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Breaking a Boring Journey

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Driving the same route can be boring, but not if you take a 'break'


Breaking a boring journey

I can't remember if this is the third or fourth time I've done this, I suppose it's not so much about the journey being boring, more as it feeds my exhibitionist side. This is what I did today . . . more or less what I've done other times too. I haven't played with myself for a couple of days now, or had sex for even longer and I start to get a bit cranky and bad tempered! So time I sorted it.

Got about an hour's drive home. My mind starts to wander to sex, things I like to do, some of the people I fantasize about and I start to stroke my breasts through my cotton shirt. My nipples start to harden straight away and I pinch them gently. After doing this for a while, I unbutton my shirt part of the way down and pull my tits out of my bra. So my bra is round the outsides of my tits, which squeezes them up and together, and the seat belt cuts down diagonally between them. I stroke them again, first one then the other feeling how soft and warm the skin is.

I like to look down at them, and also wonder if any of the drivers passing the other way can see them - probably not - which is a shame it would be good if they got a glance as they drove past.

Roundabout coming up on the road, I slow down to check the traffic, there are cars behind me, in front and to my left now, I glance around at them all, then down at my tits and my hard nipples, but no one seems to have noticed. It still makes me horny though.

I pull off round the roundabout and continue. I start to gently rub the end of each nipple in turn with the palm of my hand, brushing the very end of my nipples in the centre of my palms, my clit is starting to tingle, I squeeze my thighs together and wonder where I will be able to stop to finish this off. I've also got a bottle of icy water in the car, I pick it up and rub it first against one nipple then the other, it makes them harder than before

I unbuckle my belt, unzip my jeans and push one hand into my pants. Mmmm my pussy lips are very smooth, just shaved this morning, I like to keep just a little patch of hair at the front - although I may try it with it all shaved for a little while.

Anyway, I run my finger down my slit which is warm and damp and then rub over my clit - it's already hard and responding to my touch, it won't take long for me to get off I can tell. For just a short while I use two fingers, one at each side of my clit and squeezing my clit gently between my fingers, I rub up and down. That feels fantastic, probably too good to be doing whilst I'm driving - too dangerous! I get the bottle of cold water and push it between my thighs, the cold feels good, and I rub it against my crotch.

I carry on for a few more miles, pinching and teasing my nipples, and rubbing my clit, I'm feeling so horny now, each time I pass a car or lorry I look to see if the driver looks my way, one or two do, but I would guess from the look on their face they didn't register anything.

At last I'm coming to somewhere where I know I can pull over, a spot where two roads join and the grass verge is wide and firm. I pull over off the road onto the verge. There are cars going by every few minutes, but they can't really see into my car. My clit is throbbing now knowing what's coming. I had planned to get out of the car, drop my trousers and pants in the open air and pee - that makes me sooo horny too, but really it's too busy here. So I think about it, whilst I start to rub my clit again.

I unfasten my seat belt, and shuffle my jeans and lilac pants down, and right off one leg. I can spread my legs wide now, one foot almost up on the dashboard. I lean back, shut my eyes for a minute or two and begin to circle my clit with my fingers. It's so hot and hard; I look down at myself, and watch myself rubbing. I love being dirty . . . although I'm wet, I lick the fingers of my other hand and rub the wetness around, then push two fingers into my pussy. My nipples are really hard, and a deep pinky-red colour from all the touching and rubbing.

I hear the sound of another car closer than the others have been and I look over and see a van has pulled over onto the verge a few feet away. The man gets out and looks over at me in my car, then goes to get something from the back of the van. Hmmm, can he see me? Probably not, anyway he gets back into his van but doesn't drive off. I decide to carry on anyway.

I get the bottle of cold water and slowly let several drips fall onto my clit, it's cold and slowly trickles down between my pussy lips; I can feel the great sensation of it sliding over my skin. Oh, I'm going to go for it, I don't want to wait anymore . . . I rub my nipples again and then cup my left breast and can just manage to lick the tip of my nipple, I start to rub hard over my clit. Its feeling great, I then push two fingers of my other hand into my pussy and press against the front wall. I'm going to come soon, I can feel it starting to build up, several more cars pass by and I think - if only they knew what I'm doing! A couple of the passengers look in my direction as they pass by.

My legs are wide now, I can feel my orgasm starting, I moan to myself and call myself a dirty slut. I imagine the passers-by looking at me, men and women, watching me frigging myself here, loving it.

I'm going to come, then it hits me and it's fantastic. I arch my back and push hard with my fingers in my pussy, but gently stroke up and down either side of my clit, feeling every wave as it comes and trying to make it last as long as possible. I can feel my neck and face are hot and my breath is coming in short gasps, my pussy's very wet and squeezing round my fingers, I keep working my clit until the last sensation is gone.

I take my fingers out of my pussy and suck them clean. Mmmm fantastic. I sit there for a while waiting for my breathing to get back to normal.

I'm not really registering what's happening outside, then I realise a jeep has turned onto the road right next to me and is passing by - the male driver stares hard at me and for a second I wonder why, then I look down and of course my shirt is still undone with my tits on show! He was certainly close enough to see. I look in the rear view mirror and see his brake lights flash. I quickly cover up and get ready to drive off, but then in the end the jeep doesn't stop he drives off.

Laughing to myself I pull up my pants and jeans, noticing though that I've made a damp patch on the car seat! Oh well.

I finish the journey home in a very relaxed mood!



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