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Break From Revision

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Hey there...
I am an 18-year-old lad from the UK and am currently studying for my A levels. At the moment I am on study leave before my exams. The other night I had my best friend Mark over to do some revision together.
We were at my computer (the one I'm on now) looking over some old work and looking at some porn at the same time. As you'd expect from a couple of 18-year-old lads it was obvious we were both getting quite turned on. I thought to myself that Mark's been my best mate for about 4 years now and I can trust him so I decided I'd ask if I could masturbate in front of him.
After plucking up a final bit of courage I asked and he said it'd be ok. I locked my bedroom door and stripped off completely naked. My penis was about 4 inches long and semi erect. I sat down on the chair in front of the computer and slowly wanked myself - aware Mark was looking. I knew my penis looked good - about 6.5 inches fully erect very thick with a nice big pink/purple head.
I said to Mark it was ok if he wanted to jerk himself but he said he wasn't comfortable with getting his cock out.
After a few minutes I played a porn video on the computer. It got to a scene with a large breasted woman sucking on a very large cock. It reminded me of my need to get my dick sucked. Me and Mark aren't exactly popular with the ladies because of our sorta geeky image - we study quite hard but it just means we've been tipped for bright futures. The furthest either of us have been is just kissing. But I have a thing with looking at blowjobs and was desperate to experience one.
I said to Mark that I was desperate to find out what it was like to have my dick in a mouth. And after a few minutes more wanking and talking about getting a blowjob I asked Mark if I could put my dick in his mouth. At first he rejected the idea - but I was determined. I said he didn't have to do anything - my dick didn't even have to make contact with his mouth - but just go inside.
Eventually he agreed to this. I instructed him to get down on his knees. I stood over him. He opened his mouth wide. I pulled my foreskin back. I moved my throbbing cock towards his mouth. I went to slide it in and as I pushed the head in it brushed on Marks lips as did the rest of it. There my cock was inside someone's mouth and it felt warm and a bit damp. For what seemed like an eternity we just stayed like that. Then much to my pleasure Mark closed his mouth around my cock and his tongue massaged my head. It was truly awesome.
I was breathing hard and said 'suck me suck me'. Mark obliged and he went about giving me a blowjob. There I was getting my first blowjob and it was from my best mate. After a few minutes I could feel Mark's sucking was gonna get me all the way off. I warned him I was close. To my surprise he didn't care. Instead he just sucked harder and eventually I had the best orgasm I've ever had and I blew a huge load down his throat.
'Want me to repay you?' I asked Mark. Mark responded by stripping off. As he was staying over that night we went to my bed and spent the next few hours jacking and sucking each other - even after we'd orgasmed we would be going down on each others limp dicks. I love the taste of cock - but I'd rather someone was tasting mine! It was amazing!
Thanks for letting me share this experience that'll stay with me forever.



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