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Boys in the Sumertime

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This is my third post. My last post was on SOLO on Dec. 28, 2002, entitled 'Fun At Eleven'. This story happened in the Summer of 1954 when I was Twelve Years Old and I was still experiencing dry orgasms at this time, however, my first ejaculation of semen was only two months or so away.


This story involves myself, my younger brothr (Age 9) and my first cousin who was already fifteen years old. There was a small creek down in the woods probably half a mile or more behind our houses that we decided to dam up and make us a little swimming hole to play in during the hot months. This was the perfect location for three boys to take care of their sexual urges and believe me we had plenty of them. All three of us had an old auto tire innertube a piece that we used to float on top of the water. An innertube was the perfect object to use for a jack-off. As each of us just laid back on the innertube, with our butts in the holes with our legs hanging over the tubes with our feet in the water which gave our penises and balls real good exposure as all three of us were butt-naked. Well this little pond that we created was just about entirely over-covered with the tree branches all covered with their leaves leaving just small areas for the sunshine to get through to the water. As we were positioned on our respective innertubes, we would grasp our penises and start to stroke them, and oh, it felt so, so, good. At our ages, my brother and I didn't think about stopping and starting back to make it last longer, we were so horny that we just stroked our penises continually from start to finish just picking up our momentum as we got closer to our orgasm. Now, my cousin, who was fifteen years old, of course had experienced his Puberty and had been squirting his semen for over two years, so therefore, it took him much longer to orgasm and ejaculate, and then a much longer time for his recovery than it did for my brother and myself. Within this threesome, I was always the first one to orgasm (dry) with my brother having his orgasm about a minute or so later (dry also). It usually took cousin about ten minutes or so to reach his orgasm for his first time and more than that for his subsequent times. As soon as i climaxed which only took about two (2) minutes I think, my penis would go soft for two or three minutes at which time I would start to get an erection again. I remember lying on my innertube with anxious anticipation waiting for my little twelve year old member to get hard once again. At the first signs (feelings & visible) that my goober was ready for some more action, I would grab my little shaft and begin to slide my foreskin back and forth over the head of my little dick when once more in a couple of minutes my boy body would tense up as i stretched my legs out fully, when I just about raised my butt from the innertube hole as my whole body trembled with spasms of pure pleasure as I brought myself over the edge as I felt my penis quiver with that final stroke that caused me to experience another wonderful 'Orgasm' as I removed my hand as I watched my boy dick twitch back and forth several times and then fall flat on my balls. However, my penis did not stay down for long, then it would bounce back as hard as ever and I would repeat this activity many more times during this summer afternoon, I believe that I usually 'Jacked-off' somewhere between ten (10) and twelve (12) times in an afternoon before my little body got too tired to do it any more. Of course, we all know, before Puberty, a Boy can do this with very little rest between 'Jack-offs'. Well little brother could out do me as I remember him saying that he had managed to 'Orgasm' a total of twenty-one (21) times in an afternoon, and he tried for number 22 but he couldn't make it. My cousin usually couldn't 'Orgasm' but two or three times in an afternoon at age 15 and he'd be totally spent. We would all get chilled while floating and jacking on our innertubes with the very little sunshine coming thru the trees at which time all three of us would leave the pond and climb up a hill to our favorite spot and we would sit down on the grass, still butt-naked, to warm up in the bright sunshine. Cousin would sit down in the middle, my little brother would sit down on cousin's right side, and I would sit down on my cousin's left side real close up to him. Our cousin would reach over to my penis with his right hand, while at the same time, cousin would reach over and grasp my brother's penis with his left hand and begin to stroke both of our penises simultaneously as little brother and myself was ready and willing once again to have our urges satisfied, even though, we had both been jacking all afternoon down on the pond. Well as the sun begun to get low in the sky, we would head to our houses, looking forward to a repeat performance the following day. Those days of youth were great and I guess that we all feel like that we would like to go back to those days of yore every once in a while, but I have enjoyed masturbation since Nine years of age and I am now sixty-one and it is still great to me, even though my age has caused me to gradually cut back on the frequency, I still masturbate 2-3 times per week with just about the same volume of semen that I have always ejaculated. SOLO is a wonderful web-site and I hope it will stay on forever. It is hopeful that many readers can relate to and enjoy this true account of my boyhood with my brother and cousin.



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