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Bottomless School Uniform

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All the way through high school, my parents had me enrolled in private school. I guess we had a little more money than average and maybe they didn't think public school was right for me, I don't know. What I do know is, for pretty much the entire duration the dress code was pretty typical of what people think; white shirt, plaid skirt, knee socks and leather shoes. I, like most of the other girls there hated it, not just because once you get older you wanted to dress how you wanted, but because wearing the same thing day after day, you almost got sick of seeing it. The one plus was, on Fridays the girls could skip the dress shoes and socks and wear sandals or flip flops. It doesn't seem like much but it was a nice change of pace, especially when the weather got hot. Usually by April, just about every girl there walked around with naked toes. One day though, before I left home I took it one step further.

I, along with a friend both drove over to a third girls' house, parked our cars and walked the rest of the way because she lived pretty close. We both walked into her house one warm morning and before we left I stopped them and told them I had to tell them something. They asked what it was and in addition to going sans shoes and socks, I also wasn't wearing any underwear. They didn't believe me, and with my heart thumping, turned around and lifted my skirt up, showing them my bare butt. They both looked surprised and I asked them if they were going to go along with me. They looked kind of nervous about it, but eventually I pushed them to it and slowly they let their underwear drop to their feet. They both started to put them in their bags but I stopped them, and I told them they had to leave the underwear here so they wouldn't put them back on once we got there. They checked my bag and when they knew I didn't have any, they were left at the house.

The walk there was fantastic, the warm breeze kept blowing up our skirts and between our legs, none of us had ever felt anything like it before. By the time we got there all three of us were ready to go to the bathroom and masturbate, but we made a pact not to all day. It was rough, and between every class I had to go into a stall and wipe myself off, but the day went on and in the 6th period I sat next to one of the girls. Before class started she leaned over and whispered to me, and I remember this vividly, 'I am so fucking horny I'm about to fuck myself right here in front of everyone.' I giggled and whispered back 'you can't cum for two hours. Two more hours.' She smirked and gave me a dirty look and turned away. I knew she was horny as hell and couldn't hardly stand it, but a deal was a deal. For the next hour she just sat there almost in a daze, hands in her lap and her toes clawing at her flip flops. The last class of the day felt like it went on for hours but eventually school was out and I stood out front waiting for them, my pussy juice practically running down my legs.

It took a couple minutes but they both showed up, and the whole way home we talked about how horny we were and that the one girl couldn't wait to dig out her vibrator and fuck herself silly. We decided we were all going to masturbate at her house since her parents wouldn't be home for 2-3 hours, and when we got in the door she yelled out 'I'm first, I'm first!' and ran down the hall to her room. It wasn't 15 seconds before we started hearing the moaning and heavy breathing of a masturbating girl. We both just sat in the living room in silence, knees together and bouncing, waiting and waiting for our turn. Five minutes went by, maybe 10 at the most when I finally said out loud 'I can't take it anymore', flung off my sandals and hiked up my skirt and started fingering myself in front of the third. I didn't care, I had to cum like my life depended on it and I didn't care who was around me. At that point my mother could have been in the room and I still would have started masturbating. I wasn't alone for long when she hung her legs over the arms of her chair and started frigging herself along with me. I came almost instantly and still needed more, but my clothes were getting in the way so I stripped them off, getting naked in front of someone else for the first time. She followed suit and stripped down too and I have to say, I'm not gay but she looked fantastic. I had never seen a woman masturbate other than myself, and I have to say it was a beautiful sight.

We both masturbated to a second orgasm and just sat there relaxed until we locked eyes, smiled and started laughing. I yelled out 'what's taking so long in there?' The other girl yelled out 'get out here, we're both naked!' A minute or so went by before she finally stumbled down the hallway, nude, hair a mess and still holding her pink vibrator. She curled up by me on the couch, held it out and said 'I fucking love this thing!' We all got a laugh about it and said we wanted a turn, so she handed it to me and showed me the right spots to hit, and as soon as the vibrations hit my clit my back arched and all ten of my toes felt like they went different directions. If I lasted thirty seconds I would be surprised but my orgasm tore through me almost instantly. When I finally calmed down I handed it off and it pleasured its' third girl of the afternoon. Eventually our vaginas were satisfied and we all laid naked on the floor talking for the last half hour until we had to go. We didn't want to, but we had to put our clothes back on since her parents would be home in about 15 minutes. We tried to make ourselves look presentable when we left the house, and the drive home was definitely interesting since I was so relaxed. When I got there I slipped past my parents as fast as I could and immediately got in the shower to wash all the smells of sex off of me. When I was cleaned off I wrapped up in my robe and went down for dinner, and when they asked me about my day I simply told them it was the usual.

That was the only day we walked around school with naked pussies, but it was just the first time we all masturbated together.



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