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Boarding School Days

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This a true account of an incident that happened whilst I was at an all male English boarding school. It happened when I was turning 15 years of age. Naturally with so many young lads around there was also a plethora of porn mags available. These we used to 'hire' off the more senior lads for a short time, but this could become expensive when we received only a small amount of pocket money each week.

I had always enjoyed wanking, but the knack was to find some privacy when there were so many people around. The school had an old indoor swimming pool, which was only used during the week and only at weekends if one of the housemasters felt like allowing an hours swim or so. It seemed to me to be the ideal place. By climbing on the changing room roof at the back of the pool I was able to get into the pool through an old window. This then gave me the freedom and secrecy of the whole changing rooms to myself. It turned me on greatly and I would take great delight in stripping naked and wandering around the changing rooms with a 'hard on' slowly wanking away before finally sitting down to fantasize about girls and what I would dream of getting up to. Eventually I would come, then clean up and escape the same way I got in. This became an enjoyable routine for me, until one weekend when things changed.

I had sneaked into the changing rooms and stripped naked again and was happily wanking away, getting near to the point when I felt I was about to burst. I heard a voice saying, 'Young **** what on Earth are you doing?' Naturally I went white with shock then red with embarrassment. Standing in front of me was Mrs. B, my housemaster's wife. I on the other hand was reclining on a bench with my clothes at the other end of the changing room and my cock in my hand. I quickly sat up trying to hide my cock with my hand and curling up as much as I could. I was terrified I was going to get canned and expelled from school, and even worse that my parents would find out. I pleaded with Mrs. B not to tell anyone but she just stood quietly looking at me for what seemed an age. Then she surprised me by saying that I should calm down and she would not tell anyone. She sat on the bench opposite me and asked me why I needed to break in and masterbate like I had been doing. I, still naked, explained that I got privacy and liked wanking. She said in return that she would like to see me continue wanking and she would promise not to mention it to anyone. I didn't know what to do at first and I was very self-conscious, but she was softly spoken and assured me it would be our secret. I hesitantly started to play with myself again and it was not long before I was hard again. Mrs. B kept still and watched my every move. She was in her late forties, which seemed ancient to me at the time, but the feeling of wanking my cock in front of a female stimulated me. Before long I was lost in pleasure and getting close to coming. Mrs. B told me to come on the floor in front of her so I stood up and aimed my cock. It was only a few jerks more before I came in front of her and felt great.

Mrs. B then got up and left, saying, 'I will see you tomorrow then at the same time.' This went on every weekend until I left the school at age 16. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mrs. B never touched me, she just watched and I just enjoyed!!



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