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Boobs, Periods, and the Rest

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It's taken me a while to think about all this.


There is no doubt girls are maturing earlier and earlier. There was a girl in school with me who started her periods at the age of nine. By eleven most of us had gone beyond the budding breast stage. All of us had some growth of pubic hair and armpit hair, and periods, although irregular, were common.

Now, mom's are pretty cool at the 'growing up' talk, but crap-awful at telling us what comes WITH the boobs, hair and periods, and that is an almost uncontrollable horniness. By the time I got to 13, I was an avid masturbator. Not only did I jill off at LEAST once a day, I got to be able to do it in class just by squeezing my thighs together. And my imagination was rampant. I used to think about teachers fucking me. YES, at 13!

But I also used to make out with other girls too. At sleepovers, it seemed quite usual to wake up and find whoever you were sharing a bed with cupping my breast or even masturbating gently under the covers. This happened when I was 14.

My best friend at the time, Anna, was coming round for a sleepover. We goofed around all evening before finally turning in around 11:00pm. Anna was kinda fidgety in the bed and then she said, Jess, do you.. ummm do you ever touch? I figured in a moment she was horny. So I said 'You horny huh?' she said 'uh huh'. So I said 'Go for it.' I felt her hand mover under the covers and I guessed she had her fingers on her sweet spot. Then she said. 'Can I put a leg over you? I love having my legs wide open.' We rustled around under the covers and I swear to God I could smell her! Of course, my own pussy was wet too so I said 'Mind if I join you?' Soon we were lying there masturbating.

It seemed so natural to turn our faces to one another and kiss. Of course, that led to more. Anna wanted to touch me and I wanted to touch her. In no time, we had our hands in each other's panties and were gently fingering each other. It felt SOO fucking horny. Then Anna said. 'I love being masturbated by someone else. Can you keep a secret?' I said sure. 'My brother and I do this sometimes.' Talk about an instant orgasm. The moment she said it I came hard on her fingers, followed a few seconds later by Anna cumming too. We talked about what they did together and, trust me, it had gone a whole lot further than just masturbation. She was cool with it, so why not? That night, we jilled each other off a couple more times and went further too. I tasted Anna on my fingers and wondered if I was tasting more than just her? Maybe. All I know is that at that age, I knew all about the risks of pregnancy, but I WANTED TO GET FUCKED. In the end, I did too, and WAY before I was legal. The guy who took my cherry, (actually, no. The guy I GAVE my cherry to) was middle aged, and the MOST experienced person.

Girls, there is NOTHING WRONG with feeling horny. IT goes with the territory. What you do about it should be absolutely YOUR CHOICE AND NO ONE ELSES.



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