once it gets dark of course, Aimee.' Sam chimed in. 'What do think about going first?'

I swallowed hard. 'I'm cool with that,' I said. 'But promise me to flash me your little red titties when I'm half way there, Sam.'

Susan cackled out a laugh and Sam got beet red. 'Aimee likes Sam's little red titties!' Susan sang in taunting fashion.

'Whatever,' said Sam scowling in a playful fashion.

We pulled into the station for gas. Susan filled up while Sam and I gabbed. Susan slid back into the driver's seat with an announcement. 'I wanna fuck (our soccer coach.)'

'No, Susan. You can't do that,' I said. Almost afraid she was serious.

'I know. I know. But it would be so easy. I bet all I would have to do is go up to him and tell him that I wanted him to fuck me and that I would never say anything to anyone ever. I just wanted him to be the first guy to fuck me.'

'You're crazy,' squeeled Sam. 'He'd never believe you. I mean, the stakes are too high; he'd go to jail.'

'Whatever, bet he'd do it,' Susan maintained.

'No way,' I burst in. 'He's too good of a guy. He wouldn't let himself. You're totally dreaming, Susan if you think he'd sleep with you.'

'Maybe. But I'm telling you, I need to be fucked by a man soon. I'm finding one and I'm having sex this next year.'

Our talk went on like this for awhile. Staying on the topic of sex, penises, our own pussies, then to what we had done. Circling and circling, erotic talk that swam like a ravenous shark inside our heads. We were priming ourselves, stimulating ourselves for the crisis to come.

The sun eventually decended and we were suddenly in the bloom of evening, and I was in the back seat.

We were downtown. Lights and people streaming everywhere. Close traffic. Summer night in a larger mid-western town.

'Ok, Aimee, it's time,' Susan said.

A moist rush flowed out of my vaginal lips. I was totally lubed before I took off one stitch of clothing.

I took off my shirt. 'Sam, are you gonna watch me?'

Sam guffawed. 'Sure as hell I gonna watch you! I'll help if you want too!'

'I'll be watching too, you slut. Look at my eyes in the rear view mirror when you come,' Susan said.

I reached down and pulled off my cut off jeans shorts. I clicked off my bra. I made no attempt to hide my exposed nipples. Cars and people were everywhere. I saw them from my backseat, a thrill came over me like nothing I had ever felt before. It was dark in the car, yes, but all anyone had to do was look, look closely, and they would see me. I took my panties off. I was comepletely naked in the backseat. Sam's eyes took me in. It was obvious she was looking at my dark explosion of pubic hair. I began to part my pussy open and rub my clit.

Susan had put in a CD that we really, really liked back then. It was a chick group named, Belly. I told her to turn it up as I masturbated. Lights and people streamed by; I shut my eyes for awhile, adrift in my building pleasure, imagining people in passing cars, or on the streets getting a glimpse of me and my tits, my pussy, my fingers, everything. In that moment I wanted them to see. I wanted many, many witnesses to my gaping, and leaking vagina, my frenzied fingers, I wanted witnesses to my masturbation! I even began to moan and whisper, 'I'm masturbating, I'm masturbating...'

'That's it! Wow! Keep going, girl,' Sam said taking me all in.

'Holy shit!' Susan screamed. 'I think that guy in the car next to us saw you, Aimee!'

I kept fondling my pussy. 'Let him... I don't care. Let them all see...'

'You're crazy!' screamed Sam. 'You look totally beautiful doing that!'

I pulled my own left nipple to my mouth and sucked on it as I continued to beautifully play with my nether-lips and tease my vaginal walls.

'Sam, Sam! Put a finger in me...' I pleaded in a haze.

'In your pussy or in your ass?' Sam asked with eyes bulging. (I know, what a ridiculous and wonderful and odd and beautiful question to be asked-but every human woman should be asked this question once in their life with the compassion and committment that Sam asked me-otherwise, have you really truly lived?)

'She wants it in the ass,' Susan chimed, watching with backward glances and through the rearview mirror.

'No, Sam!' I suddenly said. 'My pussy. Put a finger in my pussy and push it in and out...'

Sam reached from the passenger seat, stuck out her index finger from her right hand and pushed that finger into my moist opening. I writhed with the squish.

Sam's young face, as she did this, is priceless to me. You will never see a more erotic purity than what her face emanated that day. (As I recall this, I hope Sam is erotically alive and well. Still to this day, if I see or hear a reference to the goddess Aphrodite I see Sam in a toga.)

