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Bottom Out Stroking

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A simple but effective way for guys to enjoy masturbation just a bit more.

I have been a daily stroker since I first learned how. As a very young guy & would jerk it as often as I could, 2 to 6 times every day. For the first 6 years of my jerking life I never missed one day even if I was home sick from school. I can remember being so sick I could not get up but I still wanted to cum.

Back then talking to my friends who were forward enough to admit they masturbated I found they all had the same style. I masturbated with three friends, different times on separate occasions. I found they all did the same move with the foreskin up & down with not much effort. My technique for dry jerking was just slightly different but everyone who tried it said it felt so much better & loved the orgasm.

It's quite simple & it only works if your at your peak erect state. None of my friends were uncircumcised & I believe it may not work for someone who is not. A tight foreskin may be required. If there are any uncut guys who try it I'd be interested to know if it works as good for them too.

What I found was once you were well into your masturbation & very hard & if you are not using lube, slow down & get a good grip of all the foreskin just below your head. You can't use the fist grip for this technique because your hand will hit bottom not allow the foreskin to go to it's max. Circle your cock with your thumb & first two fingers then begin stroking again but on the down strokes pull down hard enough so the foreskin gets a good tight pull & you cannot pull any farther. Make sure the down pull on your foreskin is as far as it will go & just hard enough that it does not hurt but you feel a sudden stop because your foreskin is at it's maximum length. You will feel a thud on you cock head with each stroke. The feeling after just a few strokes is fantastic!! You should be able to do this for a long time without any pain at all as long as you do it properly & not too hard.

I had only one girl try it for me. She started out great but when I was ready to cum she slammed my foreskin down so hard it felt like I ripped. I was lucky to not have any damage & I never let her jerk me again without lube.

That's it short & sweet & your cock will love it. Remember, long & slow with a full hard pull to the bottom. It's so good! I know everyone who reads this will try it within the next few minutes.

Ladies, give him a treat & go for it on your guy but be carful. Since you can't feel how it feels yourself, take some of you own hair in two fingers & a thumb & give it a pull a few times. See how much pressure you can pull without pain? That's about the same pressure you can put on the down stroke of your guys foreskin. Have fun.



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