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Both Girls From Next Door

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Something that happened a while after story #12757


After the first time three years ago, with my next-door neighbor Cindy. She and I have had a lot more 'one on one study sessions'. We both even realized that we wanted to be more than friends. We started going out, then steady, now thinking of a future.

This is about the first time that her little sister Casey 'caught' us. As Cindy and I finished up our homework for the day she began giving me little pecks on the cheek, ears and neck. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where this was heading.

Soon we were both on her bed kissing, fondling, grinding and undressing. Cindy was horny and so was I it didn't take very long to really get into the action either. Her smooth naked body felt great against mine; her little hand felt even better stroking my erect penis. She seemed to be even more drenched than ever as I moved a couple of fingers up and down her slit each time concentrating a little longer on her erect clit. The kissing had taken on a new intensity. I was wondering just how far this time was going to lead as we had never gone beyond masturbating together. Either way I was happy with what we were doing, lost in the moment.

I'm not sure how long Casey had been peeking through the crack in the bathroom door, (which also opens into her room) until I heard it creaking as she opened it a little farther. It was loud enough that both Cindy and I looked over a little bit startled. It was also open enough that we could clearly see Casey standing there with a busy hand down the front of her pants. Cindy was the first to speak and tell Casey to come on in, 'Would you like to join us?'

With that the door almost flew open clothing flying every direction. Casey stood there completely naked right in front of us. This was too good to be true. I had wondered for a long time if she looked as good as her sister. She indeed did; she has the same cute little A-cup breasts, tight butt and long legs as Cindy. Casey is on the swim team though, her body is a little bit more lithe than Cindy's and her breasts might be slightly smaller. Biggest difference though is that Casey shaves completely smooth. So that area didn't look that much different than the last time all three of us had played doctor.

Casey hopped on the bed right next to me. Soon Cindy was back into a familiar rhythm on my penis. Casey differed from her sister in another way-she likes her stimulation really fast and direct, her nipples pinched almost hard. While Cindy is more into the soft touch approach, she likes to be built up to touching her clit. She especially enjoys her breasts to be tenderly fondled, her eraser-sized nipples rubbed and maybe a little bit of a gentle squeeze. So the way that Casey was going at it was a something new for me.

The squishy sounds of two girls masturbating at once is something that has to be heard to be believed. That in itself was a huge turn on. We had all been at it about five more minutes when I could feel my orgasm welling up, I tried to hold off just a little bit longer but couldn't. I was already pretty horny in the first place. Cindy sensed how close that I was, her hand sped up on my penis. Mine sort of stopped on her clit, her fingers replaced mine never skipping a beat. With Casey beside me lost in her own pleasure, Cindy brought her back to her senses (sort of). 'Case, watch. He's going to shoot.' Casey was up on her knees, fingers still going at it and a develish grin. Just then I started to shoot blobs of cum all over my stomach and chest. Casey who had been quietly wimpering the whole time, started getting a little louder while her hand turned into a blur between her legs, then collapsing for a few seconds. Leaving only Cindy, who followed right behind in her own orgasm.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned up, joined the girls on the bed. I soon learned that they had this planned all along. We lay there recovering for a while. Casey's hand reached over and touched my penis, checked out my balls and started making me hard again, whether she wanted it or not! I looked over at Cindy who just winked at me as if to tell me it was ok. Cindy's hand joined Casey's on my erection. Both my hands found places to go themselves. One found hair, the other found bare, both found wet! The second lasted a little longer than the first time for me, but felt a whole lot stronger. Cindy beat Casey to the big 'O' this time.

A few days later Cindy told me that Casey knew something was up when Cindy didn't want to masturbate with her as often. That was when the two of them cooked up their little plan. I didn't mind being set up or shared if Cindy didn't mind sharing. We have had a whole lot of learning experiences together, sometimes all three of us. Casey and I never do anything together unless Cindy is there too. Casey has a boyfriend, who doesn't know what he is missing with her, as he is way too reserved! Oh well!

Sure glad we didn't count this little sister out-we'd be missing a whole lot of fun!



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