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Boys Coming of Age

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I've read numerous stories on here about boys growing up and learning with each other. Whether they be brothers, friends etc. I too had the privilege of growing up with other boys in my own family who were close to me, and some of our best memories are our early sexual experiences we shared with each other. I don't see anything wrong with learning with each other, and it did not turn me gay. I think it happens quite a lot when boys enter their early teen years. My experiences began when I was 15. I shared them with my cousin who was also 15, and my little brother who was 14 at the time. This is the story of our first time together.

I was 15 as I said, and me and my brother were spending the weekend at my cousin's house. Friday night was normal. We just hung out, played video games, listened to music, normal fun weekend. It was normal through Saturday afternoon. We were playing outside and I remember I was feeling horny. I realized I had not masturbated in three days, which was a lot for me, I usually masturbate once or twice daily. I thought about sneaking away to the bathroom to relieve myself, but it was time to eat and I didn't get a chance. I'll skip to late Saturday night, which is when that weekend took a big turn. Us three boys were sitting up in my cousins room. We were channel surfing, trying to find something to watch. It all started when my cousin said he was trying to see if any porn was on. This caught my attention right away. I asked if he was serious, and he said he was, that porn would sometimes be on the movie channels late at night. I was shocked to hear this. Well sure enough this led to a whole conversation about porn. Have we seen porn? What kind of porn? yadda yadda. My brother didn't seem very interested, but I was all ears. My parents kept a close watch on us, and I can admit at 15 I still had not seen my first naked girl. The closest thing I had were my moms Victoria Secret catalogs, which I masturbated too often and could only imagine what those girls looked like out of those bikinis. My cousin then said he found some play boys in his basement. I was shocked, no way I said. He said he had, and he masturbated too them too.

It was that statement that really sent us in the direction we were now headed. The direction of crossing lines haha. I was shocked he admitted to doing it, and was kinda happy it wasn't just me. I was feeling loose that night, and me and my cousin began a full on conversation of our masturbation life. How we did it, what we did, did we cum, how big our dicks were. I was starting to have fun when my brother made it clear he was getting offended. He was a year younger so I suppose it was a little much for him yet. We watched a movie and laid down, but my cousin and I secretly decided we would sneak away to the basement after my brother was asleep to check out his play boys. I lay there pretending to sleep. My heart was racing. I was so excited. Just to clarify I was excited that I was going to see naked girls. I had no, absolutely no idea that my cousin and I would be masturbating together that night. In fact if he has asked me then, I would of chickened out and played it off as a joke.

In any case I was anxiously awaiting our trip to the basement. It seemed like an eternity. I was scared my cousin would fall asleep. Finally my brother was out, and I nudged my cousin who yes! was still awake. We very quietly got up and snuck down stairs, through the kitchen, and down the basement steps. I was estatic. This was so much fun. We got down to the basement and talked a minute while he dug them out from a pile in the closet. He came walking over with a small stack of no kidding real deal play boys magazines. We sat cross legged next to each other on the floor, with the magazines next to him. He took the one on top and set it on the floor in front of us. My life changed as he opened it and teenage dream finally came true as pictures of naked girls jumped out at me. Oh man was about all I could say. My eyes were fixed as we scrolled through. I studied every inch of their breasts, their asses, what they barely showed of their pussies, I couldn't get enough. When my nerves cooled I took my time checking out one girl in particular I thought was beautiful, laying on her side, it was a full shot from her head to her toes, it took up a whole page. What happened next was inevitable. My nerves had cooled like I said, and now that I was relaxed it didn't take another minute of eyeing those nude beauties before my dick responded. It was growing full speed and there was no stopping it. I was wearing nothing but boxers and a shirt, as it was a hot night, and my raging hard on could be probly be seen from across the room. My nerves shot up again and I tried my best to lean over and cover it from my cousin's view.

We looked through two more and he still hadn't noticed, but I would have to stand up eventually. I didn't know how I would get out of it, but I decided to just focus on the girls for now. What happened next it really what changed my life forever. I looked over at my cousin next to me, who was also in boxers, and noticed not only was he hard as well, he was actually rubbing it outside his boxers! I didn't know what to say or do. He was not being shy at all, and I didn't know how to handle it. I was afraid maybe he didn't realize, I didn't wanna embarrass him. I tried to play it off like I didn't see it, but for some reason I couldn't help but keep sneaking peeks at him. I couldn't believe he was touching himself right in front of me, I was confused yet very intrigued by it. I almost considered touching myself. My dick was begging for attention, and why not? I started to feel daring, and casually brought my hand to my pants. I didn't want him to notice, so all I could do was sneak a rub in every few seconds. I snuck another look when his eyes caught me. He knew I caught him, and I knew he caught me looking. We both laughed and it was silent.

I finally spoke up and asked if he needed to go to the bathroom. He said he would soon, and I was again shocked at his openess. I was still feeling a little daring, and said I would have to go after he did haha. I finally decided to just sit up, not sure what possessed me. My giant boner was in clear sight now, and it didn't take long for him to notice. I don't know why, but I think I wanted him too, and I was feeling more turned on by him looking at me. I think by now we were both just getting too caught up in this, and our horniness was about to get the best of us. We sat in silence for another minute, I think we were both starting to think the same thing, but neither would show it or admit it. I didn't think it would really happen, but I decided to ask how big he was hard again. Sure enough this led to a convo about our dicks, and he eventually asked if I wanted to see it. Now I knew this was gonna get outta control. My dick was throbbing at the thought. I was so nervous, but I couldn't control myself and we agreed we'd show each other. We both stood up and I was watched as he took his boxers off right in front of me. His hard dick pointed right at me. I was surprised how long it was, longer than mine but skinnier. He had hair like me, and his head was more round, mine is more mushroom shaped. I knew I had to go, and I felt like I was dreaming when I pulled my boxers down and my hard dick came bouncing out for my cousin to see. What was I doing? If this gets out we're both in big trouble was all I could think.

We sat back down, pants off. I don't know if I'm naive, but I truely didn't think this would go farther. Actually I tried to chicken out and told him I think I had to use the bathroom now haha. He said he did too, or we could just do it here. Now I was really shocked. I laughed and asked if he was crazy. He said why not we were already naked, and we know we both do it. It made sense, but was crazy. My cousin wanted to masturbate with me? Do people do that? I couldn't think of anything to say before he started showing me how he does it. This was already out of control and I didn't know what I was doing, but I just went with the flow. I started masturbating too, and he noticed I move my hand a little different. The next few minutes were silent as we sat next to each other and masturbated to the playboy.

I didn't think I could really bring myself to cum in front of him, and I eventually stopped and he did too. I looked at his dick and wondered if it felt like mine. I asked if I could touch it. He said I could, I really just wanted to compare it to mine when he reached over and started feeling all over mine. I had never felt someone else touch me and it was an incredible feeling. He started moving his hand on me and I gave it. It was a whole different feeling and I started stroking him back. There was no turning back and I lost it in minutes as cum started flying out hitting my belly and chest. I kept masturbating my cousin and a minute later I watched as his cum started shooting out, it was so thick and hot, it covered my hand. We sat a minute thinking about what had just happened. We agreed it would be our secret and we cleaned up. He gave me a playboy to take home, and we dressed and went back to bed.

Not a whole lot was said afterwards, it was kinda awkward but we were both cool about it. I don't regret it, it was just a fun part of growing up. I wasn't able to keep our secret from my brother however, but I suppose I can share that story time.



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