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Bob's Bio, Section #2

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BOB'S BIO Section #2
(a sequel to Bob's Bio, Section #1)
Whenever any conversation among my buddies turned to the subject of sex, I always became very interested. My street knowledge of the subject became quite extensive, although some parts of it were a little inaccurate. I liked pornographic comic books, dirty jokes, sexy stories, etc. Whenever I had access to stimulating literature, I usually ended up reading and masturbating if I had a chance to read by myself. Sometimes I would be alone and sometimes I would be a part of a group of a certain few fellows whom I had found wanted to enjoy these sexual activities together.
As a result of my intense interest with all thing having to do with male and female sexual endowments and activities, I was beginning to be able to sort out some of the truth from all of the huge volume of inaccurate sexual lore and legend. My increasing knowledge of sexual information and details stood me in good stead. I became quite popular among many younger fellows since I was always willing to talk about sexual topics, show the fellows my literature, and answer questions that they might have.
I even took advantage of the situation a number of times. I would 'educate' the younger boys by showing them some of the interesting sexual documents, and telling some of the sexual facts of life whenever I had a chance. Then whenever circumstances would allow, I would get them out of their clothes, fondle their penis and balls, get them hard and then finally jack them off. It was just the same way that my interest in sex education was started a few years before when an older boy aroused my libido, my interest, and my penis as we lay naked together on the ground in a cornfield.
It wasn't until well after my fifteenth birthday late in my sohomore year that my body began to start developing the characteristics of a teenager. I was thrilled with the first emergence of two or three curly pubic hairs. I jacked off more frequently to see if I couldn't shoot some juice. In just a few months there came that thrill that I'll never forget-when I jacked off and finally as I climaxed, a small drop of liquid oozed from the end of my penis. I was so proud of this new accomplishment that as soon as I could get hard again, which was only a few minutes later, I pumped it again. But of course that was too soon. So the results were nothing more than a good orgasm-no juice!
I learned that I could produce sperm only after waiting a good number of hours from the last climax. However the situation was improving and it wasn't too many weeks before I could produce several drops each time I jerked off. I was very proud of what I could now do with my penis and I couldn't wait to show some of my special friends.
The first chance came when I went with my family to spend a weekend with relatives. I was assigned, as usual, to sleep with a favorite cousin of mine in a double bed at his house. Brad and I were close chums since we were very little kids, and he and I almost always took off our clothes together for swimming, bathing and for sleeping together.
We had masturbated together since were old enough, but it had been a year or more since the last time we'd done it. This night as soon as we got in bed together I couldn't wait to show my cousin what had happened. I told him to watch me as I jerked myself rapidly into a climax. I shot my several drops of juice into my left hand and proudly showed it to him. He wrapped his hand around his larger cock and finish himself off by shooting several huge wads of his juice high into the air and back down on to the bed sheets. He was clearly the winner in that exchange.
His load was tremendous, so I thought, and I again began to dream about the time when I would have a respectable wad of cum to shoot itself out of my body when I came.
I also wondered why he shot his load on the bed sheets-it made the bed wet and uncomfortable for sleeping, and I was always frightened that our mothers would find out our 'terrible secret' that we were enjoying ourselves by jacking off in bed. They would be sure to think of it as doing that awful thing called 'abusing ourselves.'
Summers were always a great time of the year for me. This was especially true of the summer between my junior and senior high school year. My penis had now become somewhat larger in size, and when I jerked off I was rewarded with increasing amounts of liquid that would fly into the air as each orgasm raced through my stiffened body. This made me very proud.
There would be some loads that would seem very generous in amount compared to other loads at other times of ejaculation. One of my friends confided in me that this was due to the fact that each of a man's testicles took turns in providing the juice for each jack-off session. He explained that since the left testicle was larger than the right one, this resulted in one load of ejaculate being larger (or smaller) than the previous one. Such were the types of various bits of sexual misinformation that were passed around, and often believed by young boys like me-fascinated with the sexual miracles of pleasure that our bodies produced for us and starving for all the information we could get regarding this strange and wonderful phenomenon which our bodies possessed.
