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Bored at Work ;)

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Ok so im a manager at a restaurant and I was there alone one day...we don't open till noon and I had to be there at ten...noone else came in till noon...so I did all my stuff and I usually have about an hour to just sit there and do nothing. So I got on my phone and started reading stories on solo touch. Im usually always pretty horny but this day I read a story about anal masturbation and I just really needed something inside of me.

I remembered cutting cucumbers one day for the salad bar and thinking that it was so cold and hard it would feel so good in my tight pussy so I ran back and got one out of the cooler. As I was lookin for one that wasnt to big that I noticed the bucket of carrots. I thought they would feel nice in my ass so I grabbed a few. I went to the bathroom and stripped completely naked. I started off by looking at myself in the mirror rubbing my tits then since I was at work I didnt have any lube for my tight ass hole so I figured I was already so wet from readin stories on here I started to finger myself to get enough of my juices to lube up my ass.... I bent over infront of the mirror holding the handicapped bar and shoved one of the smaller carrots up my ass....luckily I was the only one there cuz I let out I pretty loud moan. It felt so fucking good... I got the other two carrots that I got..they were pretty small they were cut into quarters or something. so I took both of them at the same time and shoved them up there....ahh... I had to relax for a min. I slowly leaned back against the wall with my ass up glently pushing them deeper and deeper... I thought I was about to cum just from that but I wouldnt let myself..the big juicy cucumber was still sitting there glistening from it bein so cold from bein in the cooler for a couple days...just looking at it got me so excited.

So I slid down the wall so I was sitting down with my legs open pushin the carrots in deeper from sitting on my butt and and soon my legs were open wide enough I rammed the cucumber deep inside my pussy thrusting it in and out at this point I couldnt wait to cum so I was fuckin myself hard and fast bouncing up and down so I could feel the carrots moving inside of me the cucumber was so cold inside my hot pussy I was gonna explode. I pulled it out after fuckin my self for a few minutes cuz I knew I was gonna cum and as soon as I did I squirted all over the floor in the bathroom. I laid there for a min left the carrots in my ass and played with my clit a little until I orgasmed again squirting more of my juices onto the floor.

So I knew I still had like 45 min before we opened and I still had nothin to do. So I put the cucumber back inside of me put my clothes back on and went and sat in the booth in the dinning room....sitting very carefully beause both my pussy and ass were still full... I began looking at pictures of lesbians inserting objects into each others holes and before I knew it I was up bouncing on the cucumber making it go in and out of my pussy eventually I was riding it pretty obviously and moaning very loud I had my hands down my pants rubbing my clit vigorously as I was fucking this cucumber...it felt so good. I've never had a dick that stayed hard this long lol. I had already cum like 4 times at this point. Eventually I settled down and went to the bathroom threw away the cucumber...the carrots however were deep inside of me at this point and I figured I either had to take them out the hard way now or they were alreay up there so why not have some fun throughout the rest of the work day so I left them up there. So I cleaned up my mess and before I knew it it was noon I let in my coworkers and when I was talking to them I would lean my butt on something like I was lazy and I could feel the carrots moving around in me all day long..when I got off at five I went home and since I had been teasing myself all day I immediately went to my room tore off my close grabed my rabbit vibrator and fucked my self till I came three more times.... I must have came about 20 times that day...it was amazing.... I took out the carrots threw them away and relaxed for the rest of the day and watched some porn....the end



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