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Book of Sex Part 1

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part one of 10


This book in my life I have titled Sex, as I will not elaborate on the emotional bonding I did or did not engage in with my sexual partners. This book is just about Sex in it pure enjoyable form, the bliss of the orgasm and the thrill of the hunt. As you proceed you will find that the majority of the sex I have had is masturbation. It was the first sex I have had, at the age of 12, and I have had more orgasms, and some of the most unusual from masturbation.
I had a pillow which was made of a unique foam which I have been unable to find again. I tore a hole in one edge on the end of this pillow and used to hump this like there was no end. The stuffing in the pillow was a fiber-foam of some kind and felt very nice. There were time when I could remember spending humping the pillow, and I was very noisy with it, falling asleep and waking up in the morning with my cock still in the hole, and continuing a hump on the pillow with my regular morning erection. I used no lubricant in the pillow, the unique fiber of the stuffing did not need it and the cum I filled the pillow with would absorb nicely. I always humped the pillow in the face down (prone) position. When I did not use the pillow I would lubricate generously. I prefer Vaseline as it really does not dry out and oftentimes in the morning there is enough residual on my cock that I don't need to relube. I no longer have my pillow but I still have my Vaseline. I lay on my back with my legs spread the covers off and my right hand in a supination position on my cock. Supination refers to the holding of then hand palm up like you were going to hold a bowl of soup. Into that hand I lay my cock and stroke away. I use the pronation position of the hand when I lay on my stomach and hump my hand. I have masturbated more on my back then prone, and have masturbated in more places then you could probably ever imagine.
Before I lost my virginity at 14 I used to masturbate while talking to a girlfriend named Tara on the phone. We would spend hours together on the phone, and it started that she just wanted to find out what my brother liked as her best friend Maria wanted to know. Well I told her what I like all the while I stroked my cock. The two of us would spend hours on the phone and I would bring myself to the brink of an orgasm and then stop. Her voice was so sexy. I am pretty sure she would sometimes masturbate also as I could hear the characteristic alteration in her breathing that were indicative of a quiet orgasm. One summer night along with some friends I once went over to her house in the middle of the night and climbed up to the second floor to her bedroom and entered the window. When I woke her up I removed the blanked which was covering her beautiful body, and low and behold I saw she had her hand in her underwear. She was also wearing a t shirt so I was not able to see her cute little titties but I kissed her hand and I got my first whiff of pussy juice, and have been addicted to that smell ever since.
Wicca is the only belief that I encountered that did not discourage masturbation. In fact Wicca venerates it as a celebration of life. I became a witch when I was 11 and have and still do masturbate under a full moon. I practice skyclad and feel a extra potency to my magic when I obtain and maintain an erection during a ceremony. As my hands are busy doing the ritual, I give myself the erection using the muscles alone. I have come close to cumming several times but sill have not accomplished this elusive hands free orgasm.
I have masturbated in the woods, in my car, while riding on the back of a horse, but those that I remember well are underwater. Here the Vaseline played a very important role, and I would hold my breath and pump away till I could not hold my breath any longer and then breath and take another breath, go back underwater and continue to stroke my throbbing cock till I could not hold my breath any longer and needed to breath. Oh I would have such intense orgasm when I would finally come. I would wear a mask and loved watching the semen squirt through the water and hold its unique shape after I came. As our family routinely went skinny dipping this was no big deal to come out of the pool naked. Found a unique use for those blowup water-wings that go on the arms. If you over inflate them and then lube them real well with Vaseline, they make excellent underwater pussies.
Now masturbation is fun, but active celibacy is fantastic too. The orgasms that you experience after celibacy are fantastic. Now let me differentiate between active and passive celibacy. Passive celibacy is the typical type, you don't have sex, or do hand to genital stimulation, and after a few months, abrakadabra, you will have a wet dream. You are passively maintaining your celibacy. Active celibacy is a whole 'nother ball of wax altogether. You actively prevent erections, erotic thought and you do not have wet dreams. This is a yoga practice, special diet, meditation, daily schedule, and kopens. Kopens are a special type of home made underwear that are used to prevent an erection and orgasm. It is a loincloth that is tightly put on and the penis is folded under to prevent erection. It is made of two pieces of cloth, both the same, four to six inches wide and four to six feet long. The first piece is tied around the waste above the pelvis, a square knot is used to prevent it from coming untied, the second piece is folded in half and draped over the front so as to