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Boarding School

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A true story from Africa


I wrote earlier about my First time when growing up in Africa. When I was 16 my family moved out of the city we were living into another about 2 hours flying time away. I wasn't too thrilled as it meant I had to change schools. Anyway the school I was attending was a boarding school and I decieded it would be interesting to board as some of my friends were boarders and were surviving okay.

You always here these crazy stories about guys and boarding school but all the guys I was with were straight as far as I knew and the place was definitly the last place any gay guy would want to be stuck in. Most of the guys were jocks and heavy into sport, had girlfriends and honestly I never saw anything to make me wonder that they were anything but straight. Until one night in my senior year...

It was a Saturday and most of the guys had gone to movies at the girls school down the road. I had stayed behind as I had no cash and the movie sounded boring. At abot 8.30pm I went up to my dorm to get something from my locker and I heard the shower running - it was a gang shower at the end of the dorm shared by about 30 guys. I didn't think much of it but decieded to check out who was in the dorm sometimes the guys left the water running... I went into the shower and my friend was in there and said that I should join him as the water was hot for a change.

I went back got my stuff and undressed got in the shower. We talked for a bit he had his back to me which was normal. I washed my hair and after I rinsed it off opened my eyes and my friend had a full on erection - I was stunned and didn't quite know what to do. On top of it he had a a huge uncut unit, he was stroking it and looked at me watching him I was by now also growing and felt self concious because I am about 7 inches but he was way bigger. I also started stroking myself but was really nervious as anyone could walk in on us after about two minutes he started jerking off faster and grunted loudly as he shot his load into the centre of the shower room. This got me going and I follwed with my own load. He then told me he wanked about 3 x a day all over the dorm I was amazed as I had never caught him and had difficulty finding a place to release myself. We finished showering and headed back to our rooms. That was the only time in my 3 years this happened but I'm sure other guys did stuff I didn't know about. More stories to follow.



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