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Breaking New Ground

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Breaking New Ground
This is the best site ever! I especially like the guy/guy stories. ¦I am not gay but somewhat experimental. heres a story about me and myfriend.
The two friends Tim and John were both brothers. I had knownthem since I was in kindergarten and Tim and I had always been best friends. Wehad played the "You show me yours and ill show u mine" game when we were littlebut nothing more than that happened. Until now.
I was going through puberty at about the summer of 7thgrade. I didn't think Tim was and John defnitly wasn't. Frequently over thesummer we would sleep over each other's house. Once I suggested we play truth or dare. This game went on for several weeks as I built them up from embarrassment.They were both initially shy but John seemed a little more willing that Tim.
I finally picked the night to present the dare of showing our cocks. I knew neither would do it if I didn't but it was worth and try. "Johnwhy don't u show us your penis?" He was very reluctant and eventually refused.Being the genius I am I said "Oh come on! I would do it." And what do u think mynext dare was- "Hey why don't u show us yours!!"
I immediately obliged and took off my pants. I had a growing cock -- about 5 ½ inches. They were shocked. Neway as it went on we saw eachothers cocks and the nite went from there. John's cock was small (he was twoyears younger) and Tim's was smaller than mine and a little curved. He had anerection and so did I. The nite soon ended and I was happy. I reached my goal.
The next sleepover was just with Tim. He had come over and Iwas going to be a bit more daring. We soon were playing a game on the computer.I started rubbing the dick through my pants like I had an erection.Surprisingly he soon followed. I then exposed my cock and he really wasn't surprised.He did the same and his curving wonder popped out. We started stroking ourmembers and said we were "Massaging ourselves."
Soon we moved over to the pull out couch. We were going at it harder but only on our own. I didn't want to lose this friend. I soon startedmoaning and he thought it was kinda cool and started doing it too. I could feelmyself cumming but I didn't wanna scare him. I decided to just wing it. "Uhhhuhhh OOOOOOOOOhhhh" soon 5 or 6 streams of cum came shooting out. He loved it and found it very funny. He was also very surprised cuz he asked if that everhappened b4. I said yes and we went on with the nite. To this day we stillmasturbate though that is the only time one of us has cummed. I touched himonce acting like it was an accident and he did the same. I hope u enjoyed mystory as much as I enjoyed taking part in it.



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