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Boredom in Church

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I am an altar server at our local church. My family are Catholic and, well, it was just something I got into doing. There is another girl there a year younger than me called Jessica.


I know everything there is to know about serving at the altar of a Catholic Church. You name it, I've done it. From every kind of Mass, to Benediction, to old order Latin Masses. Been there, done that. So I got bored. Really bored.

So I decided to spice my life up a bit. I got robed up, (red cassock, white suplice) and then I went to the lavatory. There, I slipped my panties off. Hmm. Well, almost ok. So I took my skirt off, then my t shirt and finally my bra until I was naked under my robes! THAT was the feeling I wanted. I bundled my clothes up into a locker and went back into church and served the Mass. Afterwards, in the sacristy, I realised a problem! Jessica was looking at me....and I wasn't getting changed. (Obviously!) She had a funny look on her face and nodded me to follow her.

In the toilet she said 'What's wrong with you? You were flushed across your neck all through, and ummm, well... er... sitting next to you, I could smell you, you know? Down there?' So, locked in the cubicle with her, I took my surplice off and unbuttoned my cassock. 'FUCK! Anna! Oh shit thats sexy!' Then Jess looked flushed too. 'What are you going to do now?' she asked me. 'Umm well, I figured I would jill off before getting changed. 'Jess said, OK. and left me to it. I didn't jill though, the moment had kinda gotten spoiled.

The next week, Jess was there first and already robed when I walked in. I took my cassock and suplice from the hanger when Jess whispered. 'Hey, Anna.' and tugged a couple of buttons open to reveal.... her shaved mound! The little minx was naked. So I followed suit. I took my robes to the toilet stripped naked and put them on.

After the service we both went to the lockers, retreived out clothes and then walked into the toilets together looking like the very model of innocence. Locked in the cubicle, I thought we would maybe jill off together, instead Jess just took my hand and put it on her breast. She has small but very VERY firm boobs. (I'm jealous. Mine are just pathetic and tiny) Then we were kissing and had out hands in through a couple of crotch-high button holes. She was, as I said, shaved, but I was natural down there. It was so naughty touching another girl but through her church robes too? Jess was very very wet as was I. We rubbed each others clits and I was aching to finger her, but I didnt know how far she wanted to go until she leaned in close and said 'Finger fuck me' It was so tight and I am sure that my finger actually went through the small hole in her hymen! (My hymen was lost to a banana when I was 13!) So we fingered each other to a couple of orgasms a piece in there. Then, Jess hitched up her robes, sat on the toilet and peed. There was a little blood and I think I tore her a little maybe. Still, I found myself really hooked on watching her pee.

We did that a couple of times over the next month or so and even masturbated each other in the choir loft!

I suppose we both ought to go to Confession really, but then again, our priest is very old. I don't think his heart would stand the strain really.

Jess and I would love to say we are lesbian, but I like cock WAY to much to ever be only lez. I did manage to help Jess out though when she was really desperate to lose her cherry....I introduced her to my brother as a one-off. Afterwards, Jess and I.. well.... you know.



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