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Boys Having Fun

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Boys Having Fun

My wife encouraged me to write this with the agreement she will write about her early experiences for the 'F' side. From the earliest I can remember I loved running around naked. The family joke was as soon as the temp got above sixty degrees you could count on finding me naked. I spent a great deal of time during my summers visiting my grandmother on a farm in the country and could often be found playing naked. When asked where my clothes were I usually replied I didn't want them to get dirty or wet. Apparently I was careful not to get in 'public view' so no one was concerned. During a summer shower I loved to run out naked and dance around in the rain. The warm drops felt so good on my skin. Someone would usually throw me a bar of soap with the suggestion I wash up outside and rinse off under the drain pipe and save the 'house' water from the spring for the adults. Not much has changed; I'm now in my sixties and still love to be naked when I'm alone. Privately going about my normal activity totally naked for hours always leads to gratifying masturbation. I masturbate at least five days a week. I really enjoy watching videos of sex with my wife and/or masturbation videos we've each made while alone for the other to watch.

Sexual games started very early in my life, a couple of friends (boys unfortunately) and I would take our clothes off to examine each other and play games. We loved to pee on and in anything and everything. We'd take turns peeing in a soda bottle (holding it a foot away and laughing when everyone peed on their hands) to see if we could collectively fill it up. We'd have sword fights with our 'peckers'. We'd play doctor and conduct very comprehensive exams, taking little sticks, peeling the bark, and using them for rectal thermometers. We even took the temperature of our penises if the 'doctor' so ordered. Since we didn't have any willing girls around we'd tuck our peckers and balls way back between our legs and pretend we were girls. During sleepovers we'd play in the dark with flashlights casting giant shadows on the wall from our little erections trying to see who's looked the biggest on the wall. We would check each other out by flashlight under the covers for hours, wishing we had a girl we could check out and that wanted to check us out. We even had a little pen light we'd slip into our butts for internal rectal exams. We'd place a larger flashlight at the base of our balls, which really looked neat, (my wife still likes to do that) thinking the red glowing scrotums looked like x-rays so that became part of our examination process. Of course nothing was funnier than a fart during the exam!

When I was ten my closest friend was about a year and a half older than I was and he had learned the joy of stroking his erection to orgasm from a friend his own age and he taught me one night. Neither of us produced semen at first but the orgasms were great. I really admired my friend's penis as it was a little larger version of mine with a few wisps of pubic hair. I loved to play with his and of course he enjoyed every bit of the attention. One game that usually led to orgasm was playing 'stick shift truck' under the covers during a sleepover. I'd hold his hard penis like a floor stick shift and run through the gears until he would climax. His first real ejaculation was in my hand playing that game. He would then return the favor and 'drive my truck' but I was still having dry orgasms.

About six months later I was at a sleepover with friends. We compared pubic hair, of which I had about three, but that was about all. They didn't want to admit they played with themselves even though I had already seen one of them jerk off at his house. Anyway, after everyone went to sleep (I think) but I had an urge and lying on my side facing away from the others in complete darkness I started to quietly jerking off in my sleeping bag. To my surprise I produced semen for the first time. I even smelled it in the dark to make sure it wasn't pee or something else. Nope, it was 'sperm' as we called it! The next day at home I tried it again but nothing came out. I was really worried something was wrong and I was afraid I'd never get it work again but a few mornings later I did it again and produced wonderful 'sperm'. I was now a man - in my opinion anyway. I loved studying my 'sperm' and marveled how it changed consistency after being exposed to the air for a while. I loved the feel and the smell. We had a mirror top table and it was really cool jerking off onto the glass and looking at the results with a flashlight. I thought (guess I still do) it was just beautiful.

One day (I was about eleven) my older friend said he heard other kids talking about a way to get off he wanted to try and of course I was willing. We needed some slippery stuff and I found a bottle of Lotion in the bathroom. We put lotion on his dick and way between my legs right behind my balls. I would lay face down on a towel and he would get on slipping his penis into that little crevice at the bottom of my butt up between my legs. A little humping later and he would squirt against my balls. It felt great. My turn and he quickly rolled over. I loved the warm feeling of my penis between his legs and of my pubic area resting on his butt. We did this often and finally learned to take our time and enjoy the sensation. We did try once face to face but didn't like it. We'd always finish up by saying, 'well now you're pregnant'.

My friend moved away and was replaced by other jerk off buddies for a couple of years. Then girls entered our lives and masturbation became a solo activity. I continued to use a specific lotion for many, many years as my special lubricant until whoever bought the company changed the product. Interesting during those early years as my bottle would get nearly empty a new one would appear in its place. Guess I had a very understanding Mom.

That is more that I've ever told anyone. Today I have grown children, a wonderful marriage and still love to masturbate. I'm not the least bit gay or even 'bi' oriented. I would enjoy sitting around naked with a small group (male and female) and talking about solo stuff and then share mutual masturbation. Maybe someday it will happen. I read the question on tasting your own semen. I have, like it, but don't usually do it because of the lube I use. I almost stood on my head once to shoot into my mouth which was successful and fun. I'll now write something for comments and for techniques and then it is my wife's turn to 'confess'.



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