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Blind Dates

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The summer when I was 24 my mother was visited for a few days by a couple that had been friends with her in college. Mom told me that I was expected to escort their 22 year old daughter Kimberly. My apartment was about an hours drive from my mothers house, but my office was only a few miles away, so I grudgingly agreed that I could run by and take Kimberly out to dinner after work on a couple of the evenings.

They arrived at my mothers on a Wednesday and I dropped by after work to meet them. I was amazed at how friendly my mother's friends were and Kimberly was drop dead gorgeous. She was about 5'9' tall, 130 lbs., with shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes, and a curve to her hips that drew my attention.

Kimberly and I hit it off and I asked if she'd like to have dinner with me the following evening. I picked her up the following night and we went to one of my favorite restaurants. We hit it off and had a very enjoyable evening. I took her back to my mom's house and when I dropped her off we shared a deep kiss, and agreed to get together again Friday night when I could be out a little longer.

After work the next day I picked Kimberly up at my moms house and took her to the most romantic restaurant I knew of. After dinner I took her on a tour of my city and we ended up at a wine bar that featured live music. It was getting late and I had a long drive home, so about midnight I dropped Kimberly off back my mother's house. This evening the good night hugging and kissing was quite heated. I told Kimberly that I had to be getting home. She asked me if I'd come back the next day and go with her to a local theme park. I jumped at the offer and went home.

The next day when we were getting our tickets to enter the park, I was shocked when I was pulling out my wallet and Kimberly said stop. She reached into her pocket, pulled out a $100 bill, and said her father told her that we should have fun. I admit that at our ages we probably were a bit old to be hanging around amusement parks, but we were having a good time. Somewhere during the day we met up with two little girls about 12 who started to follow us around and go on rides with us. The girls started to call us the perfect couple, then mom and dad. Somewhere during the day Kimberly made a comment about how big her ass was. I said do not say anything bad about that ass, I've been following it all day and I like it. Kimberly stopped dead in her tracks turned around and flashed me a big grin.

After a long day Kimberly and I left the park and had another pleasant dinner together. Again I took her back to my mothers house. By this time Kimberlys beauty and grace had me horny beyond belief. Her parents and her were leaving the following day, and this would be our last night out together. That evening, we went from hugging and kissing to pelvis grinding and groping. Kimberly pushed me away and said woa! She looked up at me and said why don't you spend the night with me? My folks would be cool with it. I said my mother would not be cool about it, why don't you come home with me? I can have you back here before your folks leave tomorrow. She said her folks would not appreciate that. Both of us were teary eyed. Kimberly started to walk away and turned back.

She came up next to me and said I'm not going to make you drive back home in that condition again. She pushed me back until I was leaning against my car. She undid my belt and jeans and pulled them down, and then my briefs came down. I was transfixed as her left arm wrapped around me and her right hand started to work on my cock and balls. As she lightly tickled me she was kissing my neck and whispering how much she loved me. It only took a couple of minutes of that treatment to make me come all over her hand. She wiped her hand off on her t-shirt, gave me another big kiss, then said get on home I'll miss you.

A week later I got a package in the mail. In it was the t-shirt Kimberly had been wearing that Saturday and a note from her thanking me for showing her a good time.

To this day I still think of Kim as the one that got away.



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