With my newly developed ability to shoot creamy juice from a penis which was now growing into a rather respectable size, I was into all kinds of jacking off fun and games. I would wander down into the farm pasture where I could be alone in a clump of trees that hid my activities and then I would take off my clothes, swim in the nearby creek and lie down and lazily play with myself and bring myself to an orgasm as slowly or as rapidly as I liked.
I still remember the games I would play: I would say to myself , 'I will pump my erection until I get the feeling that I am just about ready to go over the top, then I will slow it down and enjoy that wonderful feeling for a long time.' Well, that was great in theory, but it was a long time before I could stop in time. I would find myself going over the top, and of course that tremendous rush of great feeling would excite me to pump harder than ever. And so of course I would succumb to the urge and vigorously pump and squirt until the spasms would overtake me and I would stretch out flat as my body slowly came back to normal. 'Sh**! I did it too fast. I'll have to try that again.' And after waiting for a little while I would be ready to try once again to produce that great feeling for what I hoped would be an endless period of time. This sort of practice did help in developing more control of the progress of each event. It provided valuable training in controlling these body functions. Besides - it was great fun and felt wonderful!!
In summertime whenever any of my male friends or relatives came to visit me I would sooner or later take them down into the pasture. I was almost always the one who would suggest taking off our clothes, usually I would say that we could get into the creek and enjoy the cool water. But I would always bring the conversation around to our bodies and I would start trying to get my friends into a state of excitement in order to bring their rods up to erection. From there it wasn't too difficult to get into a situation where we would either masturbate together, or sometimes jerk each other off. All of this was tremendously exciting for me.
Some of my friends would show reluctance to get started into this type of activity, but once I got them hard, the rest happened pretty easily. Most of the time the kids were ready for these kinds of sexual activities. My male friends and I would justify these kinds of sexual games usually by saying to ourselves and each other that of course as soon as we started dating girls, the proper thing to do was to get them to let us do our thing with them and we wouldn't have to masturbate with each other. I don't know how many of the fellows really believed that, but I think most of them as well as myself, were looking forward with anticipation and with some nervousness to these expected encounters with 'girls.'
Actually as I was to learn in later life, the things we learned about sex as we played with ourselves and with each other were good learning experiences. From the feelings we had, and from the behavior of our sexual organs, we were certainly becoming better informed as to what to expect when intimacies with girls and eventually marriage were to be experienced.
Many of us either had older brothers or knew some older friends who had already made out with females and who enjoyed the great pleasure of relating all the arousing details to their younger brothers, their friends and anyone else who was available to listen. Of course many of these stories were exaggerated, some were outright lies, and so it went. Along with this came all the rumors concerning which girls would 'put out' and which wouldn't. And every once in a while there would be the scary tales about young couples who got trapped with an unexpected pregnancy and the various ways that these kinds of problems were eventually worked out. Shotgun weddings were not entirely unknown, of course, and then there were other cases in which the girl would have her baby at some far away, unknown location.
Actually I began to realize that many of my buddies were beginning to date girls with some regularity, and some of them were actually making out. Of course, all of them claimed to be making out with the girls. A lot of guys told a lot of lies. It was considered a big deal to have a supply of condoms in your pocket. The common name we always used was 'rubbers.' So it was very impressive to haul out a pack of condoms to show to your buddies. This would be especially impressive if a guy would show his friends a 3-condom pack from his pocket, but have only two, or even only one condom left, and hint slyly at the exciting ways that the missing condoms were used.
So I began also to carry around a packet of condoms, which I had coaxed one of my friends to buy for me. I was still a rather timid young fellow and simply could not get up the nerve to walk into a drug store and ask the clerk for a pack of condoms. The presence of a pack of three condoms in my pocket was always a turn-on for me.
Many times I would go somewhere where I could be alone and could try on one of the condoms. How exciting! My young penis would get hard immediately and the pleasure of pulling back the loose foreskin and unrolling the thin condom over the head and down along the stiff shaft was tremendously exciting for me. Being uncircumcised, there was a lot of loose foreskin on my shaft. I would pull it all back down to the base of my cock and hold it while starting the condom unrolling over the head. Wow, what a sensation it was the first time! I would continue unrolling the condom until it covered all the upper part of the penis down to the loose skin at the base. Then the next step was to pull all the condom-covered skin up over the head until the rest of the skin was exposed and stretched tight. Now I would unroll the rest of the condom, and was pleased and proud that all of the condom was unrolled.
