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When I started Uni in September I knew I'd need a job to get by, so I applied everywhere and accepted my first reply. Well I ended up working at this local taxi firm, I can't drive so I had applied to work on the phones, I got the job but was painfully shy. This didn't affect how I was on the phones, but the other staff didn't take to me too well. After maybe a month and a bit, it was just before December in fact, one of my boss's, 'Andy', called me into the office. He told me that my 'attitude' in the work place was causing tension and that if it carried on he would have to let me go.

I apologised, which I really wish I hadn't, and left the office. A few weeks passed and I was putting in some extra hours for Christmas, it was the early hours of the the morning and it was only Ann 'Andy' and I in the office. 'Pete' my other boss and a few other drivers were working that night also, towards the end of the evening it went dead and Ann and I just sat bored, since I struggle to keep up conversations.

'Pete' came back to the office so 'Andy' could go home early, he also relieved Ann leaving me and him to finish off the shift and lock up. He beat about the office for a while as I faffed with my computer, there were no games on it which in those hours at work was gutting.

'Pete' poked his head around the door a few times saying, 'you're quiet' a few times, I would just smile and nod, and he would usually roll his eyes and go back into the office. I watched the clock and Andy disappeared into the kitchen, there was deadly silence and the fan in the pc seemed REALLY LOUD it was just that quiet. When 'Pete' emerged he had two cups of tea, and he handed me mine I thanked him and put it down while it cooled.

He went back into his office and I saw him going through some papers, he saw me looking and smiled, I smiled back and looked purposefully back at the computer though there was nothing for me to do so I felt quite stupid after a while just staring at a screen, no internet or anything to preoccupy myself. So I gulped the tea and satback, scratched at the desk, played games on my phone and got very very bored.

'Pete' poked his head around the door and called 'You ok?' I nodded and smiled, he nodded and smiled back. I finished my tea and around about a half hour afterwards, as if on command, I was stiff as a board and I mean stiff!

It kind of crept up on me, I just moved in my chair and suddenly I was having to tuck it away down my trouser, seconds after that, aside from the fact that my trouser leg no longer did anything to hide my erection the pain of the cramping meant I had to get my hand right down there and pull it up into my belt where it still left a pretty defined indentation and cramped a little so I sat forward which hid it better but did nothing for the cramp.

'Pete' poked his head around the door, 'you ok' I smiled and nodded, he smiled and nodded and went back. He watched me for a while but then carried on with his work. I stayed still for a while but my erection started pulsing and throbbing and aching so I tried to move to get it more comfortable. 'Pete' came walking over to me now without warning and just said are you ok, I jumped forward 'Fine' that was probably the first word I had ever said to him.

He stared at me 'Fair enough' he said, and went into the kitchen offering me another cup of tea but I declined. While he was gone I felt a little warm and the pulsing turned into tingles, now the aching was accompanied by an intense horny feeling. I found myself breathless and restless and I suspected leaking. I saw no harm while 'Pete' was away in teasing myself by just tickling the underside of my balls with the tips of my fingers through my trousers.

I had to listen very hard for the kettle coming on, as I leaned back and just slipped my hand up the inside of my leg just teasing myself, it sent reverberations up my body and I actually gasped so I just lightly ran my fingers on my balls, the tickling, tingling surging sensations continued and gradually became more and more intense.

Then I heard the kettle stop and I sat forward. Seconds later 'Pete' came back through the door holding a steaming mug and I thought he was going to walk right past but instead he stood talking to me. 'Are you sure you're alright you look flushed' I simply nodded hoping he'd leave but he just went on and on, and I simply became hornier and more and more agitated!

I was dismayed when he pulled a chair over so that he could get more comfy, he finished his drink and every now and again I would glance over at the clock to see how long it was 'till I could clock off. Then the phone rang; which shut 'Pete' up, I took the call and gave the job to a driver, I though 'Pete' would have left me but he just carried on even though I hadn't even turned back around to look at him.

When I did turn around I got one of the clearest and most defined views of his boner that I have ever had of anyones boner, and I was shocked to find that this really got me hot!

