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Braces Are Hot

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Hope you liked my initial experience. Here's one that started when I was 16.

I was now a jerk off pro by this age. That year I decided to count how many times I jerked off and I went way over a thousand hehehe. This next experience was one of my favorites! My mom really started getting into church after my dad passed away. I was just cruising along, jerking my way to happiness everyday. My mom started dragging me to her church meetings while I reluctantly tagged along. By the way I respect all people's beliefs but I am just not the religious type lol. I was the immediate outcast with the longish bleached hair and earings. After going with her for a while now, she asked me to tone it down a little... oooo dyed hair = evil. 'Screw that!' I told her as she laughed it off.

Another meeting night came by and she had me sitting in the front row with her, this family sat next to us. They had a young daughter and a 12-year-old son named Justin. Justin made several stares over at me and grinned a few times. At first I thought, 'This fucking kid thinks I'm weird'. If you want to picture Justin, he is similar to that kid from the George Lopez show. When it was all over, they introduced themselves to us. Justin came over to me quickly and said 'You look cool, I wanna do that to my hair! Did that earing hurt?' His mom kinda put that down telling me 'no offense hun'. I went home that night with Justin's cute boy image in my head with his nice braces shining. I was always attracted to the nerdy girl type (and boy too apparently). I lay in bed and began jerking myself senseless, rubbing my balls up and down until I came.

At the next meeting, Justin came running over to me and sat with me. We talked back and forth and next thing you know, we have plans to hang out. Justin wasn't allowed to watch any kinds of movies so we were really limited (prudes huh). We ended up watching a PG rated commedy and walked back to my house to wait for his parents. Justin seemed to idolize me, maybe because I was really different and not dull.

I was half past boredom and wanted to jerk off so bad to Justin's body. I asked him if he ever 'played with it' before just to see his reaction. 'Yeah... but I'm scared if I get caught.' I told him 'Wanna do it in my room? We won't get caught and I can show you how I do it.' He seemed hesitant at first but walked slowly to my room. I ripped off my pants and shirt and let him watch my dick rise. I pulled him to me and layed him on my bed, undressing him slowly. He was already hard but semi-hairless. Justin was so nervous but it was a thrill to jerk off in front of someone else. I gave him a little lap dance which he ate up. I then straddled his legs and jerked until my globs of cum spurted out all over his body. He got so excited he began tensing up. I jerked his little dick until he spurt a few shots of watery cum out. It was sooooo hot I can't even put it into words! While I haven't been to my mom's church since I was 18, Justin still goes I believe... But we still mess around together.

I shall be back with more stories, hope you enjoyed this.



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