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Boss' Proposition

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My boss Ed and I had been collegues/friends for close to 10 years. I suppose that was the reason he approached me suddenly out of the blue with his wife's proposition.

'Terence! Can you come into my office?' he yelled across the room. 'Sure Boss' I briskly exited my cubicle. Normally, I could tell from his yell what kind of emotional state he was in, but this time, it was too weird to describe. I guess the word would be 'uncomfortable.' Very confused, I made haste.

'Lock the door behind you Terence, I don't want us to be disturbed.' Ed was drumming his hands together, a habit he had whenever he was nervous. 'Uh.. ok Boss' I obediently complied before taking my seat 'So whats the problem?'

'Terence, we've known each other for years right?'

'Uhh.. yeah boss.' I began to feel uncomfortable, that line was something right out of a movie.

'And you remember my wife? Tina?'

'Of course! How is she?'

'Fine fine..' Ed began to drum his fingers even faster and was swivelling in his chair a little. 'Well.. I need to ask a favour from you.'

'Sure. anything!' I smiled, trying to make things easier for him, although now I was feeling more and more uncomfortable.

'Well, the thing is, Tina is getting bored, sexually, and was hoping to spice things up a little.' This time we both shifted uneasily in our chairs before Ed continued 'She wants me to make a video of me with another guy for her to watch.'

I almost belched 'Ed, I love you as a friend and all that. But there is no chance in hell that we're having sex.'

'No,no!! Not that far! But she would at least want to watch us wank each other.' Ed stared at me with pleading eyes. Seemed like I was his last resort. I wondered if he had approached anyone else with this and how many of them had turned him down. I knew how difficult it must have been for him to even be asking me this and I knew he was doing it because he loved his wife dearly, so after much consideration, I finally nodded my head in consent.

After work, Ed drove me to his place. Tina had left the house so that we could get the job done. We discussed how far I was willing to go, Ed was willing to do anything, and we scripted what we would do. Unfortunately, the video camera had to be mobile so there would have to be a third person operating it, and therefore watching us wank. I was plenty irked by this but decided to go along. Hey, what was one more person watching me blow my load with another guy? The honors went to a stranger who Ed had probably hired. After all the details were finalised, I changed into one of Ed's bathrobes as Ed gave me the thumbsup and wento into the shower.

I heard the shower water turn on and waited for a couple of minutes. Ed had wanted to have a short solo performance before the main event. When I felt the moment was right, or as right as it ever would be, I opened the door and entered. The cameraman turned towards me and started filming as I slowly undid my bathrobe and slipped it off, revealing my slender naked body. I'm the tall skinny type. I was not particularly atheletic but still managed to maintain a six pack. My dick betrayed how turned on I was at that moment, standing at its full 6 inches. I suppose if a survey was ever done, my dick would be the most average dick in the world.

Staring at me from the shower was wet, naked Ed, also at his full 4 inches. Ed was slightly shorter than me, but had a belly and a thin layer of hair covered his torso. We had seen each other naked before in gym shower, and sometimes with those unwanted uncontrollable erections, but this still felt completely different. It was HOT. Ed feigned jealously that I was more well endowed and then tried to cover his privates with his hands and turning around. Ed was in reality completely comfortable with having a small dick. After all, he had a wife and they had great sex, as he told me once before. I often admired this quality of his, as even though I had a bigger dick, I was never quite as comfortable with my body as he was.

I walked over and joined him in the shower. I hugged him from behind causing much tingling feelings to surge through me as my dick pressed against his bare buttocks. I reached for his hands and pulled them away to reveal his dick once again. I then turned him around and we kissed. Although I have kissed many women before, and I am a little ashamed to admit this, but Ed had one heck of an amazing kiss. I reached for his dick as he reached for mine and we began to stroke each other. Our other hands were used to explore each others bodies. I decided to play around with one of Ed's nipples which caused him to arch his back as electric sensations surged through him. He tore my hand off his dick, pressed our dicks together and began to stroke them together. With his spare hand he than directed me to use both hands on both his nipples before he began to play with mine. This was too much to take and we both exploded white hot cum onto each other. The cameraman turned off the camera as we both collapsed onto the floor and left us to clean up, and probably do some release of his own in another toilet.

A few days later, Ed told me with a huge grin on his face that the video had worked and he and Tina had had the most amazing sex he had ever had. After that, we had a few more experiences, mostly because of Tina but not all, some of which I might share in the future. Till then, happy wanking!



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