I was in a whole fluster about and found myself looking anywhere but 'Pete's' crotch if I could help it. I looked over at the clock and saw the time, 'Is it ok if I leave five minutes early?' I asked 'Pete' who seemed taken aback by the question. He too was leaning forward over his erection now, he looked at the clock, looked at me, 'yeah go on get off' and he smiled, I gave hime a very breathy thanks and made to stand realising suddenly my mistake.

I vanely tried to cover myself up with my hand but as I straightened up 'Pete' howled 'OOH YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID' and immediately turned a bright beetroot red! 'Aye lad of your age it's normal' he said, 'you should have said and I'd have let you get to the bathroom and thrash it out 'un ya. Honestly this time of night I was always hard on the taxis when I first started out it's the time of night, it happens to us all.' He said and he sat back back, his legs were already open and his boner just bulged and throbbed in his trousers as I looked, turned away after a couple of seconds feigning disgust when in actual fact I could have just stared.

'How are you getting home?' 'Pete' asked, I looked back and he was sat in the same position as before, I tried not to look at his bulge, 'bus' I shrugged he just laughed 'With a tent pole like that in your trousers, you can't do that!' he shouted, 'but I can't give you lift you're in the student flats over the other side of town, that's too far out of my way for me.' he said, 'Well I can't afford a taxi' I blurted out and all out once found myself scared worried and excited as to where the situation was leading.

'Pete' winked at me, 'go and thrash one out in the toilet, I won't lock up before you've done.' The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. 'no I'm fine really' I said breathlessly 'oh you're not' 'Pete' laughed 'I think it's going' I lied and 'Pete' just rolled his eyes saying, 'no it isn't yours it's as gone as mine' he said grabbing his crotch and giving it a few jolts, not tugs jolts, it was like he grabbed it all and jiggled it a little. I could make out his balls and his entire shaft and head were pushing so hard up against his tracksuit bottoms that I could make it all out clearly, whereas in my jeans there was just an enormous bulge there.

Now 'Pete' was maybe in his late thirties so I was shocked already that he was so forthcoming with all this but what he did next just threw me to the point that I didn't know what I was doing.

'Look I promise you'll feel better' he carried on 'I know' I said accidentally and he just smiled, 'bloke your age,' he said standing up 'don't need anything explaining to yer eh!?' he laughed nudging me in the arm so hard I stumbled slightly. He tapped my shoulder 'Here look at this' and just jogged across the office through the glass double doors into the boss's office.

As I followed I saw him go behind the desk, take a key and bend down. By the time I was through those doors he had this magazine out on the table, his perfectly defined cock in his trousers hovered over it. He looked up at me and rubbed some of the beads of sweat on his forehead over his bald head and beckoned me over. I could feel my jeans pull down on my dick as I walked and when I noticed 'Pete' glancing down at me I think I may have leaked a little.

He opened it up and there on the front page were some of the fittest women I've seen in porn, or maybe I was so aroused by this point that anything looked like a goddess to me. Either way, although I didn't think it were possible, I got harder and the cramps now became really quite painful. 'Pete' went through the pages making jokes and pointing things out and saying stuff like 'Awe look at that I'd give it to her, and I noticed he started rapping his knuckles against the edge of the desk; which when I looked at it it was basically a wanking motion without his dick in his hand. As he carried on through the magazine I scared myself when I noticed I was flicked a page against my leg in much the same motion.

I remember 'Pete' turned to one page and they had done some pictures of a naked woman outdoors straddling bikes and cars, and there was this picture outside the cinema where there was some guy in the background and the pornographers had blown up a portion of this picture and pointed out that this guy had a boner, he was watching the pictures being taken! 'Pete' pointed it out and giggled and looked up at me wiping the sweat back over his shaved head again, 'ee you're all flushed you know.' he giggled, I laughed he was bright red all over his head and I could tell on his neck and shoulder as well!

