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Breakfast in France

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I spent a year in France as an exchange student in high school.

Living in a family, working father and mother, the kids were gone to college, so I was the only one around the house. The mother was absent a lot, early morning - late night and sometimes those trips that took 3-10 days, due to her work field, which often left me with the father, Pierre.

I am an avid masturbator and have been doing it since I was 14. Usually, I would do it three times a day, morning/after school/before bed. And I have been carrying on with the ritual there. Each morning I would be awake if not by the urge to jerk off, it is Pierre who would knock on the door and open it to greet me each morning to make sure I was awake for school. I am sure he has caught the sight of my wet spots on the sheets and underwear plenty of times in the morning. Either from early masturbation or wet dream.

Now let me tell you about Pierre, he is in his early fifties, pretty big but fit. Grey curly hair also neatly formed on the chest. Muscle arms and barrel chest. The belly was not toned but not a real beer belly, you could see he still works out. The laundry basket let me see his underwear, as they divided them into, white clothes, color clothes, female lingerie, and male underwear. I am in charge of the white basket and the male underwear basket. Pierre wears only white or black briefs. The white ones are damp if they have been recently taken off. Whereas the black ones, I could see the trace of precum forming on the crotch area. I would inspect his briefs closely before doing the laundry and sometimes jerk off to those things.

Then one morning during the school break, the mother was on a business trip and I woke up to a wetness in my briefs, wet dream of course!! I took them off and put on the robe without thinking, went down for my breakfast. Pierre was also there in a robe. I took the milk and sat down. I could feel the cum under my foreskin dripping on the robe, but again, paid no attention. Then the front of my robe must have parted and the aroma of my fresh cum must have caught him. He sniffed and simply asked if I had a good time before coming down to which I said it was just a nocturnal emission. Then he said that a boy should be pleasuring himself as much as he could and asked if I knew how. I answered him yes and that I did it quite often. He said I must not have done it enough, otherwise, I wouldn't have wet dreams.

By now, my penis is partially erect which he saw and complimented me on its response. We talked about masturbation a little and my horniness began to rise. So I took a paper towel and squeezed my cock head to take care of the flowing precum and the left over cum under the hood. I asked if he needed some, he said the briefs are doing quite a good job. And surprised me by lowering the front of his white briefs for me to see. The penis was uncut with a quite tight foreskin, around three inches long but seemed a pretty big round, beautiful one, with full grey bush. I noticed the white underwear were pretty soaked, so I asked. He said he had an early accident before waking up and went just as he was running to the bathroom so the evidence was quite clear. He then proceeded to take them off, leaving them on the floor and covered himself with the robe. By now, I am fully erect, and felt incredibly horny. I had my hand massaging my foreskin lightly, then he said I should go ahead and do it properly. With that, I started to jerk my dick with my full hand. I was spread eagle on the chair and humping my hands when all of a sudden, he cut off a piece of butter and rubbed it all over my dick head. It was all too much for me. I came all over the breakfast table when he was still teasing my frenulum with the butter. It must have also sent him over the edge because he stood up and all of a sudden, cum starts to leak from his foreskin and fired five ropes onto the floor. When he finished cumming his penis leaked right after. I quickly took off my robe and threw it on the floor to catch the mess. He was extremely embarrassed.

After we cleaned up, he and I went to the shower separately. Then when he came back, we talked about what happened and we were cool about it. He also said that he had helped his son when he was around by adding more pleasure rubbing his nipples or balls while he masturbated. After that morning, it became quite a ritual to come down and jerk off while having breakfast shooting my load into the cereal bowl after I had finished eating. Pierre would sometimes join in until the mother came back from the trip. Two days later, it was Pierre who opened his robe at the breakfast table and fondled his cock while his wife watched. He then oozed out his precum on his hand and gave me some by smearing it all over my hand. I reached the lubed hand inside my robe and start jerking, I did not come. Weeks later I got the courage to open my robe and jerk off openly at the breakfast table. The mother does not seem to care at all, so this was the boys fun time.

Until their son came back for a break, all of us did it together many mornings, Pierre and me, Pierre and his son, his son and me, or three of us.

That was quite a memory. BTW, their son and I did it more (usually before dinner time) but that is for another time.



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