I would promise myself that after I had enjoyed the sensation of feeling my stiff penis through the condom, I would roll the condom back up off my penis and put it back in its wrapper in my pocket. But I would be tempted. Why not jerk the condom up and down a few times as it fit tightly around my cock and enjoy the sensation? I wouldn't want to come and spoil the condom for future use, would I? Of course not. So just jerk it a few more times, then take off the condom and finish the jack-off and shoot the juice on the ground or in my hanky, or into the toilet-depending on where I happened to be.
Ah-h-h, how good it felt. My blood would pound in my temples as my penis throbbed. Almost there! Better take it off now-wait a minute, I'll let go of my stiff penis and waited for the excitement to settle down, then I can jerk it a few more exciting times!! Now-hit it a few more licks. Gently-Oops, I've jerked once too many times-I'm over the top, I'm coming!! And then since it was too late anyway to do anything more about saving the condom, I would jerk violently on my rod until the spasms would finally spread throughout my body and the semen would shoot out into the end of the condom and another rubber was ruined! But what a great way to go.
One of the techniques that I would practice while I was masturbating was to try to keep that great feeling going as long as possible. I would say to myself that the jerking felt so good I must remember when that climax starts to keep jerking on the penis and maybe this might keep those wonderful spasms going and going. Then I would climax. 'Keep jerking,' I would tell myself. But even with these good intentions, it seemed that the urge to keep jerking would disappear as the orgasm took over. It would be some time before the urge to jerk off again returned. For me it might be a couple of hours, sometimes less. I did discover that when I was with one or more other fellows and engaged in mutual masturbation or masturbating each other that the recovery time from one climax to the ability to start another could be as little as ten minutes.
Another way I tried to prolong the pleasure was to jerk up to the very edge of the climax, then stop, let go the cock, and enjoy the ecstatic feeling as the cock bobbed up and down. Then touch it carefully again and bring the feeling back to the very brink of climax by slowly sliding the skin back and forth. Then let go again. Then touch it carefully again. Whoops!! Sooner or later I would pull once too often, or once too fast and my whole body would stiffen up as the intense climax completely overtook me. I later learned that this technique was called 'edging.'
I spent quite a bit of time practicing on different ways to masturbate. There was, of course, always the temptation to do it when sitting on the toilet after having a good bowel movement. It was always handy to shoot the juice into the toilet. But it became sort of boring, and since most of the school toilets were in stalls without doors, it was quite possible to be interrupted, or even caught, by someone coming into the room.
Another possibility that was always tempting was to jack off while taking a shower after gym class. This was not always possible because other guys in the shower seemed to be in no hurry to finish and get out. Maybe they were also waiting for a chance to be alone and jack off!
But sometimes the chance came. If I was left showering alone, I would soap up the hair, the cock and the balls and work up a good thick lather. Then I would start jerking off. In this situation, with the lather making my dick very slippery, I would slide my hand loosely up and down the shaft. The excitement could get very high. There was the feeling inside the body as the muscles began to tighten and the eruption approached, and there was that exciting fear that some guy would walk in the shower room just as I was going over the top. So I would jerk my ass rapidly back and forth, shoving my cock in and out of my fist as fast as I could. Oops, I'm coming, Oh, sh**, someone is coming into the shower room. Turn away. Stop JERKING-I can't-I'm too close. I'll turn my back and rinse off in the water. 'Hi, buddy, How're ya doing?' says my incoming shower mate. Over my shoulder, 'Oh, fine, how's everything with you?' My cock is throbbing fiercely. The juice is squirting out of it. I bent over, turned sideways to the intruder and pretended to be washing my feet and ankles, while my cock jumped and shot the cum down my legs. I gave my ankles the most thorough washing that anyone could imagine. My cock took a Hell of a long time to soften up to where I dared to face my, no doubt by now, curious friend.
It was one way to have an exciting, even if sometimes, embarrassing, jack-off session. There were a number of other good and interesting ways to enjoy jacking off. I lived through all the guilt feeling that came from hearing the many stern lectures, from scout leaders, preachers, and others involved in shaping the characters of young boys about the evils of lusting and craving for things sexual. My upbringing was in an environment where sex never got mentioned in the family discussions. The impression that I was getting was that sex was a dirty, necessary part of life. But I loved it! How could such an exciting and wonderful feeling be bad? I loved it! There were so many different ways to jack off. I loved it!
