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Both of Us

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So my friend Natalie and I have been friends since we were 10. We've never really kept secrets from each other; but then again we had never really discussed 'sexual' stuff. However, one night, when we were both 15, that all changed.


So Natalie was at my house; we were watching a movie. She was staying for a sleepover, we had our Pyjamas on and everything seemed fine.

She's a bit taller than me, has a very pretty face and black hair. I had always noticed that she had a nice, slender body.

We had had our Sex-Ed lesson at school that afternoon just before leaving, and what had been taught was still on my mind. We had always avoided this subject before, but I wanted to talk to Natalie about it.

'Nat? What was all that stuff about at school?'

'What? The sex stuff? I don't know-I wasn't really listening,' she replied hastily-as if she was trying to hide something. Then an idea came into my head.

'Have you ever really thought about it? One day, we'll be doing that.'

'Yeah, I guess, but that's in the future.'

I was all of a sudden taken over by curiosity about something we had never talked about before. I wanted to ask her this question.



'Have you ever masturbated?'

She slowly turned her head away from the TV and just looked at me.

'Have you, Rebecca?'

I looked down at my feet with embarrassement and started to move my toes around slightly.

'Yes...have you?'

'Maybe...why not?'

To be honest, at that moment I felt my pussy getting wet.

'Yeah I do it about once a day. How often do you do it?'

'At least twice a day...' she said, 'it helps if I watch porn with it but I don't have to every time-I have an imagination, wink wink!' She and I started giggling-though my pussy felt like it was going to explode.

'The thing is,' I said, 'I'm quite horny right now-do you mind if I just do it here?'

'Yeah, sure, I'll do it with you!'

I couldn't help but be surprised at her enthusiasm.

I moved to a chair in my room that was facing her so we could look at each other, and then we started to take off our pyjamas-I took off my top first and then started pinching my nipples-it felt so good; they were so hard. Natalie had taken off her bottoms first and was already having a little play with the lips of her neat, shaved pussy.

Then it was my turn to take them off and have a play-my pussy was so wet the moment I touched it, it started furiously tingling.

I took the opportunity of seeing Natalie naked to compliment her on her slender, perfect body and her amazing, perky tits.

As we were doing it we talked about how often we did it, why we did it, how we did it and the like-it was great to share something so private with someone so close-and if anything got me off even more.

Then one of my questions was interrupted mid-sentence.

'Ooooohhh-I'm cumming!' I couldn't believe I was seeing her orgasm-her whole head jolted back as her beautiful face entered a state of blissful ecstasy.

Soon after it was my turn-I just looked at her as my body had amazing shockwaves of pure bliss as I came probably the hardest since I started masturbating.

I had never known that such a powerful orgasm could be achieved just by looking at another person having the same joyful experience.

We just looked at each other and giggled at what we had just done.

'Have you ever tasted yourself Becks?' Natalie asked me. To be completely honest, I didn't even know what that meant.

'Yeah, I've seen it in videos,' she explained,'where basically you put your fingers up your pussy and then lick the cum off of them. I do it all the time.'

So awesome it was, too. So there we were, two best friends, naked, sitting in my bedroom. Since then we have done this often and told each other everything about our sex lives. I guess I can just thank myself for asking her all those years ago, I guess.



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