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Book Store Video Jacking

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Years ago I used to visit an adult bookstore in a town I occasionally had business in. The bookstore had videos in the back, as adult bookstores usually do. In this video room the booths had full length doors with locks for complete privacy. Even though there were locks on the doors some users would leave the doors unlocked and ajar while viewing the film, supposedly as an invitation for others to enter for who knows what activity.
On this one occasion, I noticed an occupied booth door open a crack and decided to take a peek to see what was going on inside the booth. To my surprise and utter delight the guy in the booth was sitting in the chair with his pants and shorts pulled down below his knees. He had a hard-on and his rock hard cock was sticking straight up. He wasn't jacking or anything, just sitting there, his total attention on the action in the film.
I gently pushed the door open a little. He didn't take his attention off the movie although I was sure he knew the door was opening. I took this as an invitation to enter, so I did, and shut the door behind me. I turned around and ask the guy if he minded. He said, 'no, come on in and lock the door.'
He put a few quarters in the slot so the movie would run uninterrupted for a while. Then he leaned back and slid down in his seat. We both watched the movie for a few minutes then he reached for his cock and gently pumped it a couple of times to lube up the tip. Or maybe it was a tacit invitation for me to do it for him. He was uncut and I could see by the light coming from the movie screen that the tip was glistening with copious amounts of pre cum oozing from the tip.
After a while I knelt down beside his chair, reached over and gently took his cock in my hand. He responded by pulling his shirt up and spreading his legs far apart allowing full access, his eyes still glued to the movie. I felt his cock up and down the full length of the shaft for a few minutes, pushing the foreskin over the head now and then to re-lube it. Soon I left his cock and moved my hand to his balls, then back to his cock. He was enjoying this immensely, as was I. First feeling his cock then his balls. I felt him up playing with his cock and balls for about fifteen minutes. The quarters eventually ran out and the movie stopped. That was the end of it. He obviously enjoyed my playing with him. I intentionally did not pump him hard enough to make him ejaculate. Just enough to keep it rock hard and the pre cum coming.
When the movie stopped a dim light in the booth came on so I got up, opened the door and left. I'm sure he jacked himself off in the booth before leaving. I'm straight, but I did enjoy feeling another cock besides my own.



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