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On a fluke, a few years back I posted a short personals ad in the alt.personals.bi newsgroup on the Internet, geographically keyed for my area. I got three responses, all men. On Feb. 27 I had the first face-to-face I've had from the post; all the others fizzled out.
The one contact was classic. Remember, I'm in my early 50s; this guy was 24, a sophomore in wildlife biology at the local university and married (he's younger than my youngest son). He and I had exchanged numerous emails, quite personal in nature. Brad confided that he's bi-curious, he and his wife swing heterosexually at times, she's had at least one bi experience which he witnessed at a swing club get-together. He has confided in her that he wants sex with men and it's ok with her. He's had only limited male-male contact before.
We met, as I suggested, at a deli, hitting it off with great conversation over a Pepsi. After a half hour we left for his trailer (he & wife live in a large 5th wheel just off campus). He had already told me that he shaved himself and I was dying to see and touch those hairless balls and cock. His wife, who is 23 and very attractive (I saw her photo), also shaves, he says. When we arrived at his trailer, we stripped at my coaxing so I could check this out. Marvelous! His cut cock was smaller than mine (which I classify as average judging from others I've held), he had smaller nuts but was very pleasing to look at. He didn't seem at all embarrassed by stripping with me as we had planned to jerk off together. The only hair was a tuft above his erect prick.
He, like me, preferred to use lube and we both greased up right away after he popped in an X-rated video. On the couch seated naked next to one another we pumped up some glistening hard-ons, then exchanged some touchy-feelies. My, how his cock felt good sliding up and down in my clinched fist. It was streamlined with a bit of an upward curve to it.
We mostly pumped on ourselves for probably 20-30 minutes and I was constantly having to hold back my orgasm. Finally, he indicated that he was having some trouble, nervousness.... I asked if he'd like me to work on it for awhile so he could relax and let the feelings flood over him. He jumped at the chance. I knelt before him, took his cock in hand again and began pumping away. My left hand reached for those hairless balls, which were sucked way up into his groin, leaving that young scrotum tight, without a wrinkle. He quivered as my hand caressed his nuts and down to that sensitive area between his scrotum and asshole. In about five minutes he was thrusting into my hand and, before long, shooting long stringy jets of sperm as far as his nipples.
I collected some of his cum (I had big gobs on my fist) and sat back down beside him, smearing his man cream onto my throbbing dick. About 20 pumps brought me to my own release. I could see Brad grinning as I came and came.
After clean-up we talked. His "initiation" to male-male sex was an extremely positive and fun event, he confided, and he wants to do it again with me. He said his wife was going to get back from class in about an hour and she had already told him she wanted a blow-by-blow description of everything we did together. He predicted his description would turn her on and he'd have some fantastic fucking ahead of him that night. Unfortunately, we tried to connect several times after this great day but something always came up to make a repeat session impossible. I had hoped to join him and his wife for a 3-some, but that too did not materialize. We've since lost touch with one another. Oh well.... I have some great memories of our afternoon together.
I've often enjoyed the pleasure of kneeling before another man, admiring his equipment while I played with it, slowly arousing him to his orgasm. I usually do just as I did with Brad, I use his cum to moisten my throbbing cock and rub myself off while the other fellow relaxes and watches. In fact, I did this with an older guy just a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. He was nervous as hell but after sucking on his cock for quite awhile he finally gushed away in my hand as he lay sprawled back on my bed. I then gave him a show as he basked in the post-orgasmic glow. I guess I'm an exhibitionist at heart, I love to have someone else enjoy watching me masturbate. - Dave (your SOLO webmaster)
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