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Brandi and Me

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This happened with Brandi and me when we were 13.


I had already been masturbating for a couple of years, having learned from seeing porn on the Internet and seeing other girls rubbing themselves. They looked like they were enjoying it, but I didn't know why. I noticed getting a strange feeling down there when I was looking at the pictures and videos. My dad was working in the garage, and my moms was at work. I still had one brother at home (Who used to show me his dick and would jack off in front of me), but he wasn't home. I had a pair of shorts on and a t shirt, so I decided to reach in and feel what the strange feeling was coming from between my legs. As soon as I touched it, I realized I was very wet, and accidentally rubbed my clit, which I thought was by mistake, but realizing it felt soooo good. After that, I did it a lot, everyday, sometimes several times a day. My room is very private upstairs. My brothers room was right next to me, but he moved out. So I had the upstairs to myself (For now), with my parents being downstairs.

Anyway, my best friend Brandi spent the night one night when we were 13. We had been on the computer and looking at pics of dicks and just naked people. I was getting very wet and horny, but wasn't sure if I would be able to take care of it since Brandi was there. My dad came in from the garage (My mom wasn't home from work yet). We got off the computer fast and went up to my room. We sat on my bed talking and listening to music, but spend most of the time talking about what we saw on the computer. That was her first time seeing any type of porn, and admitted to me that she was feeling 'Strange' down there. I told her I was feeling the same way, and had been like that a lot. I then told Brandi that I wondered what the girls were doing in the video rubbing themselves between the legs. I was trying to be coy, and not let on that I masturbated, because I thought I would have major embarrassment if I said I did, and Brandi thought it was gross or wrong.

So as we sat on the bed, talking about our horniness, and wondering what the girls were doing in the videos, I shyly suggested that maybe we try it since it looked like they were enjoying it. We had seen each other naked plenty of times to change to go swimming, and on other sleepovers, so being naked wouldn't be anything new. But to see each other and doing other things would have definitely been a new experience. So at this point, we both undressed slowly. I remember being nervous, and I know now that Brandi was too. So soon we were naked standing there. At that time, I was (And still am) very skinny with longer black hair. I had very small A boobs, and just a little bit of hair down there. Brandi was the same as me, except her hair was blondish brown. Her boobs were just a little bigger than mine, and she has always had kind of a cute 'bubble butt'. So we layed down on the bed, right next to each other, and at this point, I was dripping wet. I reached down first and lightly rubbed my clit. Oh...it felt so good, I almost orgasmed right then. I told Brandi where to touch and that I just found something that felt very very good. She did the same, and said she might leave a wet spot on my bed, and laughed a little. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head then closing them. I hadn't thought of doing anything with a girl up to this point, but I was really liking the sight of Brandi laying naked next to me naked and rubbing herself like me.

We were doing it for about five minutes at this point, and I had already had three orgasms (Quiet ones). All of a sudden, Brandi started shaking all over. Her mouth was open, but eyes were still closed, and head arched way back. She was having her first orgasm. This turned me on so much more so I started going harder. When she finally climaxed, I was right there with her orgasming too. We layed there, both breathing hard and a little sweaty. I remember seeing her cute boobs so close to me glistening with sweat. As I was coming down from my high, something came over me and I reached over and licked her cute small nipple. She looked at me and smiled like she was in love with me. That night lasted forever, we masturbated several more times, but also experimented with each other, but those stories are different. We still have fun from time to time now, but usually when I am missing her most, she is at a softball game or practice.



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