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Blonde Boy

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It had been a long confusing summer for me. I had just turned 15 and my hormones were raging. But, unlike the other boys my age, I found tits and pussy of no interest to me at all. Instead I found myself checking out all the other boys. I would spring a hardon at the beach when a cute guy would walk by wearing his board shorts and nothing else. This just wasn't right- I was a teenage boy and should be looking at the girls not the boys. Deep down I knew I was 'different' but was not ready to accept the fact that I just might be gay!

Summer passed and another school year had begun. It was the first day of school when I first noticed him strolling down the hallway. It was one of those slow motion moments you see in the movies where all you see is the one person headed your way and all the others are just a blur. He was walking toward me, I just could not take my eyes off him and my dick was reacting as well. I first noticed his sweet innocent face and piercing blue eyes framed by long naturally sun bleached blond hair then his slim yet muscular build leading down to a nice pair of legs, snaking out of his shorts, covered with sexy curly blonde hair. My imagination went wild. I wanted him bad! My sexual impulses had never been so great. My mind was racing with thoughts of what I would do to him given the chance, strip off his clothes throw him down on the bed and have my way with him! But unfortunately, I knew this would never come to pass because he was obviously a ladies man. I knew the girls would all be after him and that soon he would probably be fucking at least one of them. I resigned myself to the fact that he would remain my main jack off fantasy, and no one could take that away from me. Because we had no classes together I would go out of my way to at least catch a glimpse of him walking down the hall when ever I could.

As the weeks passed I began to notice a startling trend. My boy was always alone, not surrounded by a group of girls nor the 'in' crowd as I had thought would happen for sure. I found this to be quite interesting but still found myself reluctant to approach him for fear that he would sense the fact that I was in lust of him. It is now early October when fate FINALLY brings us together.

I had left study hall early so I could get to the locker room to change before the other boys got there. I did this so I would not get aroused watching all those boys change into their gym suits. As I entered the locker room I was silently thanking God that no one else was around. As I turned the corner heading down to my locker I saw HIM! To my delight there was my boy wearing nothing but a towel! I know my face turned three shades of red all at once. I could not take my eyes off the sight that was now before me! Both glee and despair overcame me as I walked down that endless line of lockers for I realized his locker was quite near mine! 'PLEASE PLEASE don't get hard' was what I kept telling myself as I got closer and closer. Just as I got to my locker (three down from his) he dropped his towel exposing a beautiful dick surrounded by a thick bush of blonde pubic hair and a really low hanging ball sac. I could feel all my blood flooding to the exact area where I did not want it! Although I tried to take my eyes off his dick, I could not. Now I didn't know if he was just big or if it was my imagination, wishful thinking, but it looked as if his dick was starting to get hard. I managed to take my eyes off this wonderful sight and started to change, by some miracle I had been able to keep from getting totally hard, all the time feeling his eyes upon me. I wanted him to see me if he was willing to look. We were almost the same except I had short brown hair.

'Hey I'm Cody' He says warmly.

'I'm Jarod.' I respond turning to shake his hand.

We were both now naked as I turned noticing we were both definitely sporting semis! As soon as our hands grasped I felt a surge of electricity surge through my entire body. I think he felt it too because he quickly turned away and continued dressing, I did the same.

'Well I gotta go to class' Cody says as he picks up his backpack and heads out.

'Cool. See ya around.' was all I could manage to say.

That one short encounter was all it took. Now when we passed in the hall we would both say hi to each other and at times even stop and talk a bit. Soon we were hanging out together after school and were quickly becoming friends. As homecoming approached I decided it was time to find out if what happened in the locker room was one sided or if he felt the same way.

'So what hot girl are you asking to the dance?' I inquired.

'Ahhhh I'm not going.' He stammered.

'Really? How come? A hot guy like you should be able to get any girl he wants!' I challenge.

'Oh I don't know. Guess there is no girl I really want to ask. I would rather just hang out with you for the night.' Cody sheepishly replies.

'Really!?' I say eagerly.

'Ya but I'm sure you asked a hot girl already.'

'Nah I wasn't going to go either.'

'Really?! Want to hang out with me?! Cody excitedly asks.

'Sure! What ya wanna do?' I question.

'I dunno. My parents are out of town. You want to spend the night?'

Oh my God. Was my wish about to come true? Spending an entire night with the boy of my dreams, Cody!! Once again all my blood was rushing to my dick as the thoughts of what might happen filled every brain cell. 'Sure!' I replied.

Needless to say time crawled for the rest of the week. Saturday night just could not get here fast enough. I even stopped jacking off Thursday night, just in case. Although deep down I knew nothing was going to happen. Finally it was Saturday! Before going over to his house I shaved and showered and put on the sexiest pair of underwear I owned, a pair of red silk bikini briefs I had purchased a few days earlier just for the occasion. My heart was pounding as I started the short walk over to his house. I anxiously rang the bell wondering what the evening had in store. Cody answered the door wearing a tank top and a pair of board shorts. He invited me in and once the door was closed he gave me a big bear hug! Right then and there I knew something special was going to happen!

As we entered the family room I could not help but notice the only light in the room was provided by about a dozen candles. How romantic I thought as he put his arm around me and led me to the sofa. He sat down right next to me and said 'Jarod I need to ask you something.'

'what?' I stammered.

'You remember that day we first met in the locker room?'


'Welllll did you feel it?'

'What' I coyly asked.

'The electricity!'

'Yeessss! You too?'

'Oh ya! That's why I wanted you to spend the night. You see the real reason I did not want to go to the dance is that I don't think I like girls! I never have. And that day I saw you coming into the locker room well..... You see that is why I shower and dress after the other guys have gone... You see at my old school I popped a boner in the shower one day.....' Cody rambled.

I just leaned in and kissed him! Our lips met first then our tongues. Instant fire works. 'Dude I have liked you since the first time I saw you... but I figured you liked girls!! Then that day I saw you in the locker room!! I want to be with you!' I blurted out.

Cody now leans in and starts to kiss me. Much for the reason I started kissing him before, just to keep him from rambling on when I knew what he was saying! As we kissed our hands began exploring each other's bodies. His skin was so soft and warm.

'Have you ever....?'

'No have you?'

'No! Want to?'

'Since the day I first saw you!!'

'Let's go up to my room!'

With that we tear ass up the stairs stripping off our clothes as we go. By the time we get to his bedroom we are both down to our underwear, both wearing new red silk bikinis!! We look at each other and start to laugh. At the same time we ask 'You get those for tonight?!'. Again at the same time we say 'Yes!'.

We embrace and start kissing feverishly. We fall onto the bed grinding our young bodies into one another. The feeling of our boners rubbing against one another through our silk bikinis is incredible. Eventually we break our embrace and just lay next to each other admiring the object of our mutual lust. We gently caress each other, exploring every inch of our teenage bodies until we eventually end up where we really want to be. Cody starts rubbing my hard cock through my silk bikinis and I his. We slowly strip them away revealing our hard dicks to each other for the first time. I start petting his lush bush of pubic hair and he starts fondling my low hangers. Once again we embrace grinding our now naked groins into one another. Neither one of us seems to be in control as we ravish each other in unbridled sexual lust. I can't wait anymore, I want his dick something fierce. We break apart and fall into a 69.

We begin to masturbate each other. I can't believe how good it feels as we stroke each other. Cody stroked me like I have never stroked before. Not the fast hard pump fast and cum quick action I was used to. Instead he grabbed my dick lightly and stroked me slowly, just enough to get the feeling going good but not enough to make me cum. I did the same for him. We played with each other for what seemed an eternity, just enjoying the sexual pleasure that only we could bring to one another. Finally it just got to be too much.

'Oh my God!! I'm gonna cum!' Cody gasped.

'Me too' I grunted.

With that we both started gyrating out of control as stream after stream of steamy boy juice erupted out of our cum slits. It flew everywhere. My landing on him, his on me and both ending with globs resting on our pubic bushes. Instead of wiping up, Cody positions himself on top of me. Kissing me hard while our bodies and softening dicks mingle. Soon we are hard again. This time we just hump each other until our cocks once again explode in unison.

We just lay there naked talking until the wee hours of the morning. Both admitting that we were happy to have found one another in the vast sea of high school heterosexuals! We did it a few more times that night before drifting off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms naked and content.

Others may have had their homecoming, but Cody and Jarod had a real Homo-cumming!!



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