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Breaking the Ice With My Roommate

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First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 5'5' with a 5' penis. I was born with a slight penis deformity, which means that my pee-hole is an inch below the head, on the shaft. I had surgery to fix it when I was little, so I had to be circumcised. However, my cock does not look like a normal cut cock. The pee-hole is not in the middle of the head, but underneath. My short and crippled penis has been a major source of fear and embarassment for me. I did not start masturbating until I was 15.

I am a closet homosexual. I am a guy just like any other, except I like jacking off with other guys. I can't accept the label 'gay' as I find anal sex and 'gay culture' disgusting. Some of the openly gay guys I've met have called me a homophobe. I was pretty out of shape and unattractive in high school, so my sex life was limited to jacking off and fantasizing about other guys. Solo Touch has helped me a great deal in this respect.

I was very relieved and happy to move away from my overprotective parents when I had to go to college. I started eating healthy and working out at the gym. I began attending swimming lessons the second semester of freshman year. Soon after that, I was no longer ashamed of my cock and body. I found many guys who wanted to jack off together at the pool and at the gym showers. By the end of sophomore year, I'd had about ten casual encounters with other guys. We stroked our muscular bodies and jacked each other off. Most guys didn't ask questions about my weird cock. I didn't have a regular jack-off buddy at the time, but I was really proud of my new body. After two years of working out and swimming, I looked like the guys I was fantasizing about while in high school.

At the beginning of junior year, I moved out to an apartment with two other guys. One of them, Ryan, was 23 years old and a senior. I'd taken a few classes with him, but hadn't seen him shirtless before. It was very hot on move-in day, so all he was wearing was flip-flops and loose shorts. He was 5'10' and played intramural soccer. He had very well defined hairless abs except for a happy trail and hairier chest than mine. His big sockless feet in flip-flops and hairy calves were also a big turn-on for me. Being a closet homo, I managed to suppress my horniness and helped him move in. That same night we invited a few other guys to our new place to play poker. I was shirtless like Ryan, and the other guys teased us that we couldn't have such great bodies without taking steroids. I was slouching in my chair and had my bare feet propped up on the table when I noticed Ryan was checking me out from head to toe. I was embarassed, yet extremely turned on. I said I was cold and put a t-shirt on. I continued playing pretending not to have noticed anything.

A few weeks into the fall semester, I was pretty sure Ryan was interested in me. He hung out shirtless and barefoot whenever possible, and I could barely resist the temptation to run my fingers through his chest hair or massage his feet, even though I always had other guys to fool around with at the pool. I realized we'd have to become very good friends before I could make my first move. We were in the same major in college, so we started helping each other other out with projects and assignments. He started going to the pool with me and I attended his soccer games more often. We learned a lot about each other. Ryan became like the older brother I've never had. He admitted to jerking off a lot and losing his virginity to a female prostitute. He would sometimes with his fingers through my hair and stroke my back, something which I really enjoyed.

I invited Ryan to my parents' vacation condo for spring break. We had to sleep in my parents' room and he didn't mind sharing the bed with me. We showered and went to bed in our boxers. It was high time I broke the ice. I told him, half-jokingly, to turn away from me as I was going to jack off. Very quietly, I got myself off and shot my load in a towel. As I turned towards Ryan he told me he could hear me panting as I was cumming. I did not reply and went to sleep. The next morning, I saw his head was at the other end of the bed, by my feet. He liked to touch me spontaneously, so I wasn't really surprised when he began lightly rubbing my toes and soles. I relaxed and enjoyed the massage. I felt a tingling wave of pleasure flowing from my feet to my cock. I decided to return the favor and began massaging Ryan's feet, ankles and calves. Soon, he had a large tent and wet spot in his boxers. I was moaning with pleasure. During the massage, I finally shared with Ryan my whole story: that I did not want to be labeled gay, and that I liked to jack off with guys. It turned out he was the exact same way, apart from going to hookers to prove to himself he's bisexual. Ryan told me he couldn't get hard with a girl, only with prostitutes and other guys. I was rubbing Ryan's feet with my left hand, and stroked my dick with the right. I invited him to do the same. We came in our boxers with our toes curling in each other's hands. The ice was broken! After Ryan and I recovered from the orgasm, we showered together and lathered up our bodies. That's the first time I saw him fully naked. His cock was uncut, 6 and a half inches. Showering together with Ryan was one of the most sensual experiences in my life. During the day, we checked out the nearby town and hung out at the beach. We showered together one more time before we went to bed. This time we were completely naked. I had nothing to be afraid of now, so I ran my fingers through the thick hair on Ryan's bare chest. I was now gently rubbing his torso from his neck to the pubes. He reciprocated, and I told him how much I've wanted to be with him ever since I saw him checking me out during move-in day. We were completely hard now, and Ryan hugged me so our bodies and hard cocks touched. I'd never experienced such a complete body-to-body and cock-to-cock contact with any of the other guys. We rubbed each other's arms. The feeling of his bare feet exploring my legs and feet was amazing. We flexed our bodies and felt our hard muscles. We were grinding our hard cocks very slowly while kissing passionately. The feeling of Ryan's muscular hairy chest on mine was driving me crazy. We both came at the same time, moaning heavily, and our semen coated our abs and pecs. We fell asleep, still hugging and caressing our backs, with our cum between us. In the morning we cleaned and massaged each other's bodies. Ryan told me he'd never had such an intimate experience with another man.

After we returned from the weekend, I stopped looking for guys at the pool. I had about two cock-to-cock sessions every week with Ryan. I found a fourth roommate for our three bedroom apartment, which meant Ryan and I could share the biggest room. We had separate beds, but I often slept with Ryan in his bed. We explored different masturbation and massage techniques together, but we agreed that cock-to-cock masturbation was the best way to share an orgasm: it's like we're jerking each other off not just with hands but with our entire bodies. We'd sometimes hug and sleep together naked without even cumming. With my help, Ryan found out he could have an orgasm just by having his chest and nipples rubbed. It took me about six months to break the ice with Ryan, and now I have not just a casual jerk-off buddy but a very close friend. Jerking off is just one of the many things we enjoy doing together.



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