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Boys Will Be Boys

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Just a few of my favorite memories as a young boy reaching puberty...


When I was thirteen I had a friend named Paul. He and I lived a few blocks from each other and would take turns hanging out at each others house. His house was the favored house as he had a pool and his dad had built him a small room or club house for us to have fun. It was small and off in the back corner of their yard. It had room enough for two lounge chairs, a couple of shelves and various sports stuff. We hung posters up in it, put down some carpet and had a stereo for some tunes. Most importantly we had all the privacy we needed. Of course we had a small number of Playboys and Penthouse magazines as this was before the internet, so we could masturbate when we wanted, talk about girls we knew and how we wanted to fondle their breasts or finger their pussies. When Paul's parents would go to bed, we would sneak out and go skinny dipping in the pool. As we swam we would fantasize about older girls we knew, all about their bodies and then we would weave tales for each other of what we would do with them if they were here. After a while we would both have hard penises and would daringly lay out on the deck and masturbate until we came.

One weekend I got permission to spend Friday and Saturday night at Paul's as his parents were out of town and his 19 year old sister would be in charge. Melinda was hot. She was petite with long brown hair almost to her small, yet heart shaped ass. She had a pretty face and nice sized breasts, and her nipples seemed to be hard whenever she was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt.

On the first night it was late and we had been swimming and masturbating and laughing in the pool. We knew Melinda was in her room, listening to music and putting pictures in a scrapebook as we had gone in to tell her we would be in the pool. After a while Paul said, 'hey we should shock my sister and go into her room and flash her.' I was not that daring at 13 but it made my cock jump at the thought of Melinda seeing us nude. We laughed about it for a while and kept deciding to do it, then chickening out a moment later. Finally we promised each other we would do it.

We got out of the pool, wrapped large towels around our naked bodies. Both of us had erections and it seemed to give us courage knowing that she would get a peek at our penises in all their glory. We snuck down the hall, trying not to make a sound. Lucky for us her door was ajar and partially open so we could see inside. She was sitting on her bed, pictures and her scrapebook in front of her and she was wearing a baby doll nightie which was powder blue. We sat at her door watching and it was clear she wasn't wearing a bra and when she moved a certain way we could see her breasts and nipples. If it was even possible, my cock got harder.

Suddenly Paul stands up, says let's go really loud and bursts into Melinda's room. The sudden noise made her jump as we ran into the room, turned around and dropped our towels, showing her first our naked butts as we laughed and danced around. Her fright turned into laughter as she pointed at us and just laughed and laughed. Then we turned around and danced for her with our erect cocks out front for her to see. As we laughed and jumped up and down I could tell she was enjoying the sight as both Paul and I were maturing quite well and our penises erect were about 7 inches long, both of us circumsized. Melinda started to calm a bit and then with a big smile on her face said,'wow, boys, you two are sporting some very nice equipment between your legs.' This was too much and we both were suddenly embarrassed and ran from her room and into Paul's room, slamming the door behind us.

We threw ourselves onto his big bed, laughing and pointing at each others cocks. As we lay there, finally settling down and as we were congratulating ourselves for what we had done, the door to his room opens and in walks Melinda. She had a more serious look on her face and she stood at the foot of the bed. Paul and I were on our backs, now covering our dicks with our hands as Melinda looked us over from head to toe. Then, to our shock, she said, 'I guess it's my turn to put on a show for you both.' With that, she peeled off her baby doll top, exposing the first naked breasts and nipples I had ever seen. She caressed them softly and looked at us as our hands began to move ever so slightly over our erections. Within seconds I was fully erect in my hands and the room had gone very quiet. Then Melinda did what I never would have imagined. She turned around, and bending over at the waist pushed her panties down to her feet. She spread her legs wide and while bending over, placed both hands onto her cheeks and spread them wide for us to see. I know my eyes didn't blink as my hand moved up and down over my erection, stroking my penis until I could tell I would cum any second and taking in the most erotic sight of my young life. Her anus was in full view and perfect and her pussy lips seemed crimson and engorged. It only accured to me later that she was as excited showing us her sex as we were drinking it all in.

She swayed her hips back and forth and then while looking back over her shoulder said in the most sexy of voices,'come on boys, make your cute cocks squirt for me.' Within seconds of each other, Paul and I both shot our loads all over the bed, our legs and our stomachs, never taking our eyes off a square inch of Melinda's sexy body.

She watched us cum and then, picking up her nighty, smiled, blew us a kiss and ran out the door. We laid still for the longest time, satisfied like never before and then just started to laugh. 'Wow...' was all we could say.



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