While in the first couple of years in high school I was quite bashful, too shy to ask girls for dates and too shy to go into a drug store and ask for a package of condoms. Some of my friends seemed to be less interested in jacking off sessions and more interested in dating girls. The stories of their sexual exploits were sometimes true and sometimes outright lies. Although I didn't date girls too often, and when I did it was quite platonic, many of the girls in the high school were good friends of mine. Their versions of some of the sexual encounters they had with the boys were quite different, often humorous, revealing that some of the sexual braggarts were clumsy, and sexually quite inadequate and clumsy.
One of the girls that I dated would sometimes become quite bold. At times she would reach down to my knee and then rub her hand up and down, slowly getting closer to my crotch until she could see that my bulge was getting bigger. We were in her house studying for a class to be held the next day. Her parents were having a bridge game with friends in the living room while we were in the study. Jane began her trick of rubbing her hands along my thigh again. I became excited and also scared that someone would walk in on us. However this time she was very insistent and started to unzip my trousers. I immediately became more excited and my cock got hard as a rock. My boxer shorts were no deterrent to her, she reached in and grabbed me by both my balls and my hard cock and pulled everything out into the open.
I was almost in a panic, but I couldn't make any noise since her folks and their friends were not far away. She didn't seem to care and almost before I knew what was happening she had knelt down between my legs and slid my hard cock into her warm, moist mouth. She really knew what she was doing because I began to receive a very thrilling and expert blow job. I couldn't imagine why she was taking such an awful chance of getting caught, but it didn't seem to bother her one little bit. She was very good! In what seemed like only a few seconds I came and shot my wad into her mouth. Without a pause she swallowed everything and I was left with a wet, clean cock which she pushed into my short and told me to zip up.
As I found out later, she was also frightened of getting caught, but her desire was overpowering. She said later that the blow job was one of the quickest ones she had ever done. Evidently she had a lot of experience. I attributed that to the fact that she had two older brothers, both of whom seem quite healthy and virile.
Some months later I asked her if she and her brothers had done anything of that nature. She said they had. While fooling around one time, she said one brother suggested that perhaps the three of them could engage in some sexual activities including intercourse. However, she said that after discussing all aspects of the good and the bad at some length, they all agreed that it would not be the thing to do. On the other hand they agreed that it would be all right for them to fool around with each other, which would include group mutual masturbation and oral sex. She told me that as little kids they often took baths together so they were not at all embarrassed to see each other with no clothes. Once that discussion had taken place, Jane found out that she liked the oral part very much more than jacking the fellows off. They were lucky fellows.
During their teen years they must have enjoyed getting blown quite often. However Jane said sometimes one or both of them enjoyed jacking off while she watched. Among the three of them they learned a lot about sex while growing up and she believed that it was just one of those normal things to do. The fellows were great friends of mine but I never told them and they were never aware of the conversations and action between their sister and me. They were never part of my small group of male friends that jacked off together. It was through the conversations with their sister that I began to understand that practically all male teens engage in fairly frequent masturbation even if they didn't participate in group activities
So I began to understand that it was all just a part of growing up and not a perverted obsession. Jacking off was always a big turn-on for me and I began to learn to enjoy it without the feeling of guilt I used to endure. During my junior and senior high school years I even found other girls who enjoyed jerking me off after school in secluded corners of the after-hours, almost empty school building. They seemed to enjoy seeing my naked body and my sexual equipment, and of course they knew there was no danger to them in that kind of sexual pleasure.
Finding a place where we could engage in these things was always somewhat of a challenge. I can recall various different places such as someone's home, sometimes even when a parent was around somewhere in the house. Several time I can remember using the back seat of an automobile. I remember getting blown off once or twice in the high school broom closet next to the rest rooms. So my early heterosexual activities were heavily dominated by jerk-off and blow jobs.
When I graduated from high school I had not had intercourse another person, either male or female. But I had experienced a great amount of experience with solo masturbation and mutual masterbation. I had received and given blow job with various fellows. I had also been blown by several girl classmates of mine.
My next section will continue from this point.



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