Then he opened the center spread and there was just the amazonian goddess spreadeagled over a rock pool and 'Pete' just wrapped his hand on the desk perhaps the hardest all night and grabbed his crotch and kind of growled as he took all of it in hand again he leaned over the desk slightly and shot it all at her growling as he did, 'have some of that' and giving a breathy laugh as he did, though I could tell he was only doing that because he wasn't confident enough to just lob it out in front of me and as he would have put it 'thrash it out' right there and then.

I gave a breathy laugh in acknowedgment and started to really whip myself with the pen now, 'Pete' gave a wry grin as he looked at me for just a second too long and huffed out, 'what's wrong with you lad don't you want to give it to her' there were a few more profanities than that coming out of his mouth at this point but that's not for this site.

Anyway as he said it he made to grab my crotch as he grabbed his own but I instinctively lurched forward thrusting my crotch backward slightly so he just skimmed and as I dropped the pen and knocked 'Pete's' hand out of the way and in a sudden surge found myself clutching my crotch in it's entirety and just waggling as best I could at the picture sending 'Pete' into a short fit of laughter but when he'd stopped we both realised we had still both got our crotches in our hands!

'I really got to' he huffed again wiping his sweat over the top of his head with his free hand and I instinctively just huffed and nodded 'Yeah you like you do' he said swallowing hard then he looked at me. 'Nobody!Finds!Out!' he said putting emphasis on all three words. I paused then nodded and he just dropped his crotch so his dick fell slightly and so pointed outward creating a massive tent in his drawstring trousers.

He slipped his hand down there and just set off pushing his thighs right up against the edge of the desk his chin pushed hard against his chest and his hand quite obviously going at it within his trousers.

I on the other hand found myself rubbing on top of my jeans and tickling my balls as there was no room inside my jeans. As my frustration grew I unzipped my jeans and pushed my hand inside there but couldn't get any kind of real motion or anything. 'Pete' looked over, 'Oh just lob it out!' he huffed his voice positively quivering his head tilted back he let out a breathy moan and swallowed hard, I shook my head in fear.

'Look' he began but stopped suddenly and pulled his hand out of his trousers really quickly and breathed out very suddenly trying to control the breath unsuccessfully. I thought he was going to cum, but it didn't happen. he swallowed hard again and looked at me 'You're not going to get anywhere like that' he said, I think I winced a little because he thought for a moment before looking back at me with a deadly serious face, 'Nobody, hears about this ok' he said, I nodded concerned, and he pulled his draw string trousers down and his entire dick and balls just hung out in front of me, I was struck by his balls, they were MASSIVE, I wondered how he even managed to sit down or walk anywhere with balls like that, the skin on his dick was darker than mine, but there was a bright pink ring around the top of his foreskin and his huge bullbous head positively glowed purple!

He looked at me as much as to say 'Well?' so I hesitantly undid my belt buckle and pulled it apart from my trousers, my dick immediately felt better for that as it was released, so I undid the button, the fly was already undone and my jeans just fell around my ankles. I pulled my boxer shorts over the top of my erection that created a tent in there and let them fall as well, letting it all hang out, I just stood for a minute or two watching 'Pete' examine me! My dick was more thick than his and paler around the foreskin, my head was more pink as well but less shiny, it wasn't so bulbous as 'Pete's' but I think thicker at the base, my balls were easily smaller than his and I was so hot in my jeans that my balls hung incredibly loose to the point that I could feel them swaying around between my legs. 'You may as well be bald down there' 'Pete' smiled at length, I'm not quite that bad, but 'Pete' did seem to have a bit of rug over everything in that department.

I ventured to touch myself I grabbed my balls slightly and played with them even though my dick was crying out to be tugged, I was a little shy in front of my boss. 'Pete' simply pushed his thighs up against the edge of the desk again and began pumping away, he looked as though he was started again. My heart was racing as I watched him, once he closed his eyes and threw his head back with his lips pursed firmly together in ecstacy and I saw his stomach muscles writhing around his pectorals thrusting hard protruding progressively further from his chest, his entire arm apparently ripping itself out, he began to work properly on myself glancing between 'Pete' and the magazine.

