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Both Holes

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Hardest orgasm imaginable... everything I write is true, cos I don't really see the point in making stuff up for an anonymous site, unless it's a fantasy...


As a relatively new Christian, I now don't believe in sex before marriage, but I miss it. I miss having my hole filled and fucked and rubbed, so I'm masturbating more recently, particularly since stumbling across Solo Touch.

Last night, I spent about six hours watching porn. Some of it was formulaic, and the girls were obviously faking so those bits didn't really do much for me. But then I realised, my cunt would throb whenever I heard a man grunting or moaning. I guess I miss the feeling of a man being hungry for my cunt.

As I was getting more and more turned on, I could feel my knickers getting sticky and I hadn't even touched myself, so I just carried on watching without touching myself. I could feel an ache starting to build so I got my 'dildo'. I'd been turned on for about two hours by now, so I didn't wanna waste it by coming really quickly, because generally speaking, once I cum, feeling turned on is anathema for at least an hour or so. Have never been the type to multiple, unfortunately.

About a year ago, I discovered that having something up my ass, cunt and rubbing my clit simultaneously gave me the best orgasms. The quality of it is different; it feels deeper, like it's starting from deeper inside my womb, maybe.

I don't do it a lot, because it feels like something special I don't want to desensitize myself to, but last night/this morning (it was about 3am) I also picked up the brush handle that I use. It's long, see through plastic and wide enough to stretch my ass nicely.

My 'dildo' is the wooden handle of an industrial plunger-as odd as that sounds. I bought it about three years ago with a boyfriend, and its shape is just too perfect. It's about 14 inches long, and about four inches in diameter at the top. It then thins out to about three inches, then widens again. Feeling the section that goes from wide to thin at the entrance to my cunt is amazing.

I recently discovered that putting the plunger on the floor and riding it is the best way to cum. I guess it simulates me being on top. Generally, I stay on my feet and slide up and down it, but last night, as I knew I also wanted to fuck my ass, I rested on my haunches. First I eased the brush handle up my ass and let myself get used to it. If any woman tells you it feels great instantly, they're lying. It takes a minute to adjust to the feeling.

Having something up my ass always makes my cunt ache and my clit ache, but I didn't want to push anything up my hole until I knew I couldn't not-if that makes any sense. Have always been a fan of drawing it out. Anticipation adds to an orgasm like nothing else. So, the brush handle was up my ass, with the other end trapped between my feet so I could hold it steady, and I started rubbing my clit very slowly while watching a man slam his cock into a woman's slit.

I could feel my lips hanging lower which is a sure sign of its needing to be filled, so I positioned the plunger at the opening of my hole and held it just there for a few seconds until I could feel my cunt trying to suck it up inside. Am not as tight as I used to be, but without being manually stretched for a while, two fingers is about all I can stuff up my cunt, so having four inches in diameter beginning to stretch the opening of my hole feels incredible. Slightly painful, but in a wonderful way, as I know it'll eventually feel like I am being fucked by a hard cock.

Perhaps that's why I love it so much. I think texture of the cock is just as important as size. I'd prefer a smaller cock that gets rock-hard, than a bigger one that remains slightly spongy-but that's just my preference. So I lowered myself onto it very very slowly, allowing it to stretch me as it penetrated me and even then I heard those incredible squelchy sounds. I LOVE those sounds. I angled it forward so by moving up and down slowly I was sliding up and down both handles without having to hold either of them, so my hands were free to rub my clit.

Whenever I'm nearing orgasm, the natural inclination is to pick up speed, but have trained myself to slow down, so I rubbed my clit very slowly, and slid up and down about once a second. Doing it so slowly makes it feel almost like an itch-the sensitivity of the walls of my cunt increases and the build-up feels, literally, dirtier. I don't know how else to describe it. It probably took me about 10 seconds to cum, with my cunt and ass tightening and throbbing around the 'dildos'...

It was the hardest orgasm I've had in a while, and writing about it has made me wet.



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