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'Brad' the Cad

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Well, I have to admit, I do love to flirt, and maybe I do tease a little, but I should have known that my tight little short-shorts and skimpy tank tops would get me in a heap of trouble one day!!

Our company has a 25-year-old tech who constantly makes comments, like, 'How are you today, Beautiful?', or 'Hey, Sexy!', even when we're on the phone. If I ask him to do me a favor, he reponds that he'll be glad to, 'But what are you gonna do for me?' (Then he winks) He's even gone so far as to smack me on the ass, occasionally, and once he reached over and pinched my inner thigh, (my thighs and legs are very ticklish, so this had the effect of making me jump and laugh, which prompted him to pinch me over and over again!)! I have to admit that after 18 years of marriage to the same man, while I'm not looking for anything outside my marriage, the attention has been flattering.

Since I set the work schedule, I know when he's on the road and when he's in town. I've found myself choosing my clothes in the morning based on whether or not 'Brad' will be at the shop that day. I admit, I dress a little sexier when I know I might see 'Brad'.

Let me tell you, I'm not a stick-girl, I have a well-rounded, womanly figure, 38C tits, very nice curvy ass, great legs, and my honey colored hair hangs past my ass. I love the feel of it swishing over the tops of my thighs when I walk around in my shortest shorts. 'Brad' is, well, he's blonde, muscular, he's 25!! Holy f*ck, my kid is 17!!

Anyway, one day he caught me alone in the shop, and started his teasing, he has a very sly grin he uses when he's flirting, and he began brushing the back of his hand over my hair. I gave him this look, that I hoped was saying 'You don't have to stop', while I was saying, 'What ARE you doing?' 'Hey, Sexy.' He ran his hand down the length of my hair to where it stopped below the cheeks of my ass. Then his hand rested on my upper thigh, my VERY UPPER thigh.

I looked at him and said, 'Brad, I have been married for 18 years, and I have no intention of doing anything to screw with that.' He grinned wide, and asked, 'What?', trying to play real innocent. One thing he is NOT, is innocent. I felt myself go a little weak in the knees, but I tried not to let it show.

He ran his fingers up, under my shorts, and caressed my ass cheeks, which were bare, since I nearly always wear thong-type underwear. I said, 'BRAD! I told you, I'm NOT looking for anything like that!' He looked me right in the eye, then looked my body over like a starving man looks at a piece of meat, and replied, 'You just don't know what you've been looking for. Don't tell me you're not feeling as hot as I am.'

Well, my crotch had already started to get wet, and if he moved those fingers any farther, he was going to find out exactly what kind of effect he was having on me. As his eyes rested on my chest, I knew he already had picked up on that particular clue, my large nipples were poking out through my tank top like two big gumdrops. He placed his other hand on my chest, above my breasts, and let his hand run down over my breasts to caress my nipples. I had to grab a shelving rack to keep my knees from buckling.

'Listen, you have got to stop this, because this cannot GO any further. I am NOT going to cheat on my husband, YOU need to stop.' He just grinned, 'Okay.' But he did not stop, he continued to lightly caress my body, my arms, my hair, my breasts, my thighs, my ass, kissing and nuzzling my neck, while I just stood there, like an idiot, telling him to stop, but not wanting him to stop! 'I'll stop, anytime you want me to, all you have to do is walk away.'

HA! I could no more walk away at that moment than I could have lassoed the moon! My feet were like lead, my legs barely held me upright, and my pussy was so wet, I'm sure my shorts had a wet spot from front to back! Just then he reached under the back of my shirt and caressed my back, then moved his hands around to the front and cupped my breasts in his hands. I felt my hands move to the back of his head and I began to run my fingers through his hair, but it was like an involuntary reflex. My mind was still saying no, you can't do this, but my body refused to respond to my minds commands. Then he kissed me, ever so tenderly, and whispered 'Go ahead, walk away.'

I would have, I should have, but my feet were glued to the spot. He began to unbutton my shorts, when suddenly, a wave of panic engulfed me, I grabbed him by the wrists, 'NO! I will not cheat on my husband. You are a CHILD, my son is nearly as old as you!' He paused for just a moment, I should have leaped at the chance to extricate myself from the situation, but I missed the window of opportunity, 'No, Baby, I'm a man, let me show you how much of a man I am.' God, how can all the same old cheesy lines I've heard a hundred times keep me there, in awe, instead of sending me laughing? No wonder this crap works on all the young girls, if it still works on me!

He moved my hand to his crotch, while he reached down my shorts with the other hand, that was it, he knew I was horny as h*ll. I felt the tremendous bulge in his pants twitch under my hand, my God, what was I doing?! It was the first time in 18 years I had been so close to another man! 'Brad' pressed his mouth to mine, and groped around inside my panties for just seconds before he found what he was looking for. 'Jesus, that's got to be the biggest clit! Let me see it!' That was it, too much... I found my voice, 'No, STOP, that's enough, Brad, we're not going to do this, I mean it.' Maybe I could regain control of this situation, after all.

'Okay, just look me in the eye and tell me you don't want to do this, and we'll stop. After, I kiss you, just one more time.' I didn't even have time to think, let alone respond, or object! As he gripped my shoulders and lowered his head to mine, he kissed me with more passion than I have felt in years. I felt my resolve melt away like his tongue melted into my mouth. He pulled away and looked me in the eye, and I stood silent. He came in to kiss me again, and once again his fingers found my clit.

I was so close to having an orgasm at that point, I didn't even want to stop him anymore. I unzipped his pants and grabbed his throbbing cock, working it up and down, like a pro, (after all, I had 18 years experience working with the equipment!). He started to move me backward, toward a table, something to f*ck on! I started to panic, 'No, Brad, stop! I mean it, I can still get pregnant, but my husband's been 'fixed' we can't!' I was so scared, now, I was almost crying.

'Okay, so I won't get you pregnant, but I'm not leaving here until we both get what we really want!' He laid me back on the table and stripped off my shorts, and went to work on my clit. My pussy was so wet, and I was soooo close to cumming, I had to stop him, so I could work on his cock awhile, otherwise...well, it was just more enjoyable that way. I stroked his cock, and ran a fingernail along the underside of his testicles, his smooth-shaved cock and ballsack. I admired them and commented on the size of his dick, which was easily eight inches or more.

When he felt himself about to explode he stoppped me with a hard kiss, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth at lightning speed, his thumb massaging my clit while he worked two fingers in and out of my pussy. He marvelled at the size of my clit, as big as his thumb-nail. That's when I let go and came all over his hand, I'm a sucker for compliments on my clit, always have been.

Once my legs stopped shaking, which took awhile, I resumed my work on his cock until he shot thick ropes of hot cum all over my hands, the table, the floor. Once we had both recovered, we cleaned up the mess, so the boss wouldn't see. I looked 'Brad' squarely in the eye, and said, 'You will never mention this to anyone, understand?' He nodded. 'And this will never happen again.' Then, I winked at him.



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