I became lost in the sensations as I just sort of relieved myself of everything over the past few days, the worry of losing my job and everything else. When I opened my eyes again I saw Pete glaring hard at me, his stomach tensing so hard he couldn't help but lurch slightly over the desk, and he was pumping so hard his entire chest and shoulders seemed contorted uncomfortably, they seemed to rip and stratch from him, his face utterly concentrated on what he was doing contorting into a whole manner of shapes from ecstacy.

Suddenly I became very aware of the build in pressure down in my stomach as it seemed all of the allover body tingles were surging towards my groin, I found myself gasping and moaning, I tossed my head but looked back at 'Pete' when I heard a moan, he was leaning over the magazine poised and perfectly still it seemed EVERY muscle in his body tensing to push it out of his dick, he was sort of prolonging this wheezy breathy groan as he thrust ever so slightly with his tensed up bubble butt! He simply pulled back on his dick and seemed to be tensing his fist and releasing really quickly, no pumping just this.

I myself had my fist going at it with great speed as a growing sense of urgency overtook me when a massive surge in the bottom of my belly began to creep downward. 'Pete' became an outright stuttered almost shouted sigh of relief as the first rope almost hesitantly forced itself from the tip of his bulbous head. The second was almost immediately afterwards but it was practically enthusiastic and the the third was a little more lazy. Each was bright white and hung very heavy in the air, I could tell by the arcing of each long rope that strung themselves across the table.

At the sight of the third rope I found myself gasping, moaning, growling? 'PAH' AND 'UUUUOOOHHHUUU' noise as I found myself in a similar squatting position to 'Pete'. I attempted to push myself over the magazine in time for it coming but managed instead to just let it out over the desk. I couldn't help but stare at 'Pete' who was smiling contentedly his shoulders now more relaxed but with his entire chest and stomach all red, he took deep fast breaths carried on working on his dick gently every now and again spasming out the remaining spots of cum that now almost covered the entire centre spread, that coupled with the three initial ropes was a very impressive amount.

So there I was watching 'Pete' in his post ejaculation ecstacy and found myself making what I thought was the most stupid noise, it made 'Pete' look up at least as I groaned out a kind of awehah' and then gasped as I shot out my first load and breathed in heavily through my nose, I actually heard the squirting noise my cum made as it left me, and shot itself with some force across the table, slightly paler than 'Pete's' and the rest of mine just dotted itself all over. I found myself still working on my dick for a good thirty seconds just breathing and smiling, I was suddenly VERY tired and VERY hungry.

I noticed 'Pete' slapping his dick against the magazine which I didn't understand, I just pushed my thumb along the underside of my dick to get the last dabs out, wiped the head with my fingers and felt like collapsing on the spot.

I looked up and 'Pete' looked at me, we both just stood there our now semi's pointing proudly at each other my arms hung limply by my side I tilted my head in fatigue and my lids felt so heavy. 'Pete' laughed 'you look shattered', and I was, he was becoming less red and breathing quite heavily, as I probably was, I smiled at him. He sat in the boss's seat, it was leather and his trousers were still down so I thought that was a bad idea, 'Oh sit down' he told me so I took the comfy chair that was the other side of the desk, which was glass, so through the ropes of cum we could both see each other getting softer.

I got my breath back and pulled my jeans up, fetched my belt and put that back on, when I looked up 'Pete' was still sat with his dick, still impressive when small, out and he smiled and winked at me, I smiled back, 'that was good' he laughed.

When he'd finished he stood up pulling his trousers up as he did, I had waited around to keep looking at his dick, 'Well, since you're still here you can help me clean up!' he said, and we both did. The thing that struck me, though I knew my own cum for what it was, was just how gloopy 'Pete's' was, it was so thick and an almost brilliant white, I was almost peeling it off of the desk top. we washed it down and polished it (ironically I think) and I saw 'Pete' stowing the magazine away.

The next morning he kept winking at me and we chatted in the staff room, I think the encounter saved my job and indeed I am a lot more confident now with the other staff at the firm. Since that encounter though I've caught 'Pete' with his face in the centre spread of that magazine which kinda freaks me out but we're still friends and it was a lot of fun!

Thanks for listening.



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