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Boys and That Thing of Theres

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We'd all grown up together and then they began to change.


Neat site. Sure enjoy it.

I grew up in a neighborhood with several boys my age and one girl named Linda. We had always got along together and loved playing together. When I got around 12 years old, I was playing with two boys my same age or maybe 13. We ended up in Al's house this one day. The two boys got together talking very low to each other. The next thing I knew they were both holding themselves at there genitals. This went on for awhile and then they ended up coming up to me and they pulled down there pants right in front of me showing me there hard little penises. Al kept asking me 'want to touch it'?

I left and headed home. On the way I ran into Linda and I told her 'boys and that thing of theres. All they want to do is show it to me'. Linda said 'what'? I told her about what had happened and how they looked so stiff and big. I got to where I wouldn't go over there houses and play with them.

Well, several years passed. Over the years I'd always remembered that day and what I'd seen. When I was 14 and 15, I'd be alone lying face down on my bed with my fingers inside my pussy and I'd remember and think about that 'thing' and I'd end up having these wonderful feeling from it. What I now know is masturbating. I started going back up the street wanting to see Al and Bobby again and renew our friendship again.

On this one day, I finally ran into Bobby. We talked and ended up in his house to listen to some tapes. After awhile, I asked Bobby if he remembered that day playing with me and Al. Bobby got all red in the face when I brought this up. He said 'yea, I remember'. I asked 'do you still do that with girls'? He said 'heck no'. I let my nerve build up a few seconds and asked 'why not'? He answered 'I don't know. It just isn't very nice'. I said 'have you ever thought about doing it again'? Bobby then said 'are you wanting me to do it again'? I said 'if you still want to'.

It didn't take any arm twisting to get Bobby to walk over to me and drop his pants showing it to me again. I looked at it and it had sure grown bigger. I asked Bobby 'do you still want me to touch it'? Bobby said 'oh yes!'. I reached up putting my fingers on it. Bobby then said 'put your hand around it like this' and he showed me. I did and he took my wrist showing me the jerk off movement. He said 'wanna see my cum'? I wasn't sure what he was talking about and Bobby said 'just keep doing that and you'll see what cum looks like'.

I kept it up and Bobby went to making some sounds and thrusting his hips. He let out a big groan sound and I watched this white stuff shoot out of his 'thing' hitting me on my arm. He kept squirting the stuff for several seconds before finally coming down to just oozing it out. I sure learned a lot about that 'thing' boys have that day and I liked it this time. Looking at Bobby's I knew that 'thing' would sure feel good in my pussy.

I gave my first of many hand jobs that day. I'm now 18 and have long lost count of how many boys I've jerked off and watched cum. Most have wanted to do this inside of me but I know better and know that stuff can be dangerous.



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