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Boy Scout Fun

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This happened about a year ago now, but felt I ought to tell my story having read so many on this site.

Matt and I had been quite good friends for a few years, both being in the same boy scout group. He and I, along with a couple of other guys often spent our summers going on camps and hikes for three or four days without our parents or scout leaders since we were all quite mature so we were trusted to 'be good'. As with most groups of guys who hang out a lot together in the absence of girls, we were all aware that we all jacked off fairly regularly but had never caught each other at it despite being so close in a tent for days on end.

It was the second night of a hike we were on, and it was getting late so everyone decided to pile into our tent for the night; however, in an effort to save weight, since we had to carry everything we needed, no one had a flashlight. Me and the two other guys piled into the tent feeling our way around in the dark and into our sleeping bags. Matt waited outside for a second since there wasn't much moving room. Even though I couldn't see anything in the dark I had started to get turned on by knowing the other guys were changing next to me. Matt crept into the tent and zipped it up and started to fumble around looking for his sleeping bag and pj's. As he did he leant across me and slipped, accidently grabbing my hard cock for a second through my sleeping bag. He froze there realising what he had done, moving his hand away slowly saying sorry to all of us in case he 'knocked any of our stuff'. He kept fumbling around in the dark leaning across me till he had all his stuff and to my shock he did the exact thing again, this time holding my boner for a bit longer, he just said 'sorry' as if it were an accident, the other guys having no idea what he had done. When he lay down I figured it was my turn so I remembered that I had left my socks outside the tent so I reached across him to the door of the tent to grab my stuff and 'accidently' slipped and grabbed his crotch. His cock was as hard as mine. I didn't say anything I just felt his shaft though his sleeping bag. I lay my bag down, my heart racing, precum making my boxers wet, wondering what might happen next. I didn't have to wonder too long. Without saying a word and with the other guys lying there oblivious Matt slid his arm into my sleeping bag and grabbed my cock around my boxers. He began to caress it up and down groping my balls every now and then. I copied sliding my hands inside his sleeping bag and inside his boxers, grabbing hold of his pecker, cupping his balls in my hand.

We lay like that playing with each other for about 30 mins while we waited for the other guys to sleep till eventually I heard a zipping noise, Matt opening his sleeping bag for me. I did the same and we lay there naked in front of each other for the first time. He was fairly athletic so had a six pack etc. and with his hard cock in the moonlight looked like an angel. We moved closer to each other wrapping our legs around each other, then Matt and I started to jerk off while I played with our balls and ran my hand up his thigh and around his cute ass.

We came together, spurting huge amounts of cum on our chests and face, both of us smiled and kissed, exhausted we pulled one of the spare blankets over us and fell asleep wrapped together. In the morning it all looked quite interesting.



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