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Breasts Are Fascinating!

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Breasts are fascinating because they are unique!


My wife doesn't understand our culture's fascination with breasts. Well, for one thing, only half the population of the world has fleshy breasts, so naturally the rest of us will be fascinated by what we don't have. Our tiny nubs aren't fleshy like female's breasts. So of course, we want to see more all the time!
Second, holding a full breast in our hands is an awesome venture because they are so fun to hold, all soft and squeezable! Since we have nothing quite like them, we want to hold breasts as often as we like to play with our manhood as a way of achieving quicker erections!
Third, it is not only the fullness and the squeezableness that my gender likes that makes breasts so fascinating. Breasts are so loveable! Being warm and smooth, in addition to being soft and pliable makes breasts the perfect attraction for males who as a contrast are hairy and rough all over. The silkiness of a female's skin is so attention-getting, so attractive, so intriguing, so fascinating, and on and on, that we like to touch the skin of a female anywhere on her body!
Just a few weeks ago, we attended a public function where one of our church members was serving. When she saw my wife and me, she came to welcome us to the event. Amidst the large crowd, it was good to see someone we knew, so I gently put my arm around her and was surprised! Yes, I had noticed that she was wearing a sleeveless top, but had put my arm around her as an affirmation, not with the intention of getting turned on by touching her smooth shoulder. It was a true delight to feel her soft shoulder!
So you see, women, your bodies pose a natural attraction for men that you may never fully understand. Just by being passive, you can trigger automatic responses in our bodies whether or not you are intending to 'turn us on.' Snuggling up close to my wife at night and touching her smooth neck, shoulders, breasts, tummy, sides, buttocks, thighs, and knees, gives me an almost immediate erection! For years, she was often frustrated because she likely was not in the mood for fun and would say, 'Oh, no!' 'Not again!' 'Not now!' or 'Down boy!'
Those remarks served as ax chops to my erection. Each negative comment took another bite out of my self-esteem. Now I touch her smooth, warm, soft body without triggering an immediate erection. In fact, on a Saturday morning IF she feels so inclined to play with my manhood, it does not respond readily. I tell her, 'I'm not a 'Jack-in-a-box' that can be put on a shelf for a while and then be expected to jump right up when the button is pressed.'
In order to preserve my self-image I've resorted to self-stimulation as a way of bringing pleasure to my body that I needed to counteract her negativism. Beautiful as a female in a picture may be, pornography does very little to excite me because I am unable to build a relationship with the model. I enjoy positive response from another person whether I'm telling a funny story, making a public presentation, or touching my wife lovingly. My wife refuses to talk about sex, and I always want to know more: what turns a female on, etc. I've ordered books and nothing makes a difference in what I try to do or in the way I try to do it. Finally after nearly 40 years of marriage, I've found a place where I can share my feelings and ask for feedback in a safe setting. Thanks, webmaster!
Now, back to the subject of breasts. To address you readers as females simply implies that you have a Love Nest and a Love Canal to surround a male's Love Wand and addressing men as males simply implies that you have something sticking out in front. So I'll rather address you as ladies and gals. Please love your bodies! Stroke your bodies tenderly and lovingly! Delight in your beauty and let your body know you appreciate it! Don't be deluded by the models in magazines and on TV, because the average female can't 'measure up' to all the make-up and enhancement they have done to them.
You are your own unique self created by a loving Creator. You are one of a kind. Each of us has our own fingerprints and voice prints. Each of your bodies are beautiful for us males to behold. In the same way that some men prefer blonds, some prefer brunettes, some prefer black-haired females, and some prefer red heads,some males prefer slim models, some prefer heavy set women, and some prefer shapely models. Don't worry that you think you're not attractive. Because you are unique, you are attractive to someone, even if not to everyone.
In the same way that our manhood may be interesting to females because you like to observe and feel the changes from limp to firm as you touch our shafts, your breasts fascinate us males because each one is unique and different, fascinating and intriguing. We like to see lots of cleavage and can spend a whole evening at a concert looking at a performer who is wearing a low-cut neckline, enjoying watching her breasts heave with every deep breathy, bounce as she steps down from the conductor's platform, and almost fall out when she bends over to take a bow during applause! We like to see the shapely curves and feel the smooth, warm, soft, spongy mass of tissue that looks so inviting to touch! We males like to caress smooth, soft, warm breasts! We like to put our faces to them and let them stimulate our lips and cheeks and nose and eyes and ears and tongue stimulate us passively while we rub our faces across your breasts when you are lying down or sitting up! And, oh yes, we love it when you take the initiative to brush your breasts across our faces when we're lying down and you're on top! We love it when you take the initiative to hold your breasts in your hands and rub them across our faces when we're both sitting up!
Of all the contributions I've made in the past 3 months since I started writing after reading ProAxis and SoloTouch for a long time, I intend for this to be my most affirmative composition to date! I've told about my experiences and now I'm telling you that I hope you appreciate what our Creator gave you. Without embarrassment, you can love your bodies in the privacy of your home whether you have a lover or not.
I don't know if I'll ever put a composition together about how special your Love Nest like I just did about your breasts. Well, yes, come to think of it I'd probably have a lot to say so I might sometime because I find it so special to know that you have more feelings in your clits than we have in our penises. Furthermore, you can achieve multiple orgasms more quickly than males can. As a contrast to males whose shafts serve a triple purpose of liquid waste elimination, reproduction, and pleasure, the most unique feature about a female's genital area is that each of those functions is served by a different organ. Your urethra voids liquids. Your vagina serves for reproduction. And GUESS WHAT?!!! YOUR CLITORIS WAS CREATED BY OUR CREATOR WITH THE SOLE INTENTION AND SINGLE PURPOSE OF GIVING YOU PLEASURE -- AND LOTS OF IT!!! So, you can enjoy tickling your clit without guilt! How's that for affirmation!
Whoa! Did I ever surprise myself! I was wondering if I'd ever put something together about female's Love Nest -- and just like that I did! Hope you've appreciated my affirmation and enjoyed reading. If so, I'd like to hear from you all in the Comments section. Until then, I'll be eagerly waiting. Happy self-pleasuring to you all! Meanwhile, I have something that has been looking up at me inquiring when I'm going to quit typing and take care of of an important matter now while reading some more of your stories!



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