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Boyhood Role Playing

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Many years ago just north of a large eastern city I learned the joys and some guilt of masturbation. I learned to masturbate by accident when in bed one night just before my 11th birthday. And the first time I did it, I thought something was wrong and I was dying or getting sick. After I did it a few times, I began to do it on a regular basis, all the time, and once even out in the open where my Dad caught me jerking off in the living room during the day on the couch. Not a good scene that was. But my experiences with Bill, my best boyhood friend, were the most intense. And it always happened in his home. I'm not sure why, but for one thing he had more places for us to hide and experiment, like a big basement.

Well we would start by getting excited by taking his father's magazines, you know the ones that showed women in far off lands that naturally wore little or no clothes and certainly bear breasted. Since we were within a month of the same age, eleven, our penises would get instantly hard and they needed to be tended to. It was Bill's idea to go to secret places in his home so we could 'get off.'

He was very creative and we would role play first one of us being a girl and then the other. That way it seemed o.k. We were both straight and continued that way our whole lives.

So we would go to a bathroom downstairs or the basement and pretend one of us was the girl and the girl wanted to see and touch one another and when we reached the point of no return would stroke our nice hard cocks by ourselves and many times do it to each other, either at the same time or when we would kneel in front of one another and pretend to be an admiring girlfriend who would face 'her boyfriend' and pump 'her' hand up and down until we exploded with huge streams of cum. Sometimes we would come three times within an hour. Wow, wish,I could return to those days.

It was extraordinary. I didn't know anything about sex, and didn't even know what it was we were doing. All I know was it felt great. But at the same time, we had to hide and certainly not get caught. It was always after school when his mom was home, busy cooking dinner and before his dad got home from work.

I can't get over how super his hand felt going up and down on my young penis and how intense the explosion was. And when I became the girl, he would make all kinds of facial expressions grunts, moans and groans until he came with cum flying all over the place. I'm sure I made expressions and moans also. The 'girl' would compliment the 'boy' what a good looking cock we had and how much we loved doing it.

After our sessions were over, we had to be very careful to clean up all our semen. And we had to be as quiet as possible not to make too much noise. Sometimes looking back at our activity, which lasted about a year, I can't believe we weren't caught. But we never were. And now, over 40 years later, this is the first time I ever told anyone. Not even my wife.



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