cover the genitals. The testicles are gently put into the inguinal canal (that's the place your balls hide when it is cold and they are not hanging in the sack). And the penis is folded down so the head of the penis is pointing towards the anus. The second draped part of the kopen is then tucked between the legs and is running up the gluteal fold (butt crack) where it is securely tied with another square knot. It takes some getting used to wearing this primeval thong that has been the mainstay of yogis the millennium over, but after a month you'll forget it is there. Always retie the kopen before sleeping and never sleep on your stomach. With such an arrangement it is very unlikely you will ever have a wet dream, and when you do choose to have an orgasm the longer you wait the more powerful it will be in a certain regards. I wore kopens for over seven years and only once had a wet dream, and that was due to my laziness in not retying the kopens before going to sleep.
I remember once removing my kopens in the morning and having my cock swoosh out into a supper hard erection. It really did just spring out with such force I had never seen before. Even after a cold shower it was still screaming for attention and, well, no way I was going to be able to reapply my kopens, so I took matters into my own hands and stroked my cock using spit. I came in less then a minute (my normal masturbation time is in the hours) and the orgasm was huge, the amount of jism was more then I had ever seen before and, well, I had been weak in the knees before, but this time I collapsed. See, you can have fun with celibacy.
Lived in an apartment complex with a sauna, and of course I had to masturbate there, just hoping that some hottie was going to come in and cum with me. It was a public sauna and I still enjoy masturbating in them to this day.
I loved masturbating while driving, kept me awake over the long haul. And was fun to boot. I have masturbated while on a motorcycle, in a car (many times with others in the car too), and several times in a public bus, and I was driving the bus, though I had no passengers.
Europeans have another attitude about nudity then Americans, and I like it, as it is more of my opinion. The body is a beautiful creation and can be shared with others. I liked nudist parks, and in Munich I would spend all day naked in the middle of the city. Sometimes I would lie on my stomach and hump a t-shirt after I strategically positioned myself for sunbathing down wind from a cute German girl who would spread her legs to get some sun into the crack. Public masturbation is frowned and I'm sure is not legal, so, It was not the power hump I like to do. Another time on a nudist beach I made a hole in the sand and inserted my hard cock into the sand, it was fine moist sand so it was and interesting feeling. When I came I remember thinking, ' wow, I just fucked the earth.' Later that evening I masturbated in the ocean all the while I had a small plastic bottle (just the right shape for a butt plug) up my ass and would sit near the edge of the waves and rock my ass to stimulate the ass while stroking my cock into the coming surf. That had to be one of my most organic orgasms. Coming in the ocean is cool in that after I'd cum sometimes I'd be able to watch the fish come and eat my cum.
Shower jerks are such a relief, and interesting. I will generally run out of hot water before I come, yes I have masturbated in a cold shower and it was great. I have a hand held shower and love to spray the pulsing spray into my asshole while I stroke my cock. I will tense and then relax my anus in time with my stroke and will sometimes even open it up a bit so the water shoots inside of me. The warm water filling me up so nice and warm my hot cock pumping in and out of my hand, then I'll relax and let the flood of water out, it is fun kind of like a asshole ejaculation.
In the woods, on a beach or in a field completely naked is really exciting. Sometimes my masturbation takes the form of a dance, my erect cock bouncing up and down to the rhythmic swaying of my hips. Using both hands I worship the cock and make it glow with a shine of pleasure. Doing this in the strong sunlight is so warming. Of course I use at this time suntan oil for my lubricant at this time. And my cock is a nice healthy tan. A dark brown, like a chocolate popcycle one girlfriend told me.
A nice way to come in the woods, though it can be done in the bathroom, but I prefer the open woods for this style, is to start stroking once you feel you need to deficate. Let the stool back up into your sigmoid colon, and feel the fullness it puts on the prostate. Hold it, hold it, then when I start to feel the orgasm starting to build and just before it erupts, I'll squat down and let the stool slid out of me as I orgasm, the spurting cum is amplified by the prostate the stook is doing on my prostate as the turds come out. Sometimes I'll let it come out slow and other times fast, as both ways carry different sensations.
Wait till you hear how my wife plays with my anus while I masturbate, oh wait I'm getting a head of myself. Lets start at the beginning. As masturbation is such an integrate part of my sex live and has played quite a role in my sexual performance, I have recounted each of my sexual encounters, and generally related the part that masturbation played in their development. Not all of the sexual encounters resulted in coitus (dick in cunt) or in some cases orgasm, but all of these memory incidences continue to surface when I masturbate presently.



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