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Boarding School Initiation

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I recently turned 18, and this happened a few years ago. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and have always been rather skinny. I am also bi and circumcised at 11 (due to health reasons).

When I turned 13, I enrolled for an all-boys boarding school here in England. I had been attending for about a week and was making a lot of new friends, when the seniors rounded up me and all the other boys in my year (we were a small school, about 30 in each year) one evening. We were told that we would get initiated that night, and that we all had to meet in one of the old classrooms. If you didn't show up, there would be 'consequences'.

In the end, everyone attended. We met in the old classroom and were told by the seniors that we would all have to take our clothes off, then stand outside in the corridor for an hour. After that, we would be allowed to enter the classroom again and receive further instructions. We all looked at each other, hesitant. One boy decided to try and leave, but the seniors held him down and stripped off his clothes, exposing his small, prebubescent penis to us. At this point, we all decided to follow suit and strip down as we were asked, after which we were escorted from the class.

We all stood outside nervously, peeking at each other here and there. I had just started puberty and my penis was 5 inches hard and about 3 inches soft. 5 minutes later, everyone had an erection, and we no longer made any attempts to hide this. A few people commented on my cut cock. Fortunately, no teachers passed us, though many students from other years did on their trips to the bathroom.

Once the hour was up, the seniors allowed us to enter the classroom again. We were told that the purpose of the exercise was to make us feel more comfortable around each other, and there was still more to go. There were 31 seniors and 30 of us in the room, and then the leader, who was a boy named Jesse, asked us who knew how to masturbate. About half of us, including myself, raised our hands. He explained that we were to pair off with a senior each, after which we each had to take a turn at jacking off our senior and then ourselves in front of everyone else. Jesse said that he would masturbate himself first, though, for the benefit of those who didn't know how. He took of his clothes to reveal a massive 8 inch errection, and everyone else was erect again. He then started to slowly stroke himself in front of everybody. 5 minutes later, he ejaculated. A few of the kids let out shocked squeals, and Jesse explained that it was cum and those who didn't have any yet would soon.

We were then partnered up. I ended up with a very cute boy who had brown hair and green eyes and who introduced himself as Harry. Once we all had a partner, all the remaining seniors took off their clothes at once and we all formed a large circle, sitting next to our partner. Each person had to step into the middle of the circle, introduce themselves, perform the deed, then lick up the senior's semen and step back into the circle. When it got to us, we stepped up and I immediately took a hold of Harry's cock and started to stroke it using a basic fist technique. He had his eyes closed and his head tilted back, moaning softly. It only took him 3 minutes to cum, after which I lapped up all the cum off his hot body. I then masturbated myself before everyone else, a few small beads of cum pouring out. Jesse watched us do as we were told the entire time, hard the whole time. At the end, he stroked himself off again, after which everyone got dressed and went to bed.

Though this was our only encounter with seniors, we had plenty of JO sessions in our dorm over the years, and Harry and I remained on good terms. I wish I could relive it all, and I hope to publish more stories about my boarding school experiences soon.



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