'Fuck me with it, Sam. Fuck me with your finger...' I begged. And Sam did. In and out-over and over, at the right pace... Oh my God as I recall it....Oh my God as I recall it... (SIDE NOTE: OH yes, I will be masturbating at the end of this post...these memories are flooding me in an erotic tidal wave. Rest assured, dear reader, when I am done writing, I will be pushing my ample brunette bush-hairs aside and assult my pussy with my special 'device.')

Sam fucked me. She fucked me with that finger-in and out, past the second knuckle each time. I felt my orgasm move and stir within me. It reared it's head from deep within my belly where all good orgasms originate. It began to rise, slow and slumbering like a beast that had slept too long in the dungeons.

It crept up. My pussy leaked rivers. My mind was gone-all now was the impending come. In my mind, I disciplined myself to delay-prolong... uh..uh.. I'm sure I was panting as Sam continued her finger-fucking of my vagina. Suddenly 'Full Moon, Empty Heart' came on the car's stereo speakers.

'Turn it up! I'm gonna cum soon!' I squeeled. I was lost. I was gone. And all that is my erotic life surfaced. I felt I was sharing it with all who passed in the cars, all who were walking on the streets. Full Moon raged. My cum was in my heart. 'See me...' I pleaded to no one/ everyone. I began to quake.

I grabbed Sam's hand and pushed her deeper within me as I shook. I became my cunt (I do not use this word often and sometimes I find it offensive but it fits sometimes when in crisis.) EVERYTIHNG SUDDENLY BECAME MY ORGASM... I came, dear reader, I came massively. I wish I could put you there. Put your hand in me, let you feel it, let you smell it. I shared it with all that night. I wanted to scream as I was cumming for Susan to pull over, open the doors, gather anyone/everyone over to see me and my naked body cum. I wanted, in that moment, for my parents to be there, Kate, hovering over the car door watching my pussy gush and quake with its climax. I wanted my mother to eat me out in that moment. I understood homocides and holocosts in that moment. I understood rape and depravity. It was crazy. Eroticism is fire. It all has plusses and minuses, baby.

I came with Sam's finger way, way, way, into my brunette pussy. I'm pretty sure a few people saw me in other cars. At the moment, I didn't care. I had an amazing orgasm.

I came back to myself. I put my clothes on. A guy yelled because he saw me topless on the streets. Susan sped up.

It was Sam's turn. We kept riding around downtown. Sam got nude while Susan still drove. I sat in the passenger's seat and ardently watched Sam as she stripped nude and started masturbating herself in the back seat.

'I can still feel your moisture on the seat,' Sam said as she stroked herself. I laughed.

'I bet it'll be a bog there by the time it's my turn,' Susan said.

Susan turned to me, 'You're the fucking most beautiful thing I've ever seen.'

I totally blushed. It's weird, but I felt a rush of emotion in that moment. It's cool-and I've felt more and more lately that I actually meant it when I told her in that moment, 'I have loved doing this, Susan. I love you too.'

'I love you too, Kid,' Susan said. I have always resented the way she called me 'Kid' sometimes-but it's growing on me.

Anyway, back to my tale... As Sam was finishing, we noticed a car that was staying right on our left even with us for some time. It was three high school-aged guys driving beside us, and they sure as shit were watching Sam as she played with herself and orgasmed. I was surprised because Sam seemed embarrassed and yet seemed determined to cum. She never stopped rubbing her nude self just because these guys were very obviously watching. Anyway, I've always been impressed and confused about this with Sam.

As soon as Sam got dressed, Susan pulled over in this abandoned parking lot. 'I want to talk to these fuckers,' she said. I felt a knot in my stomach.

Susan got out and all three of the boys got out. They looked to be our age, or close. But they went to the high school on the other end of town.

Susan and the boys talked for awhile and then I got out. They were all asking what we were up to, without mentioning the obvious. Of course they were all groomed and cute. And then Susan did the unthinkable.

'Oh, we'll show you what were up to-but one of you at a time, and you're first.' She pointed to the hottest guy among them.

'All right,' he said all grandly.

'The rest of you guys follow us,' Susan said.

And everyone obeyed. The two other guys got into their car and got ready to follow. I became more worried.

'Aimee, you drive. It's my turn and I'm gonna give this guy a show.'

'Susan...' I said dumbfounded as she tossed me the keys.

I got in and turned the ignition. Sam joined me in the front seat. She kind of chewed Susan out for bringing a guy in the car and Susan chewed her right back and the guy sat back there with this total shit-eating grin.

'Kinda smells like pussy back here ladies..' the guy said all cocky.

'Well, check out Sherlock-Fucking-Holmes back here, ladies,' Susan ripped right back.

The guy sort of shut up after that, but Susan sure didn't. 'Do you want to see what's what or should we just drop your joking ass off that the fucking nearest elementary school?'

The guy straightened up. 'No, uh, yeah. I'd like to see what's what.'

Suddenly I heard Sam say, 'Susan, what the fuck?'

'You ever see one of these?' Susan said, and I knew by her voice and by looking back that Susan had pulled off her shorts and was pulling her underware to the side to show the guy her pussy.

'Uh, no. Not ever for real. Movies and stuff, not ever real,' the guy said in overload.

Susan yanked off her underwear and threw them in the front seat with me and Sam.

'Christ...' the guy mumbled.

'Watch this, Cowboy,' Susan said and through the rearveiw mirror I saw Susan begin to masturbate.

My gut tightened further. It seemed only seconds between when Susan touched her pussy and the police lights started to flash.

I think I soiled myself slightly. Everything has hazed since then but I can give you the facts: We had been seen by many people in cars that night and they had called in with our plate numbers and vehicle id. We were taken in and questioned by the local P.D. The guy was released almost immediately and we never saw those guys again.

The cops knew we were masturbating in the car somehow. They called our parents and told them EVERYTHING! And they released us after a very, very stiff warning and telling us how foolish this can be and what kind of people are out there waiting to fall into a jackpot like this and all that. I was too embarrassed at the time, but I now love and appreciate what those policemen told us that day. ( Ladies-Ladies! be careful out there with your erotic lives!) And then they released us to our parents.

Oh, God. For weeks, it seemed my father could not talk to me. Kate was great-and I will always love her for her understanding during those last few weeks of summer. Needless to say, Sam, Susan and I never masturbated together again.

Late that night, after the cops released us and our parents took us all home, my mother knocked on my door. I was awake in the grip of shame, contemplating the whole summer and thinking all of it had been a huge mistake and that I was corrupted and dirty and that I had somehow infected my sister, Kate, to total and insastiable lust... oh, I was getting in a bad way. And then my mother knocked on my door.

She came in and laid on my bed with me for awhile. After an eternity of silence I said, 'I'm so sorry, Mom. I'm so ashamed. I'm sorry.' My mom sighed, long and deep.

'It's really Ok, girl. It's all Ok.' She said.

'It is?' I asked.

'Yes, it is. I still love you. Your father still loves you. Nothing. Nothing could ever change that.'

'Is Dad mad?' I asked.

'Yes, he's quite mad. He'll be mad for awhile. He doesn't understand. It's embarrassing and awkward for him-but make no mistake, he loves you and that fact will shine through no matter what.'

Then there was more silence. I felt more love then for my mother than ever. I know this site sometimes showcases rare instances where parents take an active role in their children's masturbatory voyages, but this is definately not one of those. So, at ease, dear reader, but understand that this was a watershed conversation though.

'You know, Aimee,' my mom suddenly started, 'I was a young girl your age once too. And my friends and I were curious too.'

Silence. And finally I cough out a 'Yeah...?'

'Yeah, Aimee. Masturbation is a normal thing. You're about the age where you should be exploring it. Maybe not to the extent that you were tonight, but it's ok,' my mother said.

I was a lost lamb. 'It's ok? You did it too, Mom?' I choked out.

'Honey...' My mom started. 'Sweetheart, I have done it, I still do it. And it's perfectly fine for you to do it for the rest of your life. But it should be your private life, Aimee. Yours and whomever you choose to include. Your spouse, your lover. But you have to be smart, Aimee. Be smart, girl.'

My mom and I said other things that night, but I will not go into them here. No, we are done here. I am done here.

You can know though, that less than a week later my mom purchased for me my first vibrator and placed it under my pillow. There was no discussion, or mention afterward-although after using it and cumming to multiple orgasms soon afterward I did say, 'Thank you,' out of nowhere to my mom and she knowingly smirked and said, 'You're very welcome.'

And so there it is. My summer of passion. My summer of masturbation. Life continued after that. Things mellowed. Then college happened. Things heated up again. Boys happened. I lost my virginity. I got casual and things got interesting again.

But here I am now...30. Single, with stories, as everybody else. I hope you enjoyed hearing about this part of my erotic life. I'm off now to do what everybody that comes here wants to do. I'm going to go masturbate my little pubic head off. I wish the same for you-guy, girl-whomever...enjoy and touch the aura of the erotic-devine.

Good bye and Good orgasms,




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