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Bliss on the Beach

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I have told you before of some of my many experiences on the gay beach here in Thailand but today was the best for a very long time.


The massage boys walk along the beach offering massages, either one hour for a full massage or half an hour for the legs and feet. Everything is normal, but as I have told you, there are many boys who can be discrete and make it exciting.

Today was one of those days.

I said 'yes' to one of my special boys for half an hour. You sit in your deckchair and they bring a chair and sit in front of you and massage your legs!! I like him, his name is Jom, as he is gentle, loves to masturbate me slowly over half an hour under a towel across my lap. He always asks me to put one hand under the towel with him, and we work slowly together. Or he just holds hands with me and works with his other hand.

This time, he was slowly massaging me and massaging my balls, when another of my special friends arrived, but I told him he was too late today. So he asked if he could sit down next to me. The chairs are set out in pairs, so I said yes. He knew excatly what was happening but neither of them spoke.

Sanyah (the second boy) put his hand on my chest and slowly slipped it under the towel and got hold of my very strong penis. I have a bottle of coconut oil and they both use this. It is thicker than baby oil and has a lovely smell.

Jom started to explore my anus hole with his oily finger and pulled Sanyah's hand to massage my balls while Jom took hold of my erection. They pushed my hand away and told me to lie back and relax.

How could I relax with a lovely little oily finger up my arse, one hand gently massaging my two big balls and another hand gently stroking my penis!!

I didn't tell you, but I have shaved completely round my penis, balls and arse, so they love rubbing my smooth skin with the oil, and not have any hair.

Sanyah pushed Jom's hand from my shaft onto my balls so that he could work my penis. So, with three hands gently working, it wasn't long before I was ready to shoot. I told them both to slow down as I was close to cumming.

So Sanyah let go of my penis, which was leaking very badly, and he massaged one ball, Jom the other, and Jom with his little finger of the other hand up my arse.

Jom then smiled at me and increased the pace slightly. Sanyah could feel my balls contracting into me just before shooting, and nodded to Jom, no talk, just understanding.

Sanyah then lifted the top of the towel a bit and we both watched as my penis went rigid. Jom increased the speed of finger fucking me, Sanyah put some more oil on, but that was enough.....it shot out of the top of the towel onto my chest and chin, but no-one could see except the two boys.

They carried on pumping me and I was saying: Enough, enough.....but no.....they carried on very gently until they had milked every drop from me.

Then Jom got some more coconut oil and rubbed it onto the semen all over my chest and held it to his nose and smiled and said 'hom, hom' lovely smell. He put it under my nose, and there was the fragrance of the coconut oil and the lovely spunky smell of my semen all mixed up together.

They both laughed and used the towel to clean me up and clean their hands. I have been here 11 years, but that was the best beach massage I have ever had. They were so happy and I gave them a lovely tip. Wow.....I could hardly walk to the motorbike park..... and by the time I got there, thinking about what had just happened, I could feel myself getting erect again, so I thought I MUST write to Solo Touch and then have another good wank as I read it over, which I am doing right now, but I cannot believe there is any more spunk to come out yet!!!



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