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At 47, I'm still in good shape. Go to the gym regularly, jog and shoot hoops with my 22 year old son who just graduated college. My wife is going through menopause so our sex life is definitely lacking right now. The stress of family and work seem to be doing a number on my own ability to get an erection even to pleasure myself.

My wife was out shopping and lunching with friends one Saturday recently and I was to have the house to myself. I figured I would use it to try to get myself off.

After a hot shower, I spread eagle on the bed to watch a porn video I had pulled from an old collection under the bed.

I was trying to get lost in the action on the screen while massaging my pecs and pinching my nipples, then working my hands down to my groin. Finally, I began feeling that old stirring in my cock and it started to harden, lengthen and rise like old faithful from my hairy bush.

I used plenty of lube so my grip would slide easily up and down my shaft. I didn't want anything to ruin the feeling. Stroking with one hand, I reached below to massage my balls and even finger my butt. I was getting hotter than I had in awhile.

I was working myself good when my son walked into the bedroom which was open and said, 'Hi, Pops!' Taking in the site, he took a step back and said, 'Sorry dude, I didn't know.'

I scrambled to cover my hardon with a pillow and sat up on the bed. 'What are you doing in here?' I asked. 'You live across town.'

'I still have a key,' was the answer. 'I knew my mom was going to be out today and thought you might want to hang out. You know, grab a beer and shoot some hoops. But I see you are kind of busy right now,' he snickered.

'Like you don't watch porn and jerk off,' I retorted.

'Dude, I have quite a collection and, yes, I take care of business a few times as day, if you want to know.'

'Oh, to be young again,' I sneered.

My son took in the scene on the TV and commented on the great set of tits the actress was sporting, which at the moment were being fondled by one actor as another was hungrily eating her pussy.

'Yum. That looks so tasty,' my son said to my surprise. To my own surprise, I asked if he wanted to sit and watch.

'Cool,' was his reply and plopped on the foot of the bed as I sat and leaned against the headboard, still naked with a pillow covering my crotch.

Lots of moaning and groaning later and grinding and pumping the actress from both ends, both actors announced their orgasms which the camera zoomed in for the money shot. Ropes of cum shot all over the actress. My son commented on the size of one of the actor's cocks.

I told him our family wasn't too shabby in that department. He said he knew from gym classes with his cousins and my brothers and me in the locker room at the pool club that we were a blessed family. I smiled with pride.

As another scene began on the TV, I noticed my son's nylon shorts tenting and a wet spot becoming visible. I, too, was hardening watching the video and leaking precum under the pillow. As the action heated up, my son hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down around his ankles.

'Sorry, Pops,' he said, 'but I've gotta bust a nut or I'll go beserk.' He began by using three fingers to pump his long, thick dick, eventually switching to a full fist.

I told him not to chaffe his skin and tossed him the bottle of lube. 'I usually just use precum and spit, but thanks, man.'

'So, what about you?' he asked. 'Don't you need to finish up, too?'

'I do, but this is awkward, to say the least.'

'Pops, we're two dudes. I know you've got a penis. I know you jack off. And so do I. What's the big deal, dude? I've done it many times with my buddies. Haven't you?' he asked.

'Not since I was in the navy, and that was 25 years ago!'

'Well let it rip, Pops. It will be cool to do it together.'

Hesitently, I pushed the pillow aside and freed my hardon standing straight up. My son tossed back the lube and I greased it up and started stroking. You could hear the wetness as we both stroked.

Facing my son, I could see he was stroking his as it jutted from his thick hairy black pubes and pointed it away from his body between his legs. I prefered to spread my legs and keep it pointed toward my hairy stomach while by balls bounced and smacked against the mattress.

My son looked over and said, 'Nice, dude' then returned to the action of the screen. He ran his other hand across his tight abs and sooned announced he was going to shoot. I told him to let it rip as I was right behind him.

We both gasped and grunted as our cum flew. His shot off the bed and hit the floor and TV. Mine shot up my stomach and chest and, not since I was a teen, it hit the headboard mehind me. That was intense.

We both lay there spent, breathing heavily. He got up to grab some towels from the master bath for me and to clean up his mess, then said he was heading down to his old room to shower. Afterward, he asked if I would still be up for a beer and shoot some hoops. I told him it sounded great and I'd meet him in the kitchen after my own shower.

While awkward, I never felt so close to my son. I'm not sure it would ever happen again, but I can say I'm glad that at least this one opportunity presented itself for